Has anyone been playing the Octopath Traveler Demo?

I've been wanting a good RPG for my Switch, and dont like wat i see for some of the current offerings. This one has 16 bit sprites, but has a 3D rendered background. What's cool is that it has 8 characters that you can play as. And by that I mean you can play through the story with the knight as the main character, or from the perspective of the dancer. It seems like more or less, you can play the story from 8 different perspectives. Kinda like Sonic Adventure 1 if you played that.

The battle system is pretty familiar if you've played old turn based games. But it has a kinda neet "bonus points" system that can make attacks or defenses stronger. Plus some enemies are more defensive to certain attacks than other. If you miss old turn based games, and/or want to new detail to them, this is pretty nice.

The art is great so far. The voice acting is medium to pretty good. And the music so far is pretty nice. I'm looking forward to the full game. You?