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Thread: 15th digivice metalgarurumon/wargreymon

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    Just got my new 15th anniversary metalgarurumon digivice in the mail. I havent owned one of these since I was child and they were released in the u.s. I'm loving the new silver digi letters and larger screen. Does anyone else have one of these yet and if you do tell us what u have found out that's new.

    So I unlocked black metalgarurumon but can't figure out wut it was I did. I was battling my 20th vpet and found a cool trick if u press both A buttons on each device after connecting the vpet will error out but the digivice with win everytime. So I got my 15th win I needed to unlock metalgarurumon but he didnt unlock, it showed I had 15 wins but no metalgarurumon. So I tried to battle my 20th vpet again using the same trick to land a instant win but both devices error. So I had to get a win like normal and that's when I looked and had unlocked blackmetalgarurumon.
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