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Thread: Twitch is Streaming a Digimon Marathon Right Now!

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    Twitch is Streaming a Digimon Marathon Right Now!

    Always nice for something fun to show up!

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    Twitch is doing a marathon stream of Digimon!

    Each series is being shown dubbed and will be aired in it's entirety 3 times before moving onto the next series. This will be for the USA and Canada only.

    The stream schedule is as follows:
    Digimon Adventure- Thursday, Nov 30, 12:00 PM - Sunday, Dec 3, 9:30 PM Pacific
    Digimon Adventure 02- Sunday, Dec 3, 9:30 PM - Thursday, Dec 7, 1:00 AM Pacific
    Digimon Tamers- Thursday, Dec 7, 1:00 AM - Sunday, Dec 10, 6:00 AM Pacific
    Digimon Frontier- Sunday, Dec 10, 6:00 AM - Wednesday, Dec 13, 9:30 AM Pacific

    A nice early December present for everyone!
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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Can't watch, is US and Canada Only

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    I come from the net viperzerof-2's Avatar
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    watching now if anyone else wants too

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    Nice! So nostalgic! Wish I could just sit and binge it. :P

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    Sux for those in EU huh

    They should've included Data Squad and Fusion as well

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    I'm going digital B-mon's Avatar
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    Cool that Tamers and Frontier land cleanly on an entire weekend; unfortunately Adventure dominates this weekend and Zero Two starts Sunday night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-mon View Post
    Cool that Tamers and Frontier land cleanly on an entire weekend
    Clearly that is because they want your undivided attention attention to watch only the best two seasons ever.*

    *Your mileage will vary

    Oh god, something's wrong with the deinterlacing or the stream encoding. It's either fuzzy or suffering from composite artifacting.
    Edited Edit: The ads every five minutes are also not helping this experience....

    Edit (edited edit): It was a good run but lord almighty if it didn't have as many if not more ad breaks than the YuGiOh marathon.
    Last edited by Flamon; 12-14-2017 at 08:01 PM.

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