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Thread: 20th Anniversary V-Pet Themed IC & Phone Cases Available to Pre-Order

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    20th Anniversary V-Pet Themed IC & Phone Cases Available to Pre-Order

    Some new 20th anniversary products!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    These new cases feature various images of the Digimon V-Pets, featuring specifically the Version 1 thru 5 V-Pets, along with the Version 20th Anniversary models.

    The cases also include the classic Digimon logo along with the 20th anniversary logo.

    First up is a case for an IC card (generally a transportation pass card.)

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    This holds an IC card, while also allowing the card to be used without removing it from the case. It also includes a strap to allow you to attach it to a bag (V-Pets and charms can also be attached.) It measures roughly 4.1 x 2.7 x .35 inches.

    The IC card case is available to pre-order at Premium Bandai for 2,700 yen. Pre-orders will ship late in December.

    And then we have a smartphone case!

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    This smartphone case can hold 4 cards (IC cards, credit cards, etc) and also has a pocket that can be used to stick tickets or other small paper materials. It uses an adhesive to attach to the phone, and the part with the adhesive is on a slider so you can slide the phone up to still take pictures. It also includes a small ring to attach V-Pets and charms. It measures roughly 5.7 x 2.9 x .8 inches.

    They recommend it not be used for phones with screens larger than 5 inches, and link to a compatibility list (they mention that if you have a Jet Black iPhone 7, do not get this case, likely an issue with adhering to that surface.)

    The phone case is available to pre-order at Premium Bandai for 4,082 yen. Pre-orders will ship late in December.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    You'll want to contact an intermediary to get these items sent to you. WtW is not affiliated with any, but here are a selection of intermediaries that have worked well for various WtWers and their friends in the past:
    From Japan
    Rider Proxy

    The Bandai Premium store has also chosen to name a few 'official' affiliate shops to be used as intermediaries for non-Japanese buyers:
    From Japan (this From Japan link shows their 'official' page for Premium Bandai.)
    Samurai Buyer

    You'll want to provide your chosen intermediary with the link to the item. Just copy paste the links to the product pages for what you want and send them a message about it and they'll take care of it after they discuss pricing and their policies with you. The link embedded in the news article for the product items are exactly what you'll need to send them.

    Some of the intermediaries have a full storefront and may have the items listed, so you may want to check that first.
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    At first i though the IC stands for Digivice iC, whoch gave me hope for non-Adventure/Tamers merchandise to be given attention again. Then turned out i shouldn't expected that high.

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    We've really come far in terms of technology. It's so funny to see something so primitive on something that's going to be used for modern technology.

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