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Thread: Appmon Manga chapters 1-7 translations

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    Appmon Manga chapters 1-7 translations

    I'm not sure if this is allowed or not, but if it's not allowed, feel free to take the thread down.
    This contains only translations of chapters 1-7 so far; there are no scans inside so just refer to your copies of the manga.


    They're currently not proofread because I haven't had time to, but they should hopefully give a gist of what's going on.
    Chapters 8 and on I might do once I'm able to buy vol 2, or if someone gets to them first (I'll either work on them or Fight!! Digimon when I have time).

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    Thank you. Any news on vol 2? I recently got both volumes,and would really love to understand the second volume.Thanks in advance.

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