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Thread: Hi all

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    Hi all


    I'm Scott, here Scoff

    I'm an OG fan from the English beginning. I remember seeing the cool [to a kid] commercial FoxKids made for S1 [which I somehow mixed with the Beast Machines commercial, and thought they were the same show for a bit]. I've seen seasons 1-4, half of 5 [before they 2am-ed it], and just couldnt do Fusion. I am however interested in X-wars season 2 with the purple, hammer digimon. And I am buying Eng Tri dvds as they come avail [....even though the abridged version is kinda way better.] And I dont know what this would do to my standing with some people, but I love the jokes in the dub. Corniness and hammy-ness and puns and all.

    I've actually been working for 2 years on a Digimon table-top RPG [ala D&D]. I've been working on one from scratch due to the radical increase in power between ranks. That's part of why I signed up here. But mostly, I just love this show for how it doesnt talk down to kids [I'm look'n at you Fusion], how it didnt really talk down to me, and the great fun that they are.

    I'm glad to be here. And hope to make a few friends.

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    Yo! Welcome to the forum.
    "Remember, kids, it's not important if it's of high quality. Only if it makes money." -Mark Hamill

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