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Thread: In which countries was Digimon Frontier aired?

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    I don't think Danmark got anything after 02.

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    It aired in India sometime last decade, on Cartoon Network. They dubbed FIRE!! and Innocent, but I don't really remember if the same treatment was given to An Endless Tale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by wildwing64 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    We were skipped in the UK
    Yup. And despite this, I distinctly remember seeing the D-Tector in an Argos catalogue back then.

    As I recall we also didn't get Data Squad until a few years after it already aired in the US.
    We got games too. I remember getting Battle Spirit and being confused.

    When did we get Data Squad? I think I first saw it in 2010 on Kix
    We got it before Xros Wars was announced, so probably 2008 or 2009.

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