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Thread: Digivolving Spirits 01 Wargreymon- Breakdown, Scans, Photos

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    Deleted posts.

    This thread is not about the artbook. More than enough has been said about it already.

    Back to the topic.
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    Just unboxed mine, its so beautiful, that I don't want to transform it for fear of breaking something, he makes the original look ugly by comparison, black wargreymon still looks great next to him though, darker colors don't show flaws as bad XD

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    Waiting on mine to arrive. It looks so awesome. Picked up the Taichi War Greymon from Children's War Game from my local Toys R Us. That cost $60 but they had only one left along with Imperial Dramon Paladin Mode. Didn't get that one because it was over a hundred but I have more War Greymon figures now than anything else, every release to date including X Antibody one.
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