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Thread: What seasons would you like to see sequels to

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    Tamers is the best season imo and I don't want to take risk for it to get screwed so I'll say Savers.

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    Appmon seems like it could get a spin-off season. With basically a whole new cast, just keep the same basic premise of Appmon-as-AI. Sort of like how Tamers is a spin-off of Adventure.

    Basically, I don't want sequels. New content please.
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    I think you could get away with an 02 mini-series built on the CD Dramas; the adventures of Daisuke's team with Wallace and Nacchan and Jun, Momoe, Chizuru, and Shun.

    The original Tamers story is decidedly complete, but you could build new stories on the old material -- like how the Digital World deals with its surplus of Megas and such. Since so much of the lore of that series is tied in to real world computer history, you could potentially spin a new story out of any moment in our own history.

    Frontier made a point of exhausting its own lore during the original telling; I can't see much that you can do with that besides a retelling.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmon View Post
    I'd also like to be in charge of said projects so that I don't have to fear they will ruin everything (which is what a lot of remakes and sequels feel like).
    Hahaha, me, too, man.
    It's all part of the mystery or whatever.

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    I come from the net
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    Tamers, Appmon, and maybe Savers. Not sure how'd that work but I could watch it. ...I'd like to see Frontier if we get more kids for the other spirits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaybird C View Post
    Since so much of the lore of that series is tied in to real world computer history, you could potentially spin a new story out of any moment in our own history.
    This a million times. Konaka has spent the last few months on Twitter talking about this; specifically how when Tamers ended, he couldn't possibly imagine making more(beyond Message in the Packet, anyway), but being fifteen years removed from it has opened him up more(though he matter-of-factly mentions there are currently no plans for a sequel and the decision would never be up to him). There were apparently many discussions about placing the upcoming CD Drama in 2018 and aging up the characters(it's going to be two years after the D-Reaper incident, so 2003).

    I also agree with Jaybird on Frontier's prospects for new stories, but I wouldn't mind seeing a slice-of-life "what are they up to now?" type of story with those characters. Frontier's nowhere near popular enough to get its own tri., but I think those characters(and voice actors) had great chemistry even if the plot and narrative they were placed in was redundant. The best episodes are when they're just hanging out cooking burgers or cleaning Trailmon or playing with Baby Digimon; it feels like a chore when they have to save the world.

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    I'd love to see a Tamers sequel. I feel like out of all the Digimon seasons, barring the original Adventure, the Tamers kids actually felt like... well, kids. Any other season they tend to get imbued with typical shonen protagonist syndrome, where they're all as competent as the plot demands, so seeing a maturation wouldn't be quite as apparent. With Tamers, an older group would actually feel more realistic.

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    Adventure lost its most of its mysteriousness in 02 (I mean original japanese version, not dub), any Tamers sequel would have to follow same atmosphere, then the story would be just extra icing on the cake.

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    If I were to make a spin-off of Adventure, it would be various stories from that universe told separately as different arcs within the series. Like, one arc would the first kids. Another would be Milleniumon, Ken and Ryo. Another would be the Dark Ocean. Another would probably explore whether anything existed in place of the Digital World before it was created. Another would explore the phenomenon of the huge ass eggs that appear in the sky in the real world and unleash frenzied digimon upon us - perhaps retelling the story of Wallace, Terriermon and Lopmon would fit well in this one. Another would be about homeostasis, time travel, the profecies etc.

    If I were to make a Tamers spin-off it would probably have to do with Alice reuniting with Dobermon, Minami and Labramon, and a new cast of heroes, telling their backstories, and have them get involved in more chase-and-run hide-and-seek scenarios like the ones at the start of Tamers.

    And of course other storie arcs could be adaptations of the CD dramas.
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    I know it is not a popular season, but I want to see a sequel of Savers. I want to see Daimon Masaru trying to stop a battle between the Royal Knights and the Olympus 12, until the two groups found out it is the Demon Lords are really to blame.
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    I'd also like a more violent/thriller-like Digimon season where the Demon Lords manipulate people to give in to their representative sins to spread chaos to the world and bring about an Apocalypse of sorts.

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