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View Poll Results: Are You Glad Tri. Exists?

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Thread: Are You Glad Tri. Exists?

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    How about people act their age.

    If you don't know how to act around other people on a forum it'd likely be best to not post.
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    I come from the net Paruseruru mafubu's Avatar
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    I am very glad to exists. I loved the stage play too. Adventure is and always will be my favorite, basically grew up with these characters and emotionally invested with their stories so to see them again after nearly twenty years is better than I could have hoped for regardless of any complaints I read from other fans about animation and the story. I don't have any issues with it. Feels like the old days to some extent.
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    I'm a Maniac RestInPain's Avatar
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    Yes I am glad it exists. But I feel it should've been executed better. I'm just glad that there will finally be a conclusion to the Adventure era.

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    Red shirt Kuzehiko's Avatar
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    Animation wise Digimon Tri started very well but it went downhill from Loss on imo.

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    To be honest with all of you, I didn't really care about Tri even from the beginning because its just there to pander to Adventure fan. But after seeing 5 movies through, it made me care even less with barely anything explained and the characters trying to hard to angst to the point its just playing wangst.

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    Assuming I didn't respond to this in the past, I'll say that yes I am glad tri existed, for better or for worst.

    From 1997 to 1999 I fell in love with Star Wars. Straight up fell in love. I mean sure Attack of the Clones wasn't quite my cup of tea, but in 2005 they closed it all out with Revenge of the Sith and I was absolutely satisfied.
    In 1999 I joined the fandom of the franchise I have loved the longest in my entire life. Digimon. Particularly Digimon 01.

    To put it bluntly, despite my love for Digimon, my interest dwindled after 01. I had some high highs for 02, but afterwards I didn't have a "OH EM GEE" giddy face until I watched the sub of Savers. You would think that in 2006 I wouldn't get more than something to peak my interest slightly, but it surpassed my expectations. Now from there you would be like "Well I got what I wanted from the Digimon Series," and sure learning about the Adventure 01 novel as well as Adventure 01 PSP game was amazing and brought out my inner child, I figured that's all I would ever get regarding the characters I love.

    2015. Digimon. Oh and Star Wars! Both coming back in back to back months? Hey! I am skipping a step. I watched Digimon Adventure subbed for the first time in like 2013 and it held up very well to me. Okay back to 2015. "OH EM GEE" sequel series. You know what I felt? Pressure on the back of my head as I contained my excitement. There is one thing I had to do first before I could watch these movies. I had to remove the indoctrination from my mind. Ya see, I had my head canons for both of these series. I've read hundreds of Digimon fics and a good chunk of the post Return of the Jedi EU (or at the very least I was familiar with the happenings.) Yeah. So there were a lot of bias(ness) in my mind before these things even came out. Expectations. Ya know what I mean?

    Curb that. Watch these things without any of that. I didn't see any trailers of The Force Awakens. I did keep up with Reunion news though.

    Anyway! To answer the question.

    There are a lot of plot points that I love from Digimon Tri. And like the Star Wars prequels, I feel that the execution isn't always there. But I'm not expecting perfect movies, ya know. Still, there is a threshold of what I feel is 'subpar' writing that I can stand. Reunion was fine for me. The Force Awakens not so much.

    The reason I brought up this whole Star Wars thing is to put it all into perspective. I loved both of these franchises. They both tell me that they are making sequels (in Digimon's case, a sequel to the series I love, Adventure 01.) I did my best to remove excitement and expectations of both. And I watched both with an open mind. And I have two separate reactions. I can do without the Star Wars sequels. I am not 'glad' they exist. I'm indifferent. I LOVE that Adventure Tri exist and I accept how it's gone so far.

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    Ain't got no mojo... CrimsonMarvel's Avatar
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    The reasons I want it to exist is:

    1: At least it's something adventure related.
    2: Even if I don't personally enjoy it I still think it's unfair to take the enjoyment away from other people

    Anyway I hope something else adventure pops up soon, at least it was nice to have the adventure reference in appmon even though I also personally don't like that series.
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    Junior Commander DBxDigimon_fan's Avatar
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    Yes, yes and YES!!

    It gives my childhood closure, after the disappointment of Digimon practically disappearing with a mere whimper and being replaced by Tamers; and it got worse and worse as time went on until hitting rock bottom with Appmon. I thought they'd completely forgotten their roots and were just winging it. But Tri proves they still remember what Digimon is all about. I just love it. Its got a great storyline too. Tri honours the Digimon name.

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    I guess I'm glad...I hope my opinions don't upset anyone, usually don't like to and I'm new around here but back to the topic. I'll be talking about things I seen from all 5 episodes so far so if I did spoil something...yeh dont read if so...idk.

    Yes I was as shocked and curious as the next guy when the announcement for the series came and I couldn't wait...I have a few favorites in the show I wanted to see again. Although I was hoping to see more action of 02...I know we focusing on the original 8 but ya know, have the 02 kids here and there now and then lending a helping hand (plus I wanted to see veemon and any evolution of his again pffft). Yeah well we all know how it went for 02 here. My only problem is how they don't seem to question or focus on somethijng concerning. They don't seem to wonder where there 02 friends are or even acknowledge their existence yet I think they knew who ken is still as they saw well...the fake him as the emperor but they dismissed that and ignored it quickly. Then they don't seem to care that much for gennai either. Idk those two things just bother me the creators threw in but don't seem to flesh out when it needed to. Well that and a lot of things. I dunno hard to think of it all right now...I'm still wanting to see it all the way and did like the series but just idk how to say i feel with hownthe series has been going as of now, I guess we all wait till the final movie is out.
    Sorry if my opinions felt like I'm nitpicking.
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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    I'm glad it's around. I haven't seen past the first movie, granted, but the negative opinions I've seen on the other movies haven't really deterred me from wanting to see them because it's great seeing the old crew back again.

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