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Thread: Adventure Charms On Sale at Princess Cafe

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    Adventure Charms On Sale at Princess Cafe

    More Adventure stuff!

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    Digimon Adventure charms will be on sale at the Princess Cafe chain of shops beginning on December 23rd.

    These charms all feature new cute style artwork of the kids and their Digimon and will cost 600 yen each.

    Interestingly, it appears there are only 12 of them, leaving out Takeru, Patamon, Hikari, and Tailmon.

    It appears these will show up elsewhere after their initial release at Princess Cafe.
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    No Hikari and Tailmon? Exactly the two favorites of the public. I bet sales will suffer a little on this.

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    I like how Koshiro is normally short to the point that he looks almost the same as usual while the other children are noticeably chibi, but then chibi Tentomon has a much bigger head than normal while the other digimon look nearly how they usually do.

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    It's curious that Takeru, Hikari, Patamon and Tailmon are absent in these charms.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tavo-Lobo View Post
    No Hikari and Tailmon? Exactly the two favorites of the public. I bet sales will suffer a little on this.
    I wouldn't say that they are the two favorites, although Hikari and Tailmon are pretty popular (Takeru and Patamon are pretty popular too), Taichi or Yamato are much more popular.

    At the end, I don't think the sales will suffer much.
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    Im hoping Tk/Patamon, Kari/Gatomon will show up with Davis/Veemon, Yolei/Hawkmon, Cody/Armadillomon, and Ken/Wormmon. That would make another set of 6 to be sold for the second batch...if there is one lol ^^
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