Some more details of the 20th Anniversary Digimon Pendulum

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We have a few images to clarify and add a few new details.

Most of the information below we found out a few days ago (with the initial tease being in V-Jump a month ago), but there are a few things we weren't aware of...

There will be 2 Digimon Pendulum Version 20th's released (at least initially, can't say what they might do after, same as the 20th V-Pets.)

Silver Black- Contains Digimon from Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers, and Metal Empire (Pendulum 1.x, 3.x, and 5.x respectively.)
Silver Blue- Contains Digimon from Deep Savers, Wind Guardians, and Virus Busters (Pendulum 2.x, 4.x, and Zero respectively.)

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The colors of the Pendulum are both from the original 1.0 release, the same as how the 20th V-Pet used the original V-Pet release colors. Based on the image we have, these are completely identical to their original release color wise.

Both versions combined will have over 200 Digimon (with some that haven't been seen before in the Pendulums, ala the 20th V-Pet.) Just like the 20th V-Pet, you'll be able to raise two Digimon at once.

They've also gone ahead and teased a new Digimon on a Premium Bandai page (image at the top.)

The new Digimon will be a Legend-Arms Digimon who turns into a legendary weapon, just like Zubamon.

It'll be interesting to see the final lineup, as even if you combine the lineup of the Pendulums, you aren't anywhere near 200 Digimon.

The release date is scheduled for June 2018 and each Pendulum is 3,700 yen. Pre-orders are currently scheduled to open on January 9th.

In addition...

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Signups for the new D-1 Tournament are open!

Signups will close on January 7th.

We have an image of the prize already though!

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A MetalGreymon shikishi drawn by Kenji Watanabe!

An exciting prize!

Perhaps by the time of the 3rd new generation D-1 the Pendulum's will not only be out, but be including in compatible V-Pets!

Update- Replaced the V-Jump with a slightly better quality one. Not sure who the source image is from at the moment though.

The prior discussion thread for the Pendulum 20th is here.

Update- Added a new image, and additional info from Premium Bandai.