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Thread: I think I've found my main complaint about Digimon Adventure tri.

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    I think I've found my main complaint about Digimon Adventure tri.

    Digimon Adventure tri. is originally part of the 15th Anniversary of Digimon Project, along with some other media (although ironically, we have already crossed the line of the 20th Anniversary), and as such, there were some hints before and after the moment tri. was firstly announced on what could it be about, as a greatly expected sequel of the most popular series of Digimon. So, looking back, letís analyze one by one the different media that could have had something to do with the development of tri.:
    *Digimon Collectors: A TCG-style smartphone game played with an ever-expanding catalog of Digimon battle cards. Huckmon, as the mascot of the 15th Anniversary, debuted in this game as the protagonist of the main storyline of the game alongside the Sistermon, the Royal Knights and Ogudomon as the main antagonist, and Yggdrasill as the potential mastermind behind the events. Following that, Huckmon had a major role in the expanded post-scenario of Digimon Adventure (PSP), a game which commemorated the 15th Anniversary of the anime, that involved Gankoomon too, the 12th of the Royal Knights, indicating that this plot could be relevant somewhat to an hypothetical sequel of Adventure.
    *Digimon Crusader: Another TCG-style smartphone game which serves as a sequel-of-sorts to the Digimon Jintrix digital card game. In this case, Aegiomon, the Child-form of Jupitermon, took the heading role of the main storyline of the game, alongside the rest of the Olympos XII as supporting characters and Plutomon as the main antagonist, and Yggdrasill as the potential mastermind behind the events. Later on, concurring with the official announcement of Digimon Adventure tri., it was released the Digivice Ver.15th, whose main storyline described a potential rivalry with of the Royal Knights and the Olympos XII, and the appearance of the 13th Royal Knights, Jesmon, which was seen in that moment as a preamble to tri.
    *Digimon Mystery File Release The 1000 Year Seal!‏‎: As part of the Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Blu-ray BOX, this CD Drama brought to the lane the long-time plot regarding the Four Holy Beasts, and potentially the Original Chosen Children, which were their human partners according to the novels of Adventure, as well as their connection with the mysterious events that still happened in the Human World.
    *Before the World Ends: Also part of the Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Blu-ray BOX, the second CD Drama explored the background of Tailmon and Wizarmon before their encounter with the Chosen Children, as well as the origins of Wizarmon in the Witchelny alternate dimension. It also featured the first meeting between Leomon and Orgemon. Both CD Dramas were explicitly stated as being relevant to the plot of tri.

    So, with only one OVA left, almost every of this scenarios havenít been touched (or well-addressed) in tri. so far, with only Huckmon having a main role and Yggdrasill being one of the main rival forces to take into consideration. Also, even the plot involving the Four Holy Beasts hasnít been well explained so far, with a lot of inconsistencies and discrepancies. Instead of that, we have a main cast that has become uninteresting and whining, and a new protagonist which is absolutely helpless and wavering (and letís not talk about the ďunexplainedĒ disappearing of the 02 cast). The only interesting thing in my opinion that links Adventure to tri. is Meicoomon herself, but even this point is still quite vague and misleading, like what in the world Gennai, as the envoy of Homeostasis, didnít tell a thing during the 02 events about, at least, the existance of a potential dangerous Digimon like Meicoomon, that had a sherd of Apocalymonís data into its DNA? As much as we try to justify tri.ís plot, I think there wonít be a satisfactory explanation for that.

    So, what do you think on this topic guys? Has Digimon Adventure tri. met your expectations so far?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Shinji View Post
    So, what do you think on this topic guys? Has Digimon Adventure tri. met your expectations so far?
    Absolutely not. When I heard of tri, I thought the first 3 movies would have the Adventure cast try and find the 02 cast, as well as unlocking more evolutions, like Lillymon to Rosemon. I also thought the 4th or the 5th movie would focus on how the 02 kids got captured (or whatever happened to them) and how they met up with the Adventure '99 kids.

    Instead it only focuses on the Adventure kids and Meikoomon/Mei and it seems to miander about with the plot. The last movie will also have way too much stuff to pack into it, for the 02 kids to really even appear. Honestly, I can see the whole of Tri getting retconned by Ophanimon's healing magic (to make her even more special) and only Hikari and Tailmon remembering the events. The 02 kids never went missing, Mei is sad because she lost her Digimon and everything is back to normal. As for Meikoomon, her egg probably gets washed up by some ocean waves, to make a reference to Hurricane Touchdown.

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    For the record: Tri was originally announced as part of Adventure's 15th Anniversary, not any anniversary of the main franchise itself. Adventure's 15th would have been the franchise's 17th - and at the time Tri Part 1 came out in 2015 it was already the 16th and 18th anniversaries of both. Hence why we're already at the 20th. But I'm being pedantic

    Might be an unpopular opinion but I love Tri so far. But then I also went in without any particular expectations about what I want or what I think it should be. If I have any gripes with it so far then, maybe, the lack of explanation for where the 02 kids went, even if we've seen several references to them like Mystery Man's Kaiser disguise, Imperialdramon, Maki in posession of Ken's gear, and maybe some vague, indirect hint of what might have happened to them in Part 5 (I don't remember the exact line of dialogue so don't quote me on that). But I'm sure they'll show up in Part 6, even if it's nothing more than a pre-credits cameo and "Hey guys! What did we miss?"

    Either way, whether we see them or not, the 02 kids aren't exactly going to make or break Tri for me. For one thing: all the promotional stuff in the buildup to Tri Part 1 kind of indicated that it was going to be focused on the Adventure kids and Meiko. The lack of focus on the 02 kids is probably because it isn't their story. The way I see it, Tri is about how the Adventure kids are dealing with still being Chosen/Digidestined as they enter adulthood. It's a coming-of-age story and, to me, that's just fine.

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    I think my biggest issue was doing 6 OVAs rather than a series. Obviously this was super intentional and lends itself more to the ambiguity in storytelling that's frustrating a lot of people, but it feels like a more series would have been just a little bit more true to the overall spirit.

    That aside, I've been loving it. The way it tackles the characters and themes with nuance, the animation, and just a plethora of those chilling moments the original series was so good at. It was the evolution the series needed to take, even if it's only for this series.

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    Tri has been a huge disappointment to me, the inclusion of a useless character alas Meiko, an annoying digimon Meikuumon, the unexplained disappearance of the 02 kids, too many other plot holes... I'm starting to think that tri nothing but a cash grab by Toei nothing substantial nothing special it's really really meh... One of the worst digimon series to date...

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    I fail to see why Collectors and Crusader should have any relevance to Tri. I can't remember if the two CD dramas were explicitly stated to have a direct bearing on Tri, but the one does mention the Holy Beasts, which we've "learned" a little more about in the series. The other may become relevant in "Our Future," since there's a good chance of Wizarmon reappearing.

    I'm reserving final judgment on Tri until the series is finished (and I can watch it without months between parts). At the moment, my opinion on it is much the same as my opinion on every other Digimon series. Some things it does well, while other things are a disappointment. I was prepared for that, so I have no strong feelings about it. I also knew from the way it was promoted that it wouldn't be focused on the 02 kids, which seems to be everyone's main gripe about it.
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    Seeing as Movie 2 only recently came out here, I'm reserving judgement until I've managed to see all six, buuuuut my only real complaint so far is that it really should have been a TV series.

    I was talking it over with an anime reviewer, and we both felt that we'd be a lot more forgiving to Determination's flaws had it been a couple of episodes rather than an entire movie where not a lot happens.

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    Honestly? Yeah, I'm really really loving Tri so far. Obviously final judgment comes after the last movie, but so far it's been pretty great. Is the 02 thing weird? Yes, very. Could the fights be more reminiscent of the show instead of just pounding on eachother until somebody falls? Absolutely. But in every other department I think it excels. I love the interactions between the kids, the digimon, and their reactions and responses to the situations (again, minus anything pertaining to 02, which does feel really unnatural). I think the art is great, and the story pulls me in.

    As much as people complain about Meiko and Meicoomon, I think they're wonderful. I may not personally agree with everything Meiko does or says, but they all definitely fit her character. Meicoomon is just as fun to me as any other digimon partner (except Agumon, who is always the best). To me, everything about them hits home. They're inexperienced because they've never really dealt with the adventures (ha) that the others have, but their relationship is no less important than anyone else's. They've been together since just a bit after Adventure ended, never separated in all that time, and now they're suddenly being thrust into the wider world and going through the worst possible situation. I really feel for them, and wanna see how the story goes.

    Lots of people say they take away from the main cast, but honestly to me that's not really true. The main cast doesn't have a lot to take away from. All of these characters mostly worked out their issues in their own season. That's not to say I think they're bland or uninteresting (well, Takeru and Hikari absolutely are, but that's always been the case), but they don't have much room to grow. The most you can do is put new obstacles in their way or give them brief issues that they quickly overcome. Jou's dealing with becoming an adult, Mimi's encountering jerks, and Piyomon not warming up to Sora right away were all good, but they weren't super big developments for characters that had previously been fine, just minor trials (Koushiro didn't really get a personal dilemma to work through, now that I think about it, but again he doesn't really need one). Taichi's the only one going through something really new (or went through, he seems to have overcome it now), and it's fitting because, much like in Adventure, he's the main character. I rather admire that Yamato manages to be the only one that doesn't make a big deal over something, he's just happy to have Gabumon back and goes through his life as it comes (though as always, he could stand to be less of a jerk).

    So with most of the old cast being solid people that don't require a ton of further development, of course there's room for the new characters and the new plot to take the spotlight. And it's not like they're being ignored either, they all weigh in on and react to the situations as much as they did in Adventure. Fact of the matter is that they've just always had this problem due to the quite frankly enormous cast. But still, I take delight in what's there. They all try their best to help out, and it's fun seeing all their interactions. And the digimon too! I could watch them playing around and reacting funny to everything forever. Especially Agumon always being the simplest and yet somehow the best one to deal with things.

    So again, yeah, I love Tri. Could it be better? Of course, but what couldn't? I'm happily taking what we've got, and can't wait to see the last part.

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    I'm not even sure the point of the topic to be honest.

    The first post in the thread is irrelevant to it's own topic. Either it's mixing information up or based on stuff that simply has nothing to do with reality.

    Most of the post is listing random stuff from the wrong anniversary as others point out (to say nothing of the details that are just plain wrong) and the rest is basically whining that the story isn't touching these elements, as if somehow (even if they 'were' from the right anniversary) an anime is required to use plot elements from unrelated elements just because they are part of the same franchise.

    To say nothing of the people who show up to every thread to just whine about how they expected tri. to be packed with Zero-Two.
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    I donít see how the other products you mentioned should have anything to do with Tri, because they came out celebrating the series 15th and 20th anniversary.

    If this thread is about Tri criticism then my biggest criticism is the slow pacing of the movie series. There are too many slice of life scenes that drag on and on, especially with Meiko and her partner, that could be used to explain other things in the story that havenít been addressed. Those scenes could be used to address topics such as what caused the infection, what is the purpose of the Ďevilí Gennai, what purpose do characters like Alphamon, Hackmon, Homeostasis, and Yggdrasil serve, what about Daygo and Himekawa and their purpose to the story, what happened to the 02 kids?. The slice of life scenes were fine in the beginning, but after movie 4 and 5 it just got old to me really fast and itís become the Meiko show. I donít see why Meiko and Meicomon needed to be introduced, the main focus shouldíve have just been the original chosen/Digidestined.

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