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Thread: ANN Interview with Johnny Yong Bosch

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    ANN Interview with Johnny Yong Bosch

    Always nice to get more interviews!

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    It's just two weeks until Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 gets it's limited run in US theaters.

    To celebrate this ANN's Jacob Chapman has done an interview with Johnny Yong Bosch, who plays TK in tri.

    The interview has a general focus on tri., with some more specific bit about Part 3, so no worries about Part 4 spoilers.

    It also goes a bit into Bosch's music, which should be a treat for fans of his.

    It's a fun read that TK fans will enjoy, so head to ANN to read it!
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    Pretty cool interview. I like that he researched and watched the original series (dub) to get to know how to play TK, so that's cool. Interesting he tried for all characters, even Izzy and Tai I guess. I think he would've been Matt best tbh.

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    I'm rolling through the original Power Rangers these days, and I always get a kick out of seeing JYB pop up as the second Black Ranger.

    Fun interview. His bit about being flat in some roles reads as interesting, because one of my favorite roles of his is always Yu Narukami, who's purposefully emotionless, but JYB always manages to do a good job. He's been good as TK, even if I miss Erholtz.

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