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Thread: Konaka Tweeting Unofficially as Yamaki, Plus an Updated Konaka Website

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    Konaka Tweeting Unofficially as Yamaki, Plus an Updated Konaka Website

    Well this is an interesting one...

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    Someone has begun to tweet in character as Yamaki from Digimon Tamers, while giving various background details.

    Normally we'd just assume it's a fan having a bit of fun, but a few things suggest it's actually Chiaka J. Konaka.

    Update- The account has changed the display name to say it's Konaka (or Yamaki 'playing' Konaka...), along with an explanation.

    This account was established privately by writer Chiaki J. Konaka for a limited time. Digimon Tamers' Blu-ray BOX will be available.The story of the Tamer's "after" is a CD drama included in BD BOX.
    This also suggests that he doesn't plan to keep a Twitter account long term, and is purely doing it in the leadup to the Blu-ray set.

    He's also taken into account that people likely want him to answer questions and posted the following...

    Sorry, I can't answer anyone's Questions.My former tweets are "Mr.Yamaki says". Almost is true expect about Digimons.
    The English text of both posts are as provided by the Twitter account. So basically he's posting informational tweets about the universe as told by Yamaki and doesn't plan to use it outside of that context.

    Update- A further update. At this point Director Kakudou is RTing many messages from the account, including adding his own commentary to things said by 'Yamaki', at this point, even if no one minus the Yamaki account itself says anything, it's clear it's verifiably him to a reasonable degree. This would also confirm the new website is also Konaka.

    Most notably are that a number of Digimon related staff are following the account, and the first follower was actually Adventure/02/X-Evo director Hiroyuki Kakudou (who was also the sound director for Tamers.) Also, it's been confirmed the 'nyx' was in the Twitter name prior to that information being available publicly with the audio drama cast announcement.

    It of course may still just be someone who got info early and decided to have a laugh, but it still seemed fun enough to link to regardless.

    In addition, the same account lists as it's homepage a website called Digimon Tamers Update, which appears to be taking over doing updates from Konaka's old site (mentioning issues with the old site being done via Mac OS9, and a few other issues.)

    At the moment it's primary elements of note are:
    A link to a clean script formatted version of Digimon Tamers 1984. Annotations are included.
    A link to the old Digimon Tamers section of Konaka's old website. It's mentioned that despite issues with the web server for it, most of the Tamers content is still there.

    In the future it's mentioned that he plans to add details of writing the new Tamers audio drama

    Update- We have a number of tweets translated thanks to onkei. Some of these tweets he wrote translated English equivalents of, but his Japanese thoughts were more detailed. These are more informational about the audio drama itself rather than details of the universe (although he certainly gives a few hints and details.)

    I had originally made this Yamaki account to announce stuff like "The Tamers BD box is coming out" or "We made a CD Drama," and write extra material about it here and there, but that's become a nuisance so I'm just going to come out and say this. For the time being, these words will be written as Konaka Chiaki.
    Unfortunately, some tweets will be broken up because they're so long.

    The anime series was 16 years ago. I had thought that [doing this extra CD Drama thing] would be nice for the nostalgia, but as I was plotting out the CD Drama, I got the feeling that the world of Tamers was not in fact shut off since its ending, but has been continuing even to this day.

    Because I had published my email account on my website, I received messages from many overseas fans. A lot of them were Tamers fans. After the last episode, there were a lot of girls who asked me to explain the ending.

    I'm of the belief that the imagination of "what happens after" in any series expands within each viewer in their own individual way. That's why, to those questions, I would always answer that I could not explain any further. This attitude isn't just how I feel about Tamers, it's my basic thinking for any commercial product that I release to a public audience.

    Once the work has been released to an audience/viewers, it no longer belongs to the author. That's the basic principle. However, for Tamers, I had written a sequel in the form of the CD Drama "Message In The Packet" that takes place a year later. In it, I wrote it with the feeling that Takato and co. still had yet to reunite with their Digimon.

    At the time of one year later, no other story beyond that ["Message in the Packet" Drama] existed within me. However, it's been 15 years since then. Since so much has been imagined about "what happens from there," it would be all right if we, the original staff, made something on it, right?

    That shift of thought [from not seeing a continuation to seeing a continuation] surprised me as well. If we wanted to depict "what happens after" with the original cast, it would make a good balance to do something that takes place a couple of years later. However, the story for Tamers was made in close correlation with the aspects of the internet business [at that time] in real time.

    If the story is to be released in the year 2018, then it must take place in 2018. Also, we weren't making a new anime, since the plan was to have it only as a special addition to the Blu-ray BOX. There was a limit to which cast members to summon. There's also the fact that Imai Yuka-san [**Renamon's voice actor] has taken leave from voice acting.

    With that reality in mind, I came up with something so as not to disappoint those people who loved Tamers. I assume that it will be pretty different from what those people who thought a Tamers sequel SHOULD be like (there were also people who made videos and drew art).

    I'll write here about what's okay to reveal, now that I've arranged what's appropriate to say with Happinet. The story begins in 2003 with Takato and Juri. The characters that will appear have already been announced. Renamon's existence itself will not be treated lightly.

    I had some doubts of whether a 4:3 SD digital anime could withstand as HD, but after seeing the special broadcast of the first episode, I found it to be surprisingly well-detailed. This is something that I could say with pride to please buy at once for your shelf.

    Anyway, it doesn't change that [the Blu-ray box] is a very high-quality product. I'd suggested to the people I'd met in the summer event for "Ghost Hound" to put aside some money every month in order to afford it. Even if you started now, I think you'd be able to make it.
    To be frank, there is absolutely zero talk right now about a Tamers sequel as an animation. I do want to do it, though...

    Ugh, short message posting sites are not to my taste. Go write it on my blog? Like I said (etc etc). Anyway, that's all from me.

    With the upcoming release of the Blu-ray box, Konaka having fun isn't a surprise, and it'll be interesting to see what shows up on the Twitter account and the website, assuming we don't find out they are in fact an elaborate ruse.

    The Blu-ray box will be available April 3rd, 2018 for 53,800 yen. Early copies of the box will include the new Tamers audio drama.
    Pre-orders are currently available:
    Digimon Tamers BD-Box (CDJapan affiliate link)
    Digimon Tamers BD-Box Amazon Edition (includes F4 size (8.27 x 12.99 inches) fine board.)

    Updated with information based on the account claiming to be Konaka, also tweaked the thread name.
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    I'm going digital Vaioumon's Avatar
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    Would be good to build up hype for a Tamers sequel/continuation. Fingers crossed.

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    I'm going digital Rohan's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    It's always a bit weird when people tweet as characters.

    But nevertheless, I'm very interested in anything Konaka (assuming it's him) has to say about Digimon.

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    Completely digital Velocifaptor's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    Sometimes the Real World, sometimes the Dream World, although I prefer the Digital World
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    Like Vaioumon, I too hope that all this is to build hype for a sequel of sorts. Digimon Tamers is arguably my favourite season, as I have stated on multiple occasions. Would be nice to have some closure.

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    I come from the net viperzerof-2's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Ha! good to see him, he seems to vanish and come back. I'd love to meet him in person if i could one day.

    Hey reading some of these it sure sounds like Konaka. Lots of references to the background of tamers, and a Lain reference.
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    Junior Commander Vice's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
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    Well I'm glad to hear that Hiroyuki Kakudou and Chiaki J Konaka maybe involved in this upcoming Tamers project. If they are involved, I'm hoping Toei will throw something at them for an anime or movie possibly?

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    I really hope it's a movie series like Adventure Tri, or maybe an all new 50-52 episode anime series. But probably not. It's most likely promotion for the blu-ray boxset and the new audio drama.

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    I'm going digital
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    Apr 2014
    I really hope there isn't any sequel, audio drama seems pretty enough for it. Sequel might ruin all of it, especially if it's made forcibly, like Tri.

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    Red shirt dgmn's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
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    After Adventure sequel ruin, Tamers better live up to expectations

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    I'm a Maniac Tsurugi's Avatar
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    If we get a sequel, it all comes down to execution. Tri as far as I've seen, I haven't seen part 5 yet, has been fairly good in my eyes flaws and all. And if we get a sequel with some of the previous staff involved, Konaka included, I look forward to it.

    On topic, this is pretty cool to see. I'm hoping there will be and English translation down the line for this site too. Also, the Twitter account name now reads as '山木満雄 as Chiaki J. Konaka', so I think we can confirm it's him?

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