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Thread: NX and Sistermon DLC Packs for Hacker's Memory available in US

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkIceFox View Post
    Ah yes, yin-yang boobie armor and young girl into sexy butterfly spoiler mon.

    Don't get me wrong though, I don't hate sexy women. I'm ace but I find girls pretty and have a girlfriend so it's not like I'm a "MEN ARE GROSS AND EVERYTHING THEY LIKE IS BAD" type of feminist, I just... really get tired of so much boobie sometimes. xD
    I'm a girl myself and I'm not offended about their designs, well, that's because I have this neutral perspective on certain things.

    Anyways, has nobody thought of Sistermon Ciel's hat looks like a Marill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkIceFox View Post

    Go go Sistermon Rangers!
    Recruit a team of Sisters with attitude!
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