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Thread: Second D-1 Grand Prix Has Ended and Winner Announced

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    Second D-1 Grand Prix Has Ended and Winner Announced

    The second modern D-1 Grand Prix Digimon tournaments has ended!

    Brought back last year during the franchises 20th Anniversary, the D-1 continued with a new event that, like the first revived D-1, used the 20th Anniversary V-Pets

    The tournament is over and Bandai has announced the winner!

    Congratulations to hide_yoshii!

    Bandai has officially verified him as the winner of the D-1 with his team of Alphamon and RustTyranomon.

    His prize will be a MetalGreymon shikishi drawn by Kenji Watanabe!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    At the moment there is no news of a 3rd D-1, but with the 20th Pendulums coming out soon, it seems quite likely.
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    oh cool. its nice to see the drand pri back again.

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    Rusttyrannomon continues its run at the top
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    That's surprising to see Alphamon. I'm a little bummed by Dianamon didn't do so well.
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    That's awesome. Glad to see someone winning. I wonder if this could be a regular thing.

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