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Thread: Your fave TV shows?

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Apr 2018
    Top 10 shows
    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
    Yu-Gi-Oh (Any series)
    Digimon (when there is a series on I been catching up on Crounchyroll)
    Puella Magic Modoka Magica
    Law and Order SVU
    Designated Survivor
    Doctor Who
    Once Upon a time
    Sailor Moon Crystal
    Pokemon (Any of the Seasons)

    Some of my other favs not in the top 10
    Voltron (the new one on Netflix
    Serph of the End
    American Dad
    Family Guy
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    Ain't got no mojo... pocketroid's Avatar
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    Dec 2018
    -Star Trek - TOS and TNG
    -The Adventures of Pete and Pete - It's like growing up in the 90's. Also notable: Salute Your Shorts, Mister Roger's Neighborhood, Watch Mr. Wizard
    -The Fresh Prince of Bel-air - 90's comedy. Also notable: Married With Children, Kids in the Hall, Upright Citizens Brigade, The Mighty Boosh, The Tom Green Show
    -The Waltons - 20's setting in the south
    -Kaiji - Like Yu-Gi-Oh except with a burnout. Also notable: Trigun, any monster Pokémon ripoff
    -Unsolved Mysteries - paranormal and unexplained phenomena. Also notable: Sightings, In Search Of..., Rescue 911
    -Inspector Gadget. Also notable: DuckTales, Kablam
    -Saturday Night Live, pre-1995 or so
    -Junkyard Wars, BattleBots

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    4. Black Mirror
    Quote Originally Posted by DanROD View Post
    Black Mirror.
    Quality modern programme. You guys should check out The Twilight Zone, there are way more episodes. Everything after Twilight Zone copied it, so you'll find many familiar stories.
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    Kamen Rider, The Good Place, and Violetta.

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    Jan 2019
    I like the Stranger Things. My favorite Netflix series

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    Ain't got no mojo... RasenPoKeimon's Avatar
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    Honeslty the Netflix show One Day At A Time has jumped up high on my fav list. Legacies is up there too.
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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Mar 2019
    1: Game of Thrones
    2: Breaking Bad
    3: Vikings

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    Sep 2016
    It's Always in Philadelphia has to be my all time favourite atm

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