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Thread: I always love Koushiro, what about you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by viperzerof-2 View Post
    Honestly who dislikes Izzy? He never gets the top spot but he's always consistently near the top.
    He is nearby the top is been gone now, and he mostly unremembered now which means that I didn't say that he is been disliked by people

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    Do your statements have a basis in anything?

    He’s mostly unremembered now?

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    Hmm... I think in terms of merchandise sales, the Adventure kids rank something like:

    Taichi > Yamato >>> Hikari > Takeru >>> Mimi > Koushirou > Sora > Jyou

    But if you include the rest of the franchise, then it's more like:

    Taichi>Yamato>Hikari>Takeru>Mimi>Koushirou>Sora>Jy ou>Ken>Daisuke>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>literally the entire rest of the 100+ human characters in the franchise.

    I think being top 6 out of 100+ is doing pretty well.
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    That rant notwithstanding, I think a lot of us agree that Koushiro is the real MVP of the Adventureverse (aside from our Time Lord Ryo Akiyama). No need to list all of his achievements and go into an invective (is that the right word?) about how he is under-appreciated in the fandom. No dude, we already know the rest of the Adventure cast would probably be dead without him. No need to cast aspersions on people's likes and dislikes either. As for merchandise, Taichi and Yamato have always been treated as special, and by extension their siblings have been given the same treatment. There's a substantial part of the fandom that hates the Hikari ex machina, or used to hate it anyway. Also, not to attack you, but where exactly are you from? Your posts read like machine translations from Google Translate.
    (Also, welcome to WtW)

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