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Thread: tri. Part 5 Theatrical Run Extended to Fifth Week

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    tri. Part 5 Theatrical Run Extended to Fifth Week

    tri. Part 5 is having it's theatrical run extended again!

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    The Shinjuku Wald 9, Yokohama Burg 13, Umeda Burg 7, and T-Joy Kyoto are all going to be keeping Digimon Adventure tri. Part 5 for a 5th week.

    This is a slight increase from the 3 theaters that kept tri. Part 4 for it's 5th week.

    Week 5 of the theatrical run begins on October 28th.

    No week 5 theater gift has been announced at this point.
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    I'm a Maniac AppliFang's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
    lol Im surprised it got extended this much

    I wonder if there will be a gift

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    I come from the net
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    Sep 2006
    This is good news right? Maybe once they finished Tri they'll have a new idea for a series for next year.

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