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Thread: Mon design: Pokémon or Digimon?

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    I believe the reason why Pokemon designs are more simplistic is because they’re more meant to parallel real world animals while Digimon can literally be whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garmmon View Post
    That said, since I like creating fan Digimon, I really like Digimon's 'anything goes' direction; with fanmade Pokemon, people always try to go for that 'Pokemon' style which is a nice challenge to try and adapt to another style, but if you don't manage to achieve that style well enough then your fanmade Pokemon looks 'off' and won't look like it fits with the other official Pokemon.
    On the other hand, because Digimon is such a mishmash of styles to begin with, fan Digimon creators have crazy freedom in designing Digimon..they can be humanoid, monstrous, overly detailed, nice and simple, etc etc. In all sorts of different styles, and they still feel like they could fit into the universe which is something I find really, really cool about Digimon and possibly why I'm still into fanmade Digimon creation now. I don't really participate in Digimon OCTs now but it's always awesome seeing all these crazy different styles of fan Digimon interact in the same space.
    Yeah, you're right about everymon has diversity in their designs, for Pokemon, it's different. Reminds me how much I had old Fakemon artwork that looked more Digimon-like than Pokemon making me realize they're better off being a fan Digimon than a fan Pokemon.

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    i prefer digimon since they do what they are meant to do better in my opinion
    cool digimon are cooler than cool pokemon cute digimon are cuter than cute pokemon(culumon , plotmon and offmon are cuter than any pokemon imo.)
    creepy digimon are creepier than creepy pokemon etc.
    the only problem to me is sometimes digimon can look like humans in cosplay rather than creatures even if i like them too

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    They're the best ones though

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