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Thread: Mon design: Pokémon or Digimon?

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    Question Mon design: Pokémon or Digimon?

    So, when we look at the monster designs in these two kings of the monster franchises, then which one do you generally prefer and why? Beneath are some handpicked examples to compare their designs, but you can use any example you like. Personally, I feel that Digimon look way more detailed than Pokémon, but the different Pokémon seem to have stuck with kids more. Some Pokémon, such as Mewtwo and Groudon, got cool designs that could fit into Digimon, but generally, many Pokémon are very simple. I like both, and I honestly like the Pokémon games much better than the Digimon games, but when it comes to the monster design, Digimon stomps Pokémon, IMO.

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    While they both have their merits, I would say Digimon are just plain cooler.

    That said, I like Charizard more than any digimon for some reason.

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    I much prefer Digimon's designs, or at least, its design aesthetic. Pokemon are very conventionally cute, with their big eyes and their soft shapes and their vibrant colors. Digimon on the other hand are a lot gnarlier and, in a way, uglier. But it's a good kind of ugly! It's the kind of ugly that adds charm and personality, and Digimon does that so well. Especially in the earlier years.

    Also as for your comparison pic there, instead of comparing Marine Angemon to Mew, I'd choose Manaphy or Phione since they're sea angels like Marine Angemon.

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    Yeah, I think Digimon designs are more mature and detailed indeed. Pokémon has never actually attempted to appeal its most grown-up audience in my opinion, not even lately; you can easily tell by making this kind of comparisons, that's why I think it's so overrated by using always the same formula over the years. But still, here's othee examples I would also like to point out:

    Ps. I like to compare Mew with Luminamon.
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    Digimon is more cool while Pokemon try to be more cute.
    that said i would go even further by ranking a bunch of monster series based on design

    Digimon>SMT/Persona>Disgaea>Pokemon>Yo Kai>Ni No Kuni

    i prefer the more serious dark and cool designs as you might have guessed

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    I actually prefer Pokemon's designs. They are sleeker and more appealing, and follow the 'silhouette' rule very well.

    But I MUCH prefer Digimon as a CONCEPT.

    The idea of Digimon being non-organic life forms based on stray data from the Human World means that Digimon designs can get away with literally ANYTHING and be logically consistent. Pokemon has shit like Klinklank and Muk and the most internally-inconsistent set of rules in ANY of the Monster series.

    The SMT series uses a bit of the "Digital" concept itself, but Digimon really ran with it. I love seeing side-by-side comparisons to how SMT portrays mythological figures next to Digimon versions of the same figures. It's really intriguing.

    Especially in Appmon, where the series FINALLY tried to make some direct references to how technology works when brought to life in a fantasy world. They even added God Grades, who are all heavily based on mythological figures themselves!

    So basically: Pokemon is a soulless machine that knows how to make (admittedly well-crafted) marketable creature designs. But Digimon slam dunks them in terms of flavor/lore/story. As usual.
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    Pokemon wins. Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon, it's not even close I'm sorry.

    People will argue forever over which of these series are better and which deserved to be the big hit, but I think a lot of it comes down to designs. Simplicity is key and Pokemon's basic, cartoony approach to design holds up better than Digimon's more detailed, over-the-top look. Digimon gets by on strength of concept and the solid writing of the show compared to Pokemon, which was more formulaic. But Digimon couldn't keep that up forever, while each iteration of Pokemon was able to keep the interest up.

    Ironically, both franchises have been on a bit of a reversal in recent years. Digimon designs have gotten smoother and more brightly coloured, while Pokemon designs have escalated, getting more detailed. To use an infamous example, put Trubbish or Garbador alongside Numemon, and the latter actually looks more like a Pokemon design. Numemon's not even new either.

    Also, Digimon deserves credit for it's eclectic artstyle letting it indulge in some crazier concepts. Where's Pokemon's Elvis monkey or half-hatched ghostly dinosaur egg?

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    In a way, the Pokemon designs are better both in terms of their wider appeal, but especially in terms of game design; The monsters themselves are much simpler designs that are easy to render, and they're usually colour coded to match their elements, in turn making them easier to tell apart and categorise. Pokemon were always designed with the games in mind, but with Digimon it seems that they're often designed to look cool first, before being made to work with whatever game structure Bamco is using this time.

    That being said, I largely prefer Digimon's designs and it's part of why I've stuck with the franchise for so long. To me, they're way cooler, and I feel that they live up to being "Monsters" as opposed to 90% of Pokemon being cute critters. For as much as I like cute things, Digimon just has more that appeals to me, and by extension I feel that Digimon has something for everyone in terms of what genres they like. Angels, demons, mythical creatures, sea monsters, knights, trains, insects, beasts, dragons, dinosaurs, giant robots, and giant dinosaur robots. You name it and there's probably a Digimon that suits your tastes.

    As someone who also grew up with Power Rangers, Digimon's dinosaurs and giant robots basically sealed the deal for me. By comparison Pokemon's kind of lacking in the dinosaur department, and they didn't even have a T-Rex until Gen VI finally introduced Tyrunt and Tyrantrum.

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    When i was elementary schooler, the view are Digimon is for boys while Pokemon is for girls. It's because most Pokemon design looked cute while Digimon tends to cool, strong, and scary.

    I prefer Digimon design because it's just variative, ranging to detail-less stuffs like Poyomon and then complicated stuffs like Jesmon, harmless stuffs like most baby level and monstrous stuff (mostly older digimon) starting from adult level, beastial stuffs like Garurumon to humanoid like Angemon, etc. Also, if you look at most Pokemon, it's like seeing a mutated animal; Digimon, on other hand, when you look at most of them, you actually scream "OMG! It's a monster! Quick! Run for your live!", not just some kind of mutated animals or cosplaying animal that was made to be an internet celeb meme. Lastly, what i like anout Digimon desogn is that although some of them looked complicated, it's not on the scale of mecha/robot genre, i don't really like mecha genre since mechas looked too complicated to me.

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    Digimon’s insane designs are way more fun in my opinion. I mean, Digimon literally has a dragon made of guns, which is just so hilariously over the top!

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