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Thread: What seasons would you like to see sequels to

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    Frontier is my favorite so definitely Frontier. Since most of it is spent in the Digital World, it would be cool to see one taking place more in the real world. Assuming Digimon find a way to counter why they "can't live in the human world" . I don't see how they couldn't find a way since anything is possible.

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    Me honestly? I would like to see the animated adaptation of Ryo from the Wonderswan Continuities be made and fill in the plot holes left in both 02 and Tamers.

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    Sequel with a new cast for Tamers, frontier would good too, Savers with new cast and Appmon with new cast, basically anything hasn't get sequel yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by julayla View Post
    Me honestly? I would like to see the animated adaptation of Ryo from the Wonderswan Continuities be made and fill in the plot holes left in both 02 and Tamers.
    The games are actually only adding plotholes, not filling them.

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    Definitely Tamers for me. I think there's a lot of potential for a Real World vs. Digital World-type conflict.

    Personally I'm not sure if there's much room to expand on Frontier.

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    I guess one thing a possible Frontier sequel could do is introduced Program-X and the X-Antibody. Frontier's entire story is so rooted in the history of the Digital World, that a new enemy pretty much has to come from outside of that space to be believably threatening(the only other thing I could see is Lowemon/the Spirit of Darkness getting corrupted, which already happened in Frontier). And, though I know most people wouldn't care about this, but if the purpose of new Digimon stories are to promote toys and games, the various Spirits would need new forms or some type of update. The Fusions and the Ancients never got much screentime.

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    Good idea! The X-Antibody phase followed right after Frontier did in franchise history, for bonus points.
    "Remember, kids, it's not important if it's of high quality. Only if it makes money." -Mark Hamill

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    After looking at Adventure 02, Hunter, and Tri, i fear that making sequels will only either make the sequel itself has too many fillers or stupid reason of absemce for old characters. So, the only form of sequel i'd like for most series is 3-6 episodes OVA, specials, or movie.
    For Frontier, it's kind of hard to think for another enemies since Digital World itself have been destroyed (unless maybe the adventure starts on different planet). Making the spirits as digimon partner would Frontier uniqueness to me, so it's a no. There's also the fact that you need a new form of two and since Frontier are limited by spirits and something that fuse all 20 spirits already exist, even featuring 4 (or maybe add 4 more new ones) double spirit evo would be kind of useless. But, the idea of the kids life on real world interests me, and that could be done in 'specials' format.
    For Savers, i don't want my favorite to be dumbed down by sequelitis, and really, they've defeated god of digital world itself, what's a more dangerous threat? What i want is a movie or 3-6 episodes OVA about "Omegamon for Savers" a.k.a ShineGreymon + MirageGaogamon jogress (yes yes enough with all those Omegamon variants, but this is the last Omegamon variant that i wanted) VS UltimateChaosmon. Chika's Garudamon will evolve to Valdurmon, Kouki got Commandramon partner that'd evolve to Darkdramon, Suguru reunites with BanchouLeomon and so does Satsuma with Sleipmon, stuffs happen and a berserk UltimateChaosmon is born and needs to be stopped.
    Appmon is kind of hard to get sequel since how they make Appmon realy limits the number or available Appmon. Unless they make a whole new rooster of Appmon. An OVA or movie would be good, maybe an OVA about how Haru as an adult is able to "revive" to Yuujin.

    The only one that would be good to get TV series length of sequel is Hunter IMO. Hunter has many things that could be touched again. The digital world after Shoutmon become the king was never touched, that open ending, and IMO, XU ArresterdramonSM doesn't really felt like final form of a Digimon protagonist yet.

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    Tamers and Savers.

    I'd love to see a Tamers 02 kind of thing focusing on the younger kids (Ai, Mako, Suichon) as well as some new characters dealing with some type of threat whilst the older kids are also there.

    For Savers, I'd like to see them pick up where they left off with their epilogue, with the primary addition to the main cast just being Chika.

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    i'm kind of confused if i want to get a tamers sequel or not it's the best season but that just would make it worse if it was a bad sequel
    appmon could do maybe? with the secondary kids like ai and watson becoming applidrivers

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