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Thread: Digimon Heroes Closing December 30th

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    Digimon Heroes Closing December 30th

    This will disappoint some people, but isn't a huge surprise at this point...

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    Digimon Heroes will be closing on December 30th.

    With the recent (and succesful) launch of Digimon Links, and the game looking visually more impressive, it seemed likely Digimon Heroes wouldn't last long.

    On the plus side, they've announced a few things happening in the leadup to the games' closing in a post...

    Dear Tamers,
    It is with the heaviest of hearts that we must announce that Digimon Heroes! will be closing down on December 31st 2017.
    Believe us when we say that this an incredibly difficult decision that was not made lightly. Knowing how much inspiration, energy, time and imagination were poured by many of you into Digimon Heroes breaks our hearts to have to do this. We are more than grateful for each and every Tamer we had on the File Island and we want to thank you for being a part of the game and the community.
    Keeping this in mind the game will be removed from the app store, and the ability to make purchases will be disabled on the 29th of November 2017. Furthermore, the team will be releasing some additional content and also making old events available again, so that players can complete their collection up until the end of the year when the game finally closes down.
    The website and forums will remain available until mid-January 2018. when the servers go down, so players can still communicate and find each other.
    For more information regarding this subject please read this FAQ: http://bit.ly/2z3wrqr
    The DH Team.

    In an FAQ page they've clarified some of those details... every old event from the game will be made available again so people have a final chance to get some of the event Digimon, and the final chapters of the games story mode, Aegiomon's Quest, will be put up so people can finish the story while the game is still up.

    A few Digimon Heroes facts...

    Digimon Heroes lasted roughly 2 years (2 and a half years for a few countries) and was based on the Japanese game Digimon Crusader, which had closed down a few years prior.

    The game currently has 1140 cards featuring many Digimon from the entire history of the franchise (with a number of item cards also.)

    The team that updated the game added some content far sooner than you'd expect on occasion. Omegamon Alter-S was in the game just a few months after his introduction on the Digimon Reference Book for example

    If you have Digimon Heroes on iOS, it gives you a number of Digimon themed iMessage stickers.

    Thanks to wildwing64 for the news.
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    I always wish they could make these games offline somehow, but there's a bunch of reasons why they can't, so it's a shame. I played Heroes for a few months before it lost the official time-sink title to KHUX. But it was a really enjoyable game, and surprisingly well-polished from the start, so I had a good time. Doubt I'll get back into it before it closes, but you never know...

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    Just opened the app like 10 minutes ago and saw this. It's a little sad but I guess I can make room on my phone for Linkz now. Looking forward to the rest of Aegiomon's story
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    Didn't really seem like a Digimon game to me.
    Plus all the names were different.

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    Admittedly I lost interest in Heroes very quickly, but I feel bad for anyone who's been enjoying the game.

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    This is definetely bad news. We can all agree that Heroes! has made a lot for Digimon here in the West.

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    I think I might have played the game longer if they would have released the Aegiomon story episodes more than once a year.

    Yeah, the game only ran for two years.

    I hope they're serious about putting up the rest of the story in one big chunk at least...
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    Eh. It's sad to see something digimon go, but it's because of a much better digimon game, imo. Heroes just wasn't very good at all, so I won't really miss it.

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    It's a shame i could never really get into this game, i downloaded it a while back becuase i wanted to play a Digimon based mobile game but it never really got my attention i would always go back to it but never was active on it compared to other mobile games and with digimon Linkz taking my attention there was never a chance of me going back.

    It is sad for those who have spent hours on it and either never finished the story or just don't want to see it end.

    This happened to me with Star Wars Commander on Windows 10. I know how it feels to dedicate time into a game and then for it to be taken away.

    Hopefully all those who are still playing it can complete it and get your closure before it ends.

    I may jump back into it for one last run....

    ... probably won't :P

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    I guess RIP the only Digimon game that actually kept the original names. Apart from that I guess it mostly will be remembered for all the silly censorship on their cards.
    While the amount of new content added to the localized version was about as meager as I expected it to be an the game in general never had much of a presence (Links at least seems to be making far more waves). It's unfortunately another experience that will be lost to future fans... which regardless of the quality of the experience is something that should never ever happen to anything that's not basically an MMO.
    Most multiplayer components in Heroes are basically tacked on, with no real communication between players and the server basically just being there for verification and micro transactions there really isn't anything necessitating a server connection gameplay wise as long as all the assets have been loaded onto the device. Of course this is all hypothetical and of course bandai has no real reason to convert or maintain the game but still... Games like Digimon World, hell even the smaller gimmicky stuff like pocket Digimon world or Pocket Culumon, can still be played over 15 years later by anyone with the right hardware; The whole concept of a cult classic game that's popular long after its release is basically completely undermined by games completely dependent on server interactions to a degree that isn't even strictly necessary. Not saying that heroes would have been much of a cult hit but eh... one day we might get a Digimon mobile game that's legitimately really good and the it's going to hurt if it ends like this.

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