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Thread: Your fave TV shows?

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    Oct 2017

    Question Your fave TV shows?

    Which are your favorite TV shows? Mine are:

    1: Game of Thrones
    2: Breaking Bad
    3: Spartacus
    4: Oz
    5: Prison Break
    6: Daredevil

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    Apart from Digimon, which is on the top by far, my fave ones are:
    1. Nip/Tuck
    2. Aquí No Hay Quien Viva (Best Spanish series ever!)
    3. Desperate Housewives
    4. Black Mirror
    5. Orange is the New Black

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    Oct 2017
    I just started on the Walking Dead yesterday. It was really good. I only saw it because my girlfriend insisted and I was very skeptical, but after having seen the first 3 episodes, then I can definetely say that Walking Dead is popular for a reason. It's entertaining. Good exciting story.

    If any of you have a hard time stepping out of the cartoon sphere and into a bit more sophisticated entertainment, then I recommend Game of Thrones as a good start. It should appeal to Digimon fans. Lots of different main characters, a lot of travelling around, an epic mystical world and it's kinda Digimonish that Daenerys controls 3 dragons

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    I come from the net
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    Jun 2013
    1. Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    2. Shameless (U.S)
    3. American Horror Story
    4. Angel
    5. Stranger Things

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    Not in any order:

    1. The Following
    2. Fringe
    3. Chicago PD
    4. Law and Order: SVU
    5. Rick and Morty (lol)

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Nov 2017
    1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    Imagine the best political thriller you ever heard of... and it's IN SPACE! Seriously, watch it.

    2. Rick and Morty
    So one day, some guy made a parody of Back to the Future in which Doc Brown was perpetually drunk. Some time later, Adult Swim approached him about making an animated TV series, and that Back to the Future parody turned into Rick and Morty.

    3. Firefly
    The original space western. Need I say more?

    4. Star Trek: Enterprise (go ahead, kill me.)
    I get that this is a bit of a taboo. You don't talk about Janeway, you don't compare Joel Hodgson to Mike Nelson, you don't talk about Enterprise. However, I actually like Enterprise, so up it goes.

    The four talking points that everybody hates about Enterprise are:

    a) Archer is terrible.
    Well he's also the most realistic. I mean come on. Kirk quite literally hacked his entrance exam. Picard is an archaeologist, who knows all the technobabble, and is a badass. Sisko is half god, and punched out a Q. Janeway is a Villain Protagonist who routinely tortures people and murders people, and on top of it does not know how to run a starship. (Yes I went there.) Archer, on the other hand, is just a normal person with a cutting-edge vessel.

    b) The Temporal Cold War is terrible.
    I actually enjoyed that arc. It was one of the best things about Enterprise - occasionally, when you thought you were just going to get some backstory on the lore (not to be confused with Data's brother), Berman/Braga threw some timey-wimey in.

    c) The theme song is terrible.
    ...look. I realize that the Season 3 remix is the most awful piece of sound to ever exist. But for a while the theme song was good!

    d) Section 31 is terrible.
    Did Bashir actually say that the little thing that enabled it was in the Federation charter? No. Besides, Malcolm Reed is a great character.

    5. Doctor Who
    Do I really need justification here?

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    1) Agents of SHIELD
    2) Merlin
    3) Daredevil(/Defenders)
    4) Dark Matter
    5) Stargate SG1

    I only recently started watching Stargate and its quickly become one of my all-time favorites. Currently 60+ episodes in.

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    Sometimes the Real World, sometimes the Dream World, although I prefer the Digital World
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    Aside from Digimon? Alrighty then...
    1. Riverdale
    2. The Big Bang Theory
    3. Young Sheldon
    4. South Park
    Yep, that's pretty much it.

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Mar 2018
    Prison Break
    Doctor Who, even the classic series
    Fairy Tail
    Power Rangers
    Ninja Turtles

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    Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Black Mirror. In the last one the episode with memory records is just creepy, the one with the cruel blond living her perfect life in a beautiful house, reminded me of this house in Finland and in general the episode brought back my memories of Scandinavia: the mood, the landscapes, grey colors and even the music. Gorgeous episode!

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