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Thread: The 2nd (and last) Volume of the Appmon Manga is Out! Scans & Breakdown

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    The 2nd (and last) Volume of the Appmon Manga is Out! Scans & Breakdown

    The second (and last!) volume of the Appmon manga is out!

    This isn't the full volume, just the cover and general contents, much like we do for disks.

    The embedded files are smaller JPGs from our gallery, so those shouldn't have any bandwidth issues. Click the images for big versions.

    The scans went reasonable well (minus some of the larger bits having to be folded over carefully) and I did minimal editing.

    The manga is tightly bound, so if there are any lines that don't appear straight, that's why (it's bound tight enough that it curves differently from place to place.)

    The cover is at the top of this article, and I mostly like it. The cover represents Appmon, and it's manga reasonably well. I like the way Gaiamon is drawn in the back, and how they've recolored the Appmon logo to match the overall look of the cover. The only thing I really don't like here is Yuujin. Even taken with Akamine's art style, it simply doesn't look like Yuujin to me. A flaw on an otherwise really fantastic cover. Gatchmon especially has always looked really unique and fantastic in Akamine's style.

    And then we have the back cover...

    The back cover I'm feeling in a way I didn't for Volume 1. The hands together, with scenes of each character and their Appmon inbetween doing casual things works really well for me. There are numerous little touches here that just make it really appealing.

    Since I could get it flat we also have the spine of the slipcover.

    The artwork from the front cropped here for the spine feels like it fits much better than what was used on Volume 1.

    The slipcover continues on (to hold onto the manga volume.)

    First we have the part connected to the front cover. It appears to be a message from Akamine, along with... some sort of character with Gatchmon (the character represents him I assume.) This is reasonably similiar to the first volume.

    The back features the last chapter cover from the manga's run in V-Jump, and it really does look really great. This is one of those images that would look fantastic if they made a huge poster out of it.

    Underneath the slipcover we have the front and back cover printed on the book itself..

    This time we get two short comedic comic strips it appears. I'm unsure if these were published in V-Jump, were used promotionally, or was just a way for Akamine to toss in a few extra pages for the fans. Hopefully we get translations of these soon.

    The manga had an obi running around the bottom of the slipcover.

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The inner frontcover portion of the obi has a bit of advertising for V-Jump.
    The primary portion of the obi has information relating to the manga itself.
    On the inner back cover portion of the obi it has the Appmon logo along with some basic information.

    With Appmon being over there is no bonus item this time around, but the 2 extra pages were certainly a nice bonus, even if they weren't a standalone item.

    The paper used for the manga is a soft paper, but significantly better than V-Jumps paper. I suspect it won't take to being carried around or roughed up much, but for normal reading and sitting on a shelf I expect it'll last fine (although I suspect it will yellow something fierce.)

    Minus a handful of issues, which may simply be stylistic, the Appmon manga had a nice art style, and I still hope that when Appmon is picked up, the manga is also (along with a release for Appmon Gakeun.) The manga itself didn't necessarily have the freedom of a long run, but did a number of things in it's own way that gave us an interesting alternate look at the world of Appmon, along with it's own artistic take on the characters. Running only two volumes it's actually a really nice thing to add to your collection without spending a lot of money if you are an Appmon fan.

    Both volumes of the Appmon manga are still available to buy (Affiliate links.)

    Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters Manga Volume 1
    Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters Manga Volume 2

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    Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.
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