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Thread: Your Digimon Nicknames

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    Oddly enough, the first digimon protagonists had nicknames (Zero, Bun). I don't see it as Pokemon-y, but as a call back to Digimon's roots.

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    I tend to be pretty bad at nicknames. At best they tend to be references. Usually I just drop the mon when talking about a Digimon vocally at least though. In Next Order I did call my Shoutmon partner Flynn. I didnít have a decent music reference to use. And whatever my other one was called Chains mostly so I could say Chains is in a pickle.

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    I just started playing Dusk again (I'm gonna try to play Dawn at the same time so I can see any differences in the story between them more easily) and I just made these nicknames for my first three digimon:

    Lunamon: Selena (A bit on the nose I guess. But I like the name in General.)
    Skull Greymon: Scar (It was the first thing that came to mind)
    Were Garurumon (Black): Shadow (Again a bit on the nose, I guess.)

    I didn't realize that they all had S names when I was putting in the names. I kinda like how that accidentally turned out. :P
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    Apart from the opening, there's not much difference between the two games.
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    I always name my Agumon Suds, and since the Digimon games that I've played have all given me an Agumon most of my partners have been named Suds. I vaguely remember nicknaming my Shoutmon V-pet something but I can't seem to remember what it was. I also nicknamed my Terriermon plush Digitamagu after my username on a Tamagotchi forum, Tamagu (Little 11-year-old weeb me literally just took the name for a food and changed a letter)

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