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Thread: Copymon Details for the 20th Pendulum

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    Copymon Details for the 20th Pendulum

    We first learned about Copymon when the 20th Anniversary Pendulum went up for pre-order.

    In the newest weekly update on the new Pendulum we get some updated details about how it'll work.

    In the 20th V-Pet last year there were a copy function that would allow you to copy Digimon into your stock and use them for battle, but you could only check them on the stock screen, so there were no way to tell quickly if you had one.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    This issue has been solved with the introduction of Copymon. The Digimon that you copy gets compressed and appears on the normal screen as a Copymon.

    The Copymon on the normal screen will appear next to the Digimon you are currently raising.

    The status screen will show which Digimon your Copymon is.

    You can even have two Copymon if you want, one on the left side of the screen, the other on the right.

    Copymon will always appear and make the screen appear lively.

    As for Tag Battles...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Copymon can enter Tag Battles alongside normal Digimon. They'll revert to their normal appearance while attacking.

    You can also train with Copymon, but the training results will be different than they normally would be.

    In addition, it appears it will be possible to jogress using Copymon.

    Thanks to garm for translations.

    If you are interested in getting the 20th Anniversary Pendulum you can find a ton of details, including how to pre-order, here.
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    I come from the net flintlock's Avatar
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    I wonder if it will wwber get official art and a profile

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    I doubt it. Seems more like a purely mechanical, Ohakadamon type of thing.

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    This reminds me of a fan Digimon I made at February 13, 2017‎ named Exemmon. He is a mechanical Unidentified Digimon whose Japanese name Kopamon is derived from the corruption of "Kopī" (Jap: Copy) and whose English name is derived from "Exemplum" (Lat: Copy).

    He's a Mega level Digimon by the way.

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    didnt know the tombstone is a digimon! o.o

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    what will we be getting next week? any info on that?

    also, I wonder if different digimon will have slight different copymon
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    I come from the net
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    Sounds like it's inferior version of Metamormon with no self.

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