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Thread: Hacker's Memory General Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkIceFox View Post
    Hey guys! I'm gonna be getting a copy of Hacker's Memory this weekend. Are there any non-spoilery tips you can give a new player to help me get started when I get my hands on a copy?

    Also, if I remember right, I can't 100% the Original Cyber Sleuth since I can't get the pre-order DLC digimon (which were black agumon and gabumon if I remember right..) is there another round of that BS in Hacker's Memory? :\ Early Purchase only DLC is the worst for people like me... It's not gonna keep me from getting the game, but I'd like to know early if I shouldn't worry about thinking about getting all the achievements and stuff.
    My best advice is to get your Digimon up to Megas that you don't exactly want first so that you can get some good attacks and AP. I went into the game trying to get Mastemon ASAP but I decided to go for Dianamon and Kuzuhamon first and that really helped once I actually got Mastemon. My starter digivolved into a bunch of different Digimon and now has attacks from most of the elements as well as some good stat moves. I was also more satisfied with having my desired Megas later in the game because if I had them earlier, I would have got bored with them.

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    Going into filler options is good advice. Such as going into Tyrannomon before Greymon, or Cherubimon before Dianamon.

    As for that memory thing I was on about, the guide I was using was wrong - the bosses drop all the memories, there's no random one

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    I always just let whatever evolution my digimon can reach first happen. I rarely pick an evolution I must have right from the start anyways!
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    So I've just finished my play through, wasn't going for 100% completeness or anything but spent maybe 40 hours on it total. And after 40 hours I can say only one thing:

    Damn that ending. I want Erika back. I don't really remember much of the Cyber Sleuth ending but I know it didn't hit this hard. It's rare enough to get a Digimon game, I'd have really preferred a happy ending for this rather than the super sad ending we got. Not to mention all the little dialogue options we got for Keisuke x Erika makes it hurt even more. Give it a day and I'll forget all about this. But damn, this one hurts.

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