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Thread: Mon design: Pokémon or Digimon?

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    I much prefer Digimon designs to Pokemon ones. Pokemons' are too generic, simple, and cutesy. I like the more complex, mature, and mythological designs of Digimon. My first impressions for things usually come from the designs, and I've always preferred Digimon's designs, which have always been really detailed and creative. And I feel like Pokemon's designs are really uninspired and they're kinda running out of ideas.
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    I think the best way to compare the design philosophies of Digimon vs. Pokemon is to compare monsters that are based on the same thing. OP had the right idea with their first post, except for Mew/Marine Angemon which I already pointed out. Here are some pairs of monsters that have the same mythological origin:

    That last one may be a stretch :P But you can really see here how each series takes a vastly different approach to designing its creatures. And while I still much prefer Digimon, I do have to admit that Pokemon is at least a lot more consistent with its designs. Design sensibilities have changed over the last twenty years, and while both series have evolved to reflect that, the newest Pokemon designs still fit in relatively well with the oldest Pokemon designs. I can't exactly say the same for Digimon.

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    It took me a while to figure that last one out lol pretty clever.

    I think the designs for both franchises fit what they were going for pretty well. Pokémon have a mostly cuter appearance and digimon are more monstrous. What's been interesting to watch is how the design aesthetic has changed over the years. In the beginning, pokemon needed those simpler designs because they were being made for a black and white video game with pretty limited space for the sprites. As the consoles got more powerful, the designs were able to get more complex (and I think the designers felt like they NEEDED to make them more complex). The same happened with digimon, but as was mentioned earlier they were clearly designed to look cool instead of being for a video game.

    I like digimon designs more
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    Pretty sure Digimon were designed as 'whatever looked cool in giant monochrome pixels' on the V-Pets first. It was later that they gave them official hand-drawn art.

    That's probably the biggest divide between Digimon aesthetics: The ones designed for the V-Pets first look A LOT different compared to the ones designed for the anime/manga first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfTartarus View Post
    Digimon is more cool while Pokemon try to be more cute.
    that said i would go even further by ranking a bunch of monster series based on design

    Digimon>SMT/Persona>Disgaea>Pokemon>Yo Kai>Ni No Kuni

    i prefer the more serious dark and cool designs as you might have guessed
    I find it funny that you'd consider Disgaea to be a "monster series". Sure, you can get non-human, enemy characters in your party, but that isn't a core gameplay feature, rather an offshoot of the SRPG character creation system (as with a lot of NIS's titles, of which Rhapsody and La Pucelle are probably the closest to being true monster-raisers).

    Really, I'd consider Dragon Quest to be more of a monster series if anything. Sure, the main titles are traditional JRPG fare (hell, it pretty much codified the genre), but the Dragon Quest Monsters spin-offs are solely devoted to raising the series' roster of enemy characters. And even within the main series, Dragon Quest V emphasized a need to recruit monsters into your party (an optional mechanic, sure, but one that's significantly helpful given the sheer lack of human party members you'll have throughout the game), and the hero's innate ability to bond with monsters is even tied into the story to some degree. And all this before Pokemon even existed (though still beaten to the punch by Megami Tensei).
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    I beat Dragon Quest Monsters earlier this year, for the first time ever. I had a funny time with it. Not quite as good as Pokémon, but it was a good solid game and I enjoyed it. The monsters had cool enough designs. The dragon types often looked like they would fit into Pokémon while the slime types looked like they could be Baby level Digimon. Of course, both Pokémon and Digimon got better designs in general, but Dragon Quest Monsters had some cool ones too.

    My ranking of the monster franchise designs:
    Digimon > Pokémon > Monster Rancher > Telefang > Dragon Quest Monsters > Jade Cocoon. All of them are good in their own way.

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    I would take Digimon design over pokemon design any day. Pokemon feels generic and most of them are pretty much of the "take an animal/object, then make it cute and with exotic bits and colors". Yes, even the garbage pokemon is stylized in a cute cartoonish way. Meanwhile digimon has a wide variety of designs ranging from cute and simple designs to extremely detailed ones, and still make it work as if they belonged to the same designer.

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    I love Digimon, I really do, but they rely far too much on gross sexualization of most of their feminine monsters for me to think they're confident about their designs, or that they see them as little more than eyecandy. Many Womons are flat out drawn in provocative poses with revealing armor, while their male counterparts are drawn in powerful poses in armor that doesn't sexualize them. Why does BellStarmon need an under-boob revealing if-you-can-even-call-it-a-shirt while Beelzebumon doesn't? I know the answer. It's just dissappointing.

    Pokemon introduced Ultra Beasts just last year, and out of the 7, 2 can be considered feminine; Nihilego and Pheromosa- do you think any are sexualized? No. One's a jellyfish, and the more human like Pheromosa didn't need bug tiddies slapped on to sell that it was UB: Beauty. Maybe Salazzle's pushing it, but the way its drawn in art officially doesn't hold a candle to that official pic of Ofanimon with boobs bigger than her head!

    When we get male/female Pokemon, It's Volbeat and Illumise, Latias and Latios, Nidoking and Nidoqueen, Unfezants, Solgaleo and Lunala if their dex entries are any indicator, Pheromosa and Buzzwole. While some of them (and even minor gender differences) fall into some typical gender cliches, a lot of them are what you'd see in real life animals- they're also reasonable differences.

    Aside from that, I don't get the "Pokemon are designed to be cute" thing happening here; there are plenty of Pokemon that aren't cutesy-- Digimon's no different; the first two/three forms are typically cutesy.

    Like there's a lot about Pokemon I can commend for their design and such, but I'll shut up before I go on even more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mild At Heart View Post
    BellStarmon need an under-boob revealing if-you-can-even-call-it-a-shirt while Beelzebumon doesn't? I know the answer. It's just dissappointing.
    Cuz Beelzemon is a man and doesn't have boobs but I guess if you wanna see a topless Beelzemon you can probably find some fan art of that.

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    I think feminine Digimon can sometimes get a bad rap due to the rather bizarrely oversexualized artwork made for the various card video games in the series. Sure, they're as much a part of Digimon as anything else, but were probably aiming at a very specific older adult male fanbase. Amusingly enough, Metal Etemon gets the same treatment quite frequently in these kinds of games too. Most of the main artwork for female looking digimon, such as Angewomon, Ophanimon, Sakuyamon, Lilimon, Fairymon, Shutumon, and Razielmon get to pose like a badass or at least in a non-sexualized way. Most Digimon that do have a "sexy" aspect of them played up are usually described as being Succubi like, such as Rosemon, Lilithmon, and Bastemon. Of course, there are some Digimon that just cross the line, such as Beel Starrmon, Kinkakumon, Ceresmon Medium, Kuzuhamon: Miko Mode (which is notable for being drawn in a much more sexualized manner than Sakuyamon: Miko Mode, a much older Digimon), Sistermon Noir, Venusmon and Junomon. Every last one of these Digimon originates from said mobile card games. So basically, I think Bandai's attempt to cash in on some horny dudes playing freemium cards games got the better of them, which kind of came at the expense of good design sense. I do legitimately like some of the Digimon made for these games, particularly the Olympos XII members (yes, even Venusmon, Ceresmon, and Junomon!), so I can't get TOO mad, but... Bandai does drive me crazy sometimes.

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