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Thread: Bandai Hosting Digimon Staff Q and A Event at Nakano Broadway, Will Be Livestreamed

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    Bandai Hosting Digimon Staff Q and A Event at Nakano Broadway, Will Be Livestreamed

    Another event with a livestream!

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    Bandai, via it's Digimon Game Community site, will be hosting a Digimon staff Q and A with questions from fans.

    The event will be Saturday, January 27th at 6pm (Japan time) at the fourth floor K-Cafe at Nakano Broadway and will run for 3 hours.

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    It will be hosted by Koji Watanabe (writer for Digimon games) and Kazumasa Habu (Digimon game producer.)

    Entry to the event will be free by bringing a copy of Hacker's Memory 30 minutes before the event begins.

    It will also be streamed live on nico.

    The event will be split into 3 talks, each lasting an hour with various guests from the history of the franchise.

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    Part 1- Discussion of the creation of the franchise beginning with the V-Pets up to the anime. Guests for this talk will be Kenji Watanabe (longtime Digimon designer), Volcano Ota (project head/director of the team that created Digimon), and Hiroyuki Kakudou (director of Adventure, 02, X-Evolution, along with various other positions for much of the animated history of the franchise.)

    Part 2- Digimon Evolves With It's 20th Birthday. Guests for this talk will be Hiroyuki Kakudou and Chiaka Konaka (series composer and writer for Tamers.)

    Part 3- Behind the Scenes of Hacker's Memory and the Prospect for Digimon Games.

    Members of the Digimon Game Community site can send in their questions here.

    Thanks to GamerNeJp for the news.
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    I actually really like that entry is from having the game. So it'll be the most hardcore fans.

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    This is huge! All my Digimon heroes reunited in one place! I won't miss this stream in no way!! By the way, can we overseas fans send some questions too?

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    I was about to ask the same question.

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