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Thread: Digimon Staff Q and A Livestream

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    I like how that tidbit comes after 2 Tri. cliffhangers in a row of "Oh no guys, someone totally died!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigiGrader View Post
    what about Zeromaru? he was also Tai's partner digimon right?
    Zeromaru wasn't bonded to Taichi by Homeostasis. Also it's a different universe.

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    Here are the relevant parts i want to comment with my point of view:
    ( i'm mostly referring to main adventure series, which is the one i saw and like the most)

    First, the simplest part:

    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    Kakudou goes back to his prior comments about what happens when a human dies. When the Digimon dies, there is no effect on the human (at least seen thus far.) When the Digimon dies in the digital world, they are reborn and the relationship begins again from scratch.
    This confirms that when Angemon was killed by Devimon, Takeru just started from scratch with the new reborn Patamon. It was never implied Patamon remembered everything. Maybe Takeru told him what happened off-screen and re-teach him many things that they discussed before.
    This quote makes total sense and just expands a bit on our knowledge.
    It also makes the sacrifice of Angemon more significant: It's not just "lol i'm reborn as an egg, just wait a few days!" ; it was more like really dying while leaving a clone for the future. For a digital entity, to lose his memories is almost the same as being killed.

    Angemon was killed, and a clone of him was born as an egg.

    The following quote is also a simple one:
    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    He also mentions that when a Digimon dies in the human world there is no telling what happens.
    This happened to many digimons and makes a lot of sense. Many of us viewers previously thought they were gone if dying there.
    It seems it is more like a case by case situation ; which makes sense because for example a lot of evil digimons died and they were gone as far as we know. Wizardmon died and wasn't reborn but his information ("soul") was somewhat trapped inside the human world. So anything can happen and this quote makes sense.
    Although something bothers me and is that Gennai (Tri) stated that when digimons die in the real world, they die forever. Maybe Gennai is lying, maybe Gennai is wrong (because exceptions do happen?) or maybe it is something else. I cannot imagine the ghost of Wizardmon as a death entity, but rather like his soul trapped in ghost form forever, which is different from being dead?

    This quote is the most interesting:
    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    Kakudou says that while it wasn't clearly said, when a human dies, their Digimon also dies. This was 'shown' in 02 because we don't see what happens to Pipimon after Oikawa dies.
    As Muurpointed out, this can be true even if digimons don't know about it.
    In the original Adventure series, only the 8 chosen children's digimon were created specifically for their partners. They are the ones in digitamas seen in Gennai's lab:

    The rest of the digimon are not human-related. The Digital World is an isolated world which has nothing to do with humans. So what Kakudou stated was referred to the digidestined only ( and maybe extended to the "world chosen children" to which we have very little information )
    I don't know if it includes digimon that fight with the kids temporarily, like Leomon, but most probably not!

    I repeat, the CC's digimon may not know it, but they instintively (like genetically, deep inside their digital structure) protected their partners, love them, waited for them, and care for them. This statement, if true (to which we don't really know yet!) explains part of why they are so willing to defend the kids. Even if they don't know it, they instinctively feel that if something happens to the human kid, they will be gone, so by instinct (and not by conscious knowledge) they fight to protect the kids.
    This statement makes sense but is still a design idea which may or may not be canon.

    This also changes lot of things in my opinion. The bond the digimon have with kids is mainly survival: they need them. And the kids grew a need for their digimons too in a very different way, so it goes both ways. The following:
    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    When the Digimon dies, there is no effect on the human
    can be thought of as literal ; as in if the digimon dies, the human partner is still alive and all. But because of their bond, most probably if the digimon dies the human will be psychologically affected severily, and it happened before, as seen when Taichi and co in Tri wanted so eagerly to return to the digital world to find their digimons, even if it means risking their lives in a hostile world without proper defenses

    (be honest to yourself: going as a human to the digital world, without having a digimon partner, is most probably a suicide move. Also, as far as they know, the distortions were already fixed and so there was no need to go there again. It was a suicidal move by deeply psychologically affected kids who lost their loved ones...)

    With this info, here is what i think about the digimon-human "basic" relationship:
    the bond is psychic / love-related in the direction human -> digimon
    the bond is more like survival-oriented in the direction digimon -> human

    It still means they need them on both ways. Also, many times the kids were endangered and the only ones who save them were their digimons, so it's not like the kids would like to throw away their digimon or just leave them to be killed. As the story progresses, digimons tend to end up loving their partner at the same time as kids end up depending on their digimon for survival reasons. It starts from the "basic" relationship and from there it can take a different shape towards the end.

    Last but not least, this quote resumes everything discussed so far:

    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    Watanabe comments that Digimon has a lot of things that aren't explained wwww it's all left to the imagination
    Until things are not explicitly stated by Homeostasis, Gennai, or someone with real knowledge of the inside world and rules, things can go either way. So these ideas can still be design ideas never implemented, until explicitly stated.
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