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Thread: Hacker's Memory Digimon 20th Anniversary Box and Art Book- Breakdown and Scans

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    Hacker's Memory Digimon 20th Anniversary Box and Art Book- Breakdown and Scans

    The newest Digimon game is out in Japan!

    Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth- Hacker's Memory is the newest Digimon game, having been released in Japan just a week ago.

    A sequel/side story to Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, which came out in Japan in 2015 and 2016 in the rest of the world, Hacker's Memory is scheduled to come out in the USA in a bit under a month.

    In addition to the standard version, a limited edition was released to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the franchise.

    The Digimon 20th Anniversary Box version of the game includes a number of extras... and there is a lot to go over so let's get started.

    This is the PlayStation 4 version of the release.

    Scanning was done a bit lower resolution than normal due to the high amount of work to do. The end results should be roughly identical in quality to other breakdowns, as I tend to scan at a higher DPI than is necessary anyways.

    The overall scanning work was time consuming and more than a bit annoying just due to how much there was. And also painful since there was stuff to debind, and since it's been many years since I've done any debinding I went ahead and cut myself a few times (as more than a few people on Twitter and Discord saw.) Minus a few pages, very little tweaking to the scans themselves were done. Any codes that 'may' have been unique were blanked out in the scans.

    First up, the packaging for the 20th Anniversary Box itself.

    We start with... an obi card!

    This obi card covers the bottom, along with a bit on the front and back. The front side goes over the various extras from the 20th Anniversary Box, while the back goes over technical and legal details, along with showing that it comes with the original Cyber Sleuth on PS4, which hasn't been released in Japan previously. It uses the multicolored parallelogram theming that has been used throughout the marketing of Hacker's Memory.

    The packaging itself for the set is a cardstock box that contains everything.

    While the front cover is at the top it's embedded here also to show how it overlays with other sides of the box.

    The bottom and top simply contain the logo, so only the bottom is included.

    The boxart itself is a rather gorgeous piece of art featuring important characters from both Cyber Sleuth games. It's laid out rather well in how the front has a focus on Hacker's Memory, while the back is focused on the original Cyber Sleuth. It's honestly some of the nicest Digimon art we've gotten.

    I think the high point for me has to be Terriermon. He just looks so happy.

    On to the game itself!

    The cover for the game itself is a very nice cover with a focus on Keisuke and Erika, along with the main Digimon from the game.

    It's a nice piece of art, but unfortunately the logo for the game covers up Arkadimon's head. Betamon seems unusually serious looking also.

    The back shows various features of the game, including it containing the original Cyber Sleuth on PS4.

    The spine is relatively basic, but it's worth noting this is one of the few places where they don't use any English in the logo.

    The manual is a double sided insert folded in the middle. THe front features the games cover, while the back features information regarding getting support.

    The inside has safety and technical bits on the left side, with basic game information and controls on the right.

    The paper for the instruction insert is a very cheap paper.

    The Blu-ray disc itself I like. It combines the front cover along with the multicolored design we've seen used for Hacker's Memory in marketing. The image is framed well so we get quite a bit of content from the cover (although poor Tentomon is gone.) While a rather basic thing, the effort put in to make the disc look good lends a nice touch to the release.

    The version of the game included with the 20th Anniversary Box is a unique version called the 'TV Anime Sound Edition.' The obi mentions this, but the front and the back insert of the game itself doesn't seem to say anything about it.

    The TV Anime Sound Edition includes a dozen well known songs from various Digimon anime that can selected to play at various moments in game (battle, evolution, etc.) to customize the game to your liking.

    The tracks are...
    1. Butter-Fly by Wada Kouji from Digimon Adventure
    2. Brave Heart by Ayumi Miyazaki from Digimon Adventure
    3. Target ~Akai Shougeki~ by Wada Kouji from Digimon Adventure 02
    4. Break Up! by Ayumi Miyazaki from Digimon Adventure 02
    5. The Biggest Dreamer by Wada Kouji from Digimon Tamers
    6. Slash!! by Michihiko Oota from Digimon Tamers
    7. Fire!! by Wada Kouji from Digimon Frontier
    8. With The Will by Wada Kouji from Digimon Frontier
    9. Gouing! Going! My Soul!! by Dynamite SHU from Digimon Savers
    10. Believer by IKUO from Digimon Savers
    11. Never Give Up! by Sonar Pocket from Digimon Xros Wars
    12. We Are Xros Heart! by Wada Kouji from Digimon Xros Wars

    Included with the box is also a short Hacker's Memory soundtrack.

    The packaging for the soundtrack is a very basic sleeve made of cardstock. it features the multicolored design along with various Child level Digimon importing in Hacker's Memory.

    The back was scanned both opened and closed.

    The disc itself uses the multicolor design for a clean and basic disc design.

    The tracklist for the CD is...
    1. Ya Cyber Sleuth
    2. Cyber Duel
    3. Fudie
    4. One Mind
    5. The Land of Chaos Where Light Cannot Reach
    6. Digital Wars II
    7. From the Darkside
    8. Backstreet Hackers
    9. Hacker’s Dignity
    10. Memory Server
    11. Emergence of a Threat
    12. Terror
    13. Masked Necromancer
    14. Eroded Utopia
    15. Last Cyber Attack
    16. Memories

    The box includes a few small physical items also...

    The first item is a Hudie membership card. The card includes a code that gives you a small selection of DLC. The membership card is included with all early versions of the game.

    The code gets you..
    1- Sistermon Noir and Sistermon Blanc, who will both have access to their Awakened Mode.
    2- A 'dress uniform' costume for your character (for both Hacker's Memory and the original Cyber Sleuth, which is included.)
    3- An in game NXEdge Style Omegamon (referred to as Omegamon NX)

    The 20th box includes more exclusive DLC, this time on a business card for the Kuremi Detective Agency. The DLC is NXEdge Style versions of Alphamon and Dukemon.

    Also included is a single ad slip featuring a handful of upcoming Digimon items...

    On one side is an ad for the upcoming 20th Anniversary Pendulums, while the other side features Digivolving Spirits Angewomon and the Digital Monster Capsule Masctor gashapon figures.

    And then we have the big item for the 20th Anniversary Box.

    The Digimon Story Visual Art Book!

    The art book contains art from the entire run of Digimon Story games. Much (most) are things we've seen before, but often with a bit more detail here. A good chunk of the art was shown at the recent Digimon Story Exhibition at Nakano Broadway. The book itself is exclusive to the limited edition 20th Anniversary Box and the LE is largely sold out at this point.

    The book has a slipcover, with the front image just above. The front features various Digimon in sprite form from throughout the Digimon Story franchise. A number of characters who are important to the franchise are featured larger on the cover. Perhaps to match the theme of 'art' there are some mock paint splatters on the logo for the book.

    The back and spine of the slipcover feature basic logos, along with a digiegg on the back.

    On the inner left side of the slipcover is a list of every Digimon Story game, including release date and the system it was released on.

    It's a nice touch to not only list every game, but to list the handful of games released as duos separately.

    The inner right side of the slipcover was blank.

    The front and the back of the book itself are the same, but in monochrome.

    Onto the inside of the book!

    The first page of the art book is a simple index, showing the games, and the categories each bit of art falls under.

    The indexes will be listed translated in the section for each game below.

    Due to the size of the book, every page won't be thumbnailed and embedded. Instead just a sample from the section for each game is embedded, along with a link to the first page for each game in the gallery, which is a story synopsis. The handful of images that went over both sides I joined and did my best with the time I had to reproduce any content missing inbetween. There are only 4 of these, and I'm more than pleased with 3 of them.

    This story takes place in the near future.
    Another world, named the Digital World, has begun to spread within computer networks.
    Not only that, Digital Monsters call this world their home. Their existence has been kept secret from the general public by DATS, a unit made specially to investigate the Digital World.
    However, rumors of monsters being born from computers, and the humans who fought alongside them, began to spread among the children...

    Digimon Story, released in the US as Digimon World DS, was the first game in the series. While the game had nice cover art, it never had what we would consider proper key art more representative of the game and characters, so new artwork was created for the art book to serve that purpose.

    -Story, Page 2
    -Special Illustration, Page 3
    -Main Visual, Page 4
    -Characters, Page 5
    -Digimon, Page 6
    -Field, Page 10

    The protagonist is a member of 'Light Fang', an organization based in Sunshine City.
    They partake in a customary match with their rival team, 'Night Claw' from Darkmoon City, and managed to win 3 matches in a row despite being a new member.
    Tired from the match, they went to bed, only to have a large earthquake run through the city, accompanied by the appearance of a mysterious energy life-form, that very night!
    It caused many Digimon to degenerate back into Digieggs, and caused considerable damage to Access Points.
    By the time the protagonist, who had noticed something was amiss, rushed to the city, the city had already suffered great damage, and the bridge linking the city to Darkmoon City had been destroyed.
    Rumors that Night Claw was involved in this incident began to spread, and the protagonist sets out on a journey to restore the city, and find out the truth behind the mysterious life-form.
    The protagonist is a chosen Normal-rank Tamer who is a member of 'Night Claw', an organization based in Darkmoon City.
    While training for a customary match with their rival team, 'Light Fang' from Sunshine City, wild Digimon appeared out of nowhere, though they managed to defeat them.
    After emerging victorious from the match, and receiving praises from their fellow members, they went to bed, only to have a large earthquake run through the city, accompanied by the appearance of a mysterious energy life-form, that very night!
    It caused many Digimon to degenerate back into Digieggs, and caused considerable damage to Access Points.
    By the time the protagonist, who had noticed something was amiss, rushed to the city, the city had already suffered great damage, and the bridge linking the city to Sunshine City had been destroyed.
    Rumors that Light Fang was involved in this incident began to spread, and the protagonist sets out on a journey to restore the city, and find out the truth behind the mysterious life-form.

    Digimon Story: Sunburst and Moonlight, released in the US as Digimon World Dawn and Dusk, was released less than a year after the original Digimon Story. These games are sort of in the same situation as the original Digimon Story, in that the covers are very nice, but could be mistaken as generic artwork, so once again, new artwork was made.

    -Story, Page 12
    -Special Illustration, Page 13
    -Main Visual, Page 14
    -Characters, Page 16
    -Digimon, Page 20
    -Field, Page 28

    The Digital World used to be a paradise for Digimon, until disaster struck.
    The Tamers who fought alongside Digimon and helped the grow have been going missing one by one...
    And the Digimon who were left found themselves being eyed by an unsettling group.
    In this time of crisis, Agumon decided to search for the Tamers by itself, and headed off to the Real World.
    On the night of a fireworks competition, a group of children headed behind the mountain to investigate a ball of light that had fallen there; that was where they met with Agumon.
    To answer Agumon's calls for help, the protagonist becomes its Tamer, and heads to the Digital World in pursuit of the mysterious trio who had abducted their friends.
    In a world they have never seen before, an adventure begins.

    Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, never released in the US, came out after a break of more than 3 years. Lost Evolution had some very nice art made for it, and the artwork notably feels like an attempt to feel like Digimon Adventure, or even Frontier.

    -Story, Page 30
    -Package Illustration, Page 31
    -Key Visual, Page 32
    -Characters, Page 33
    -Digimon, Page 39
    -Field, Page 47
    -Opening Movie Illustrations, Page 50

    Taiki, a youth who was called to the Digital World, a world different from the one we know.
    Through meetings with Digimon, the denizens of the Digital World, and through every battle they fight, Taiki leads his ever-growing team of comrades, Team Xros Heart.
    One day, Taiki was sent flying to LS-tou Zone via a mysterious Melody.
    There, he met Spadamon, a Digimon who held the fate of this Zone.
    New battles and previously-unknown DigiXroses await Xros Heart!

    Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue and Red, also never released in the US, came out a little over half a year after the release of Lost Evolution. It's a tie in to the Xros Wars anime series. Story and Sunburst/Moonlight had various tie in elements to Digimon Savers, but Xros Wars was the first, and thus far only time, that a Digimon Story game was a full 'game' for an anime series.

    It was also the end of Digimon Story being a sprite based series.

    -Story, Page 52
    -Package Illustration, Page 53
    -Package Main Visual: Combined version, Page 54
    -Digimon, Page 55
    -Field, Page 63

    This is Japan of the near future.
    With technology now allowing for visual and sensory access of the Internet, 'Cyberspace EDEN' rose among the people as an alternate daily landscape in addition to the one they already had.
    This cyberspace is protected by computer security. However, as it became more interwoven with people's daily lives, the crimes committed in EDEN increased as well.
    The cyberspace became damaged considerably by hackers making use of special virus programs.
    Those virus programs are equipped with AI, and are capable of absorbing all sorts of information, as well as evolve in various ways in response to their environment.
    People began to call these virus programs 'Digital Monsters'...

    Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth was released 4 years later for the Playstation Vita in Japan. A year later it was ported to the PS4 for a US release (and only released in Japan in this form a little over a week ago.) Cyber Sleuth was the first Digimon Story game to be done with 3d graphics.

    Notably, character designs for Cyber Sleuth were done by Suzhito Yasuda (perhaps best known for work on Durarara!!, Danmachi, and Yozakura Quartet) and the designs for the new monsters, the Eaters, were designed by Oh!Great (best known for Tenjho Tenge and Air Gear.)

    Cyber Sleuth is also the game with the most artwork in the book, taking up a bit under half of it. A handful of characters from other Digimon games also show up in the Cyber Sleuth section, owing to some of the other-dimensional story elements.

    -Story, Page 64
    -Main Visual Illustration, Page 65
    -Key Visual Illustration, Page 66
    -Royal Knights Illustration, Page 67
    -Characters, Page 68
    -Digimon, Page 98
    -Eater, Page 110
    -Image Board, Page 124

    An EDEN account acts not only as an access key to cyberspace, but also as a form of self-identification.
    Keisuke Amazawa found that his EDEN account had been hacked, and that he was now accused of account-stealing crimes that he had no memory of committing.
    Without any means of countering the false claims, Keisuke, who had lost his place, joined the hacker team Hudie and obtained his own Digimon in order to prove his innocence.
    Together with his teammates, he helps to solve incidents happening in cyberspace while looking for the culprit who had framed him...

    Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth- Hacker's Memory, released only a week ago in Japan, and scheduled for release a month from now in the US, is a sidestory to Cyber Sleuth featuring new characters (along with appearances from characters from Cyber Sleuth.)

    Hacker's Memory put effort into having a slight difference in overall style for it's characters, while still using the same art style (perhaps most notably using well known, but slightly more eclectic, choices for your Digimon partner.)

    Many elements were reused from Cyber Sleuth, so the pages for Hacker's Memory are a combination of new elements, while also having pages for returning elements from Cyber Sleuth.

    -Story, Page 138
    -Package Illustration, Page 139
    -Digimon 20th Anniversary Box Package Illustration, Page 140
    -Characters, Page 142
    -Digimon, Page 159
    -Eater, Page 162
    -Image Board, Page 165
    -Chat Avatars, Page 169
    -Hacker Team Logos, Page 170
    -Nakano Broadway Key Visual, Page 171

    It's overall a fantastic art book. It doesn't cover literally 'everything' from the games (each game would need it's own book for that) but provides far more content than you would have expected for this type of release.

    While the book has it's largest focus on Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory, it has a decent enough overview of the earliest games. The fact it covers the entire history of the Digimon Story franchise (up to and including promotional artwork for Hacker's Memory that we only first saw a few months ago) makes it something special when you consider this is the 20th anniversary of the Digimon franchise as a whole.

    Overall the limited edition 20th Anniversary Box for Hacker's Memory plays things just right. It's a fancy version of Hacker's Memory itself, but also covers the various anime series by including music, and the history of Digimon Story itself with the art book.

    The scans for all the art can also be found in the gallery.

    The scans are very small compared to the master scans I did (the work and backup folder structure for the scans is a touch over 175 gigs.)

    Lots of Digimon stuff is coming out soon and supporting us via our Patreon or donations would be greatly appreciated so that we can do more breakdowns and improve the site. Feel free to join us in the Discord if you want to chat about the release.

    Thanks to TMS for covering the cost of the box.

    If you want to import the Japanese release of Hacker's Memory it's out now. (Affiliate Links) The Limited Editions are sold out, but we continue to list them in case additional stock shows up (cancelled orders, etc.)
    PS4 Limited Edition
    Vita Limited Edition

    The game is currently scheduled for release in the US and the rest of the world on January 19th.
    It's currently up for pre-order at Amazon (affiliate link.)

    Thanks to garm for translations.

    More things to come!

    Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.
    Help With the Will out out, click the Donate button and subscribe/donate so we can improve the site.

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    How long did this take?!
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    I just hope western players will be able to get Alphamon and Dukemon NX. Since were not getting the limited edition at all ( I live in the UK)

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    Man, thanks SO MUCH for all the hard work you did. This as an awesome, awesome art book and I'm so glad you took the time and effort to do it justice!
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    oh my those pics looks soo good! in high res thank you so much for posting these

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    I’m so happy that we have some high quality art for the Story exclusive Digimon. I never thought we’d see Chronomon again, honestly.

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    Really thanks to both of you guys!! This is the best I've seen in a long time...this is a gem for the Digimon fandom at all. Anways, I have to admit that I'm kinda diasppointed that Hudiemon is not featured in the Artbook and the fact that some amazing Digimon like Armamon and OmegaArmamon Burst Mode don't get an official profile this time, but still really glad to see all this.

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    Wow I cannot believe that concept art of Spadamon revealed, a strong resemblance of the japanese samurai version Chessmon that is almost same as my fan made digimon at that Fan Made Digimon topic here.... Although its concept art came first before mine, huh. Or would it count as discarded since Spadamon's final design was decided?

    Hoping Hacker's Memory book'd include the concept art of Hudiemon and other new ones... Aw shoot. I better wait for few more years...

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    Wow, there was so much cool stuff in this! I think my favorite page has to be the one showing concept art for early designs of Spadamon and/or other Legend Arms Digimon. So many fun designs there!

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    Including Hudiemon would be spoilers, really.

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