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Thread: I always love Koushiro, what about you?

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    In a way every character added something to the series (maybe except Mimi, but maybe it's just my personal bias). Although, I think the main issue with Adventure (that thankfully later was fixed in the subsequent series) is that it had far too many characters. In a way it would be good if some characters were axed out, they would not steal the attention from others. Though, almost every character has their fans, and I'm pretty sure some of them would bd sad if their character would never exist.
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    Izzy was my favorite character of the Digimon Adventure cast of characters, and the one that I related to the most.

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    Koushiro is a very interesting character.
    Unlike normal nerds Koushiro spends large amount of time on his laptop due to him finding out he was an adopted kid which caused him to distance from his adoptive parents. He is very mature and smart and he is also very curious as we've seen him curious about the true nature of the Digital World. He can be socially awkward but he's also a very polite guy. I liked how he struggled to accept his adoptive parents as his true parents and his relationship with Tentomon was lovable. He had such an impract in the plot of Digimon Adventure/02/Tri due to his knowledge and his abilities with computer. He's a very well-written character in my opinon and probably one of the best of the Adventures sagas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Ukyou View Post
    Hmm... I think in terms of merchandise sales, the Adventure kids rank something like:

    Taichi > Yamato >>> Hikari > Takeru >>> Mimi > Koushirou > Sora > Jyou

    But if you include the rest of the franchise, then it's more like:

    Taichi>Yamato>Hikari>Takeru>Mimi>Koushirou>Sora>Jy ou>Ken>Daisuke>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>literally the entire rest of the 100+ human characters in the franchise.

    I think being top 6 out of 100+ is doing pretty well.
    I'm sorry to bother you but is really Taichi that popular? even more than the rest of the humans characters?

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