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Thread: Your Digimon Nicknames

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    Your Digimon Nicknames

    I honestly don't know if I should just post this in the choose your partner thread or something, but I didn't find a thread with this exact premise anywhere in recent history, so I thought it might be fun to start it.

    So I love coming up with nicknames for things, especially things like Digimon. I have a few that have stuck around that I use on different games, or that I have named my V-Pets. (The V-pets are kinda fun, because the name stays even if they die.)

    Here are a few of the ones I use and the Digimon/V-Pets I've used them for:

    Zeke - Pendulum 1.0 & certain games
    Gon - Pendulum 2.0
    Giga - Certain games and occasionally my Pendulum Progress 1.0
    Calcifer - My Pendulum 3.0 & usually a Meramon-type character if I have one.
    Arthur - My Original V3 (Whose life I documented on my V-Pet blog.)
    Zen - A Zubamon I recently raised.
    Duke - Any MameTyramon character I have & specifically my D-Cyber Version 2
    Koda - My recently acquired iC version 20x

    I've also used a lot of Zero and Neo in the past, particularly when playing Digital Monster Ver. Wonderswan, in honor of characters from V-Tamer.

    So now what names do you use/have used that have stuck with you and what game or V-Pet did you use them for?

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    Coming up with names is fun in any game. The only recurring name I used was "Big D", once in the original World for Gabumon>Tyranomon
    >MetalGreymon, and then for a RustTyranomon in Cyber Sleuth. I recently completed my first playthrough of Re: Digitize, and here's a few one-off names I had:

    SNAPPY: Agumon>Greymon
    For obvious reasons.

    CHLORA: Tentomon>Kabuterimon>Lilamon
    From Chlorophyll. Picked Budmon with plans for a plant Digimon. Seemed like it wasn't gonna work out for a couple generations.

    XELIE: Patamon>Angemon>MagnaAngemon
    Just a fantasy sounding name in the hope to get something more random. Turned out remarkably standard.

    MEGALO: Hagurumon>Meramon>BlueMeramon
    Opposite of prior. Picked as a reference to WarGrowlmon's original name. Got a more random line.

    GONAGIV: Gomamon>Ikkakumon>Zudomon>Vikemon
    Just had the song "X gon' give it to ya!" stuck in my head at the time.

    LAYLA: Kamemon>Seadramon>Megadramon>ShineGreymon
    Planned to finish the game with Lilithmon. Named her Layla in reference to her Fusion name. Went completely wrong obviously>.> Actually, even with my suped up gym, I couldn't even digivolve past Champion or Ultimate without resorting to digi-cores from some reason. Not the most triumphant finish, but Mice and Men I guess.
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    I called my Rosemon Roserade and my Sukamon PEWP

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    I'm so dull that my digimon usually are called Shin or Neos. XDD

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    Hmm, Some notable game names I can remember:

    Paladin, my starter Terriermon from Cyber Sleuth. He ended up as a cool Saber Leomon by the end! Some other notable mons I used in CS were Order (Phoenixmon), Grawr (Rust Tyrannomon), Luceid (Lilithmon), Freeze (I think he was a Beelzemon: Blast Mode by the end), and a trio of Platinum Numemon called Yuka, #Grinding, and $wagLevelz. Yuka was in my main team for a while, and the other 2 were given their tongue-in-cheek names when I decided to power level.

    Selene, was the obvious choice for the starter Lunamon in Dusk.

    Radiance was the name I went with for the starter Botamon in World Championship.

    I notice now that I am rather prone to light-y names when it comes to starters.

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    I always name the first Digimon I get 'Lemon'.

    And because of that, everytime I see the word 'GrapLeomon', I read it as 'Grape Lemon'.
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    In Digimon Dawn, I had very uncreative nicknames for my Digimon:

    Kokoa/Kokomo (Kokomon)

    Gummya (Gummymon)

    Veemo (... Veemon... There were a few Digimon who were basically like this)

    TOKO (when you forget to nickname your Patamon after evolution.)

    Now I only do Original (Sarcasm) nicknames Like

    Taiyou (Coronamon)

    Tsuki/Gekkou (Lunamon)

    Zushi (Sakuyamon)

    Agu-Chan (Agumon, and I'll be honest, I'll nickname many Digimon with the "-Chan" suffix)

    Mabe (Shakomon)

    ... Actually, I need to think on nicknames some more. While it's something I do, I haven't bought a Digimon Game where I could do that in a while, and it's something I haven't seen often in Digimon, so my nicknaming cogs are a tad rusty. Makes me wish I could nickname in Links.
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    I tend to imagine Digimon referring to each other without the "mon" when speaking casually, like in V-Tamer. Digimon with long, multi-segmented, or otherwise complicated names get specially shortened names (such as, despite it being technical bowdlerization, I vastly prefer saying "Dex" to "Death-X" if I have to do it repeatedly).
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    The weird thing about the "Death-X" Digimon is that even in the original version their names are pronounced like "Dex." I've sometimes considered romanizing the names like "DeaXmon" or something like that.

    I don't really use nicknames for Digimon when I play the video games. When playing the localized Story games I just called them by their original names (or however much of the original name I could fit into a mere eight characters).
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    I usually do not give nicknames for my Digimon. It is too Pokemon-like. But I did give three to my Dorumon on CS, Dory, Dex and Raptor. I am going to give the same nicknames on the new HM game to three Dorumon. I will also have a FanBeemon name Beedy and if Ryudamon ever appear in a game, it be name Ryu.
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