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Thread: Turner Has Licensed Appmon In Various Countries

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    That seemed to work some for Sonic Boom. But that show was of actual quality. Compared to the game of the same name. *cough*

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    I feel dumb for asking this but is the Digimon License separate from the Appmon license?

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    Quote Originally Posted by viperzerof-2 View Post
    I feel dumb for asking this but is the Digimon License separate from the Appmon license?
    It depends how Toei chooses to package it for licensing (if they choose to package it at all.)

    Often what is done is there is the 'current' show, and 'legacy' content.

    So when Saban licensed Xros Wars to make Fusion, they also licensed legacy content (at the time, Adventure thru Savers.)

    It was never mentioned if the legacy content came solely as a single package, or if they simply licensed the different shows at the same time.

    As a rough example from another brand. Shout has the rights to do Power Rangers on home video. When that license was done it was 'only' legacy content (MMPR thru RPM) while Lionsgate home video has the rights for 'current' content (Samurai forward.)

    Shout has confirmed recently that still holds true.

    As for Digimon...
    All we know is Turner has licensed Appmon for various countries.

    Of course, we don't even know if Turner has licensed the brand/IP itself, or just purchased airing rights for Appmon.
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