Time for more rental DVDs!

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The 10th and 11th Appmon rental DVDs will be available in Japanese rental shops on November 2nd.

They've doing two again this time (I'd guess keeping an accelerated pace so the rental DVDs end 'around' when the last retail DVD-Box comes out early next year.)

The cover for 10 features Haru, Globemon, Rei, and Revivemon from the 3rd retail Appmon DVD-Box.

The cover for 11 features Eri, Oujamon, Astra, and Entermon from the 3rd retail Appmon DVD -Box.

Rental disc 10 contains Appmon episodes 29 to 31, which is in line with the 2nd disc from Appmon DVD-Box 3.

Rental disc 11 contains Appmon episodes 32 to 34, which is in line with the 3rd disc from Appmon DVD-Box 3.

Also for Appmon DVD-Box 3...

It was released earlier this month and we did a detailed breakdown of the contents, including scans, screencaps, and various technical details.

Appmon DVD-Box 3 is still available to purchase (Affiliate links.)
Appmon DVD-Box 3, episodes 26 thru 37.

Box 1 and 2 are also still available, along with pre-orders for box 4.
Appmon DVD-Box 1, episodes 1 thru 13
Appmon DVD-Box 2, episodes 14 thru 25.
Appmon DVD-Box 4, episodes 38 thru 52, January 6th, 2018.