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Thread: Your favorite Digi-games

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    Your favorite Digi-games

    I'm sure it's been done before but what the heck:

    I've been hyped ever since I heard of Hacker's Memory and am really hoping for a stateside release. Until then I'm marathoning all the digimon games I have to pass time and get my digi-fix. I was curious as to what games you guys like to play.

    Digimon World 3 - My favorite 'classic' digimon title. It got Digivolving right as it was something you could do on the fly and DNA DV being basically a summoning attack was a nice idea. It had a great story. With the one-on-one fighting and tournament setup of fighting to earn badges made it the closest Digimon got back in the day to being a Pokemon style game which at the time I liked. Downsides were a very small roster, and a really slow grind-heavy progression system.

    DW Data Squad - Data Squad was my favorite so naturally I really liked this game. it was also really nice to see a new turn-based game since DW4 was an action/rpg. It was 3 on 3 as opposed to 1 on 1 which was good. Nice animations and a great story about the seven demon lords. The system I honestly think was pretty solid, a nice combination of classic turn based combat with some of the monster raising elements from the original Digimon World. The progression system was much faster which was very nice. The downsides were while the roster is bigger than DW3 it's still on the small side, and the requirements for unlocking some of the digivolutions was manic.

    DW Dawn - I have this game but despite numerous attempts I haven't not been able to really get into it. It has a nice big roster and tons of depth with a very interesting story, but that Dragon Quest combat turns me right off. I don't see the point in raising all my favorite digimon if I can't even see them in action, and the most I do see is them following me around. Just a personal nitpick but it's enough to keep me off the game. But luckily it eventually led to:

    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: A brand new turn-based 3-on-3 game with a roster of around 240 digimon of all levels (Finally Baby and In-training get in on it). The only downside is a lack of english dub option and that the story drags a bit in spots. But the progression system is balanced. At first I worried because i heard we had to raise the same digimon over and over like back in DW2 but because progression was much faster I actually found myself enjoying raising digimon in such a way, it isn't nearly as bad as it was in DW2. That's exactly why I'm looking forward to the new game being more of the same but with even more digimon!

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    Savers Another Mission - i pretty much agree with you, good game with a solid system.
    they could have removed that emotion thing that determines what skills you can use and the requirements could have been a good bunch lower,
    though it still holds up.
    roster was a bit on the smaller side, but it was a good selection, even getting Chaosmon and MoonMilleniumon in 3D.

    Dawn/Dusk - very good game, huge roster good mechanics and all that stuff, my only complaint is that it uses sprites,
    i´m not a fan of only seeing a vey small portion of my partys face in battle, i prefer 3D and seeing them perform their skills.

    Cyber Sleuth - so far the best Digimon game, though i assume HM gonna be better by not only increasing the roster even further,
    but also by fixing some problems CS had, mainly balancing (accesory slots, stacking passives, piercing moves, status sicknesses ect.)

    Masters - probably gonna be called out for this one, but it got some really nice mechanics i really love the aspect of having your digimon consuming more DS(MP) the higher the stage of it is,
    it also got those dark tower regions so with these 2 combined you actually got to see the different stages of your digimon for a satisfying amount of time, also running around with your Rookie is super nice.
    quests and story was solid.
    the problems are obvious though, cash shop items being almost mandatory for progression in the later stage of the game and balancing is horrible
    (Aka Megas and even Burst are worthless, only Jogress Digimon are strong enough for end game dungeons)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herugrim View Post
    I've been hyped ever since I heard of Hacker's Memory and am really hoping for a stateside release.
    The international release is already confirmed, it's even already available for pre-order so it's not really a matter of hoping anymore.

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    Digimon World 3. The story is the best for any Digimon game in my opinion. The battle are quite simple, that's why i liked it. The evolution is most similar to anime among World series. It's grindy, but DW2, Dawn/Dusk, and especially DW4 is a hell far more grindy. The card game is quite fun, though it'd be better if the opponents hands are actually randomized, not fixed. My complaint is that there's no usable water digimon and barely usable water techs and lazy animation on usable magic attacks.

    Digimon Battle Spirit 2. I love Frontier so i liked this. This one is also far better than first Battle Spirit since you can freely evolve and evolving isn't time limited and didn't put you in invincibility mode. The techs/movements are also a lot faster and nicer, the minigames are fun too.

    Digimon Story Lost Evolution. Yeah, being not able to see your Digimon's body in battle sucks, but what i like about Lost Evo is among Story series in DS, it has best gameplay because speed stats give you chance to have multiple turns at once.

    Digimon Story Super Xros Wars Red/Blue. It's very grindy, it's like DW2 where you must sacrifice Digimons after Digimons to get good which i don't fond of with such a concept. But somehow, this is the only Story series in which i managed to get 9 digimon with 999 on all stats, and beat any bosses in this game, and that's for both Red and Blue version.

    Digimon Championship. I didn't really enjoyed V-pets, but this game really made me loved it. It's similar to Digimon World, with less gameplay, but it has far bigger rooster. It's also cute to see some Digimon eats and take a dump, all after those years of turn based battle.

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    Well, I haven't played many Digimon games, actually I haven't played any Digimon Story appart from CS. But my top pick is pretty clear: Digimon World 3. It had really good graphics (I'd say that as today they're still good, at least the world itself), and I liked the card game. I didn't enjoy the battles too much, but they weren't really bad.

    Then I'd choose Digimon World 1. It was my first Digimon game, and I liked both, the world (it was nice to have random things placed xD) and the fact that you had to collect Digimons to improve the city. I was always wondering what Digimon will I meet next and what will it do back in the city. Still, I think that this game is better than Next Order. The feeling I had with NO is that it was an unfinished game, with some bugs and animations that needed some polishing (I had to restart the game once, losing 3 hours, because it got stuck in a battle animation ).

    Also, I have to add that both Digimon World 1 and 3 had really good music. Maybe nostalgia is affecting me here, but I love both soundtracks!
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    I have two that are major favorites of mine, but most of the games are fun.

    First we have the obvious pick, Cyber Sleuth. I love mysteries, the game looks fantastic, the gameplay is fast and fun, and playing as the female MC to make all the dialogue super lesbian amused me to no end. It really made me realize that games in the “gotta collect ‘em all” mons genre can be wonderfully daring.

    I also really love Digimon World Championship, despite its bad reputation. I just find the game so cute and relaxing, and unline many Digimon games that operate on faster v-pet rules, it never made me feel strapped for time. Even if it is pretty hands-off, it kept me coming back.

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    It's weird seeing so much DW3 love in here. I was never a big fan of its story. The concept is nice, but it is one of the worst translations I have ever seen of a game. Not just spelling errors, but sentences so contradictory I had to play the game in Japanese before I finally understood the story.

    And yeah, playing it in Japanese actually revealed a fairly amusing kids game.

    The game is too long by half though. There was really no reason to make the player go through palette-swapped versions of every area in the game. And the random encounter rate needed to be toned down by a lot in the later levels, especially with all the underwater routes you had to suffer through to get anywhere.

    I did really like the sprite animation! The 3D animation was... uh... serviceable for a PSX game? I guess I'm more forgiving of it because not only is it a game about playing around in an MMO game as the setting, it's also a game about Digital Monsters. So the more pixellated and blocky 3D design ends up somewhat well-suited to the environment.

    It's certainly not the worst Digimon game, and I like how its evolution mechanics work a lot. It also has one of the most hilarious Confusion status effects in any RPG I've ever played. But uh... it's still not really very good. If I wasn't a Digimon fan, I certainly wouldn't have played it.

    Cyber Sleuth basically takes all of the best parts of the standard JRPG formula and polishes them nicely in a Digimon package. The story can be a little slow, but it kind of feels paced like a season of anime more than a standard game. Considering that the Digimon anime is the best part of the franchise, I appreciate what it's going for.

    Lost Evolution just has my favorite evolution system in any of the Digimon games. There's some surprisingly heavy themes in this otherwise-colorful game, like Digimon eugenics, mind control, abandonment issues, and open attempts at genocide. Kinda gave me a V-Tamer feel in places. Also, Hiroyuki and Asuka are one of the great comedy duos of the Digimon franchise.

    I may be in the minority, but I quite like the newest Digimon World games: Decode and Next 0rder. They weren't amazing, but when I was in the mood for some nice Digimon content, they fill that void nicely. I like them more than Frontier, at least.
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    Maybe because it's been so damn long since I've played one of the classics, but Cyber Sleuth to me was absolutely top-notch. It streamlined a lot of functions without necessarily simplifying them, had a really emotional plot, and never felt too long or too short.

    Next up is Digimon World 3, just because it was bright, colorful, and fun. One of those games I wish was available on the PSP/Vita. Had a bit of a learning curve, but a solid amount of fun.

    Third favorite is Battle Spirits 2 because I loved the combat system; it was basically just a fighting game which I'm not usually a fan of, but the art style and snappy gameplay made it really enjoyable.

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    I think Cyber Sleuth is the best one so far tbh. Nice high quality models and there's 249 Digimon friends to use and the story was good. If World 2003 had a similar amount, wasting really grindy and gives you no indication to go meaning you need a guide 99% of them time it'd be better. Maybe a remake, changing it to be more Cyber Sleuth style. It's a Story game in all but name anyway.

    I like Dawn/Dusk but its also grindy and the lack of models for your dudes is a bad step like others said. Since stats aren't capped, the post game stuff is ridic. I couldn't beat Sayo in the legend tourney. I did beat the Gaia Origin though. I prefer pre-defined stats. Removes over grinding etc

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    Digimon World 3 was actually MUCH clearer about sign-posting where to go in Japanese. I don't know how anyone can play that game with the terrible English localization.
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