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Thread: Digimon Featured in January Akibento Subscription Box

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    Digimon Featured in January Akibento Subscription Box

    Akibento will be featuring Digimon in their next product box.

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    Akibento is another 'crate' subscription product.

    You pay $23.95 a month (plus $6 for shipping) and receive a box filled with 6 to 8 anime products that they deem to be worth more than $60, including at least one t-shirt.

    The upcoming crate featuring Digimon can be ordered until the January crates sell out.

    Akibento link (not an affiliate link)

    The theme for the crate is 'Beast' and will feature, in addition to Digimon: Pokemon, Inu-Yasha, and Natsume's Book of Friends.

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    There is no specific information at this point what the Digimon product will be in the box.

    Thanks to Ramon for the heads up.
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    Ain't got no mojo... Nagatem's Avatar
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    Nov 2017
    "Dumb old stupid texas"
    Sigh.... i never buy blind boxes but
    i actually like three of the series so ill get it

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Nov 2017
    My dumb neechan told me about this and now I'm down about $30 -_-

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    I only need Digimon and Pokemon stuff, and they might be ship out 6 - 8 items related to their monthly themes.
    Just placed the subscription for next month and hopefully, half of the stuff might be from Digimon and Pokemon.

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    Omg...i love all of those "beast" series xD
    At first i thought it was like station bentos?

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