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Thread: Translated Interview with Tenya Yabuno About V-Tamer and Early Days of the Franchise

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    AeroV-dramon debuted in Pendulum 4: Wind Guardians in June 1999. It wouldn't appear in the manga until August 2000.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idiysar Almond View Post
    Thanks for the great translation!

    After reading it, i have 2 questions:
    1. Habu said that the term 'Tamer' wasn't used in Digimon World. But, i do remember tamer rank being a thing there, so was it called something else in original (japanese) version of the game?
    2. It is said that ch 22 which was AeroV-dramon debut as zeromaru's evolution was released when the manga is already 2 years which means it was 2001. AeroV-dramon also appeared in Digimon World 2 which was released on year 2000. So, AeroV-dramon debutted first in a game and it was designed long time before it appeared in the manga?
    1. The Tamer stuff in the first DW is possibly from the US dub, perhaps.
    2. Nope. Two years means 2000, as V-Tamer started in the late 98s. AeroV-dramon was originally designed first for the manga (as you can see judging Zero's early designs), but as TMS said, it debuted in the pendulums.

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