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Thread: Digimon 20th Pendulum Details, Images, and Pre-Orders!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garmmon View Post
    Btw I've tentatively translated Rudomon's attack ウォルレーキ as 'Wall Rake', but 'wall' is usually written as ウォール with a long vowel so it's possible the attack name is referring to something else. If anyone has any ideas it'd be great to hear!

    Maybe WoL (ウォル)? (they use that in this FF wiki) Thought, I dunno what could WoL means besides Wake on LAN

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    Finally throwing the D-Brigade a bone eh? For a while I thought they forgot about them.

    Anyway, I'll keep an eye on this one since I ended up liking the 20th anniversary V-Pet, so I wouldn't mind having this alongside it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exiled View Post
    Maybe WoL (ウォル)? (they use that in this FF wiki) Thought, I dunno what could WoL means besides Wake on LAN
    I haven't played Mobius FF, but if I'm not wrong the name is a reference to FF1's Warrior of Light (so contracted into WoL) so I don't think it's related here, lol.

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    I love Ludomonís Baby forms. Just strap a shield to the little blobs!

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    Oh sweet this will be awesome with the new added Digimons. But I'll wait on it for awhile. Just like the 20th Vpets they might release a 3rd installment with unique colors.

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Oh man the pressure is REAL. I've been refreshing the page for ages waiting for the pre-order to start. I'm the only guy able to get them out of all the Digimon fans in my circle... They're all counting on me oh man.

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    Wait DARK KNIGHTMON!?? Now I'm listening 😊

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    LOL D-Brigade.

    Tell you what, itís pretty cool to see ◊ros Wars icons like Mad Leomon and Dark Knightmon standing shoulder to shoulder with legends like the original Beelzebumon and ancient classics like Rukamon. Hard to believe itís been almost six years since that show ended; itís taking its place in the halls of legend now. There will come a time when Gaiamon and shit like that are Ďhistoricalí digimon too Ö.

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    Premium Bandai affiliate DEJapan gave us a coupon code to save everyone a few dollars if you want to buy with them.

    Added details in the news post.
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    If Ryudamon is here, Owryumon would be too?
    then if we can jogress Alphamon and Owryumon, then we'll get....

    naaah, it will be too broken..
    *dreams about it anyway

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