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Thread: Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2018 Voting Open for TV Anime of the Year, Vote Appmon

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    Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2018 Voting Open for TV Anime of the Year, Vote Appmon

    Time for another Tokyo Anime Award Festival Update!

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    The Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2018 takes place March 9 thru 12.

    The event is an international film festival for animation held annual by the Association of Japanese Animation with a number of categories, some voted on by fans, others by a committee of professionals.

    The fan voting category for Television Anime of the Year has been of extreme interest to Digimon fans since the preliminary voting period last year.

    In the preliminary period Digimon fans voted for Appmon allowing it to rocket up the charts to a far higher position than many would have thought possible (8th place.)

    Well, it's time to vote for Appmon again...

    Voting has reopened for the finals and will be open until February 14th. You are allowed to vote once per day by using the 'Vote via Twitter' button next to the listing. They mention that if you try and vote more, those votes won't be counted.

    If you aren't sure what the title is in Japanese- デジモンユニバース アプリモンスターズ

    Thanks to garm for translations.
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    Appmon is already in the top 10 and it's just day 1. You can only vote for one anime, either tv or film. This might be splitting fans of larger fanbases or shared fanbases (I'm looking at Free! with the fact they have two films and many of their fans like Yuri on Ice too) or not as unified fanbases. Should be an interesting poll.

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    I come from the net
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    Wow. Already in Top 10? Maybe we can get more anime after Tri. I hope.

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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    Appmon has dropped down to the 12th position. C'mon guys!! Remember that we can vote daily till the 14th of Feabruary!! At least let's keep Appmon in the Top 10 ^_^

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