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Thread: (Potentially) True Accounts of Theigno's Amazing Exploits

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    (Potentially) True Accounts of Theigno's Amazing Exploits

    Finally decided to claim my very own "What's Happening" Thread!

    I'm not yet sure how often and for what exactly I will use this but as I generally don't see the point of announcing details of my private life on the internet, I will probably stick to things related to my miscellaneous Digimon or forum themed activities that don't fit in other threads... or random thoughts and musings, generally noteworthy things or whatever else.

    Anyway, let's start off with a miracle that occurred to me this morning!
    So I was sitting in my room chewing on an uncooked spaghetti when I accidentally broke off the top of the noodle and it fell on the floor. And it just happened that in the very same moment an empty plastic bottle on the kitchen table was blown over by the wind coming from the open window. The spaghetti and the bottle hit the floor at exactly the same time causing a very unique clacking noise that kind of puzzled me for a moment.

    It is truly a magical world.

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    ...you can't make this stuff, guys!
    Bat-Guilmon's utility belt is mostly full of bread.

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    Truth is stranger than fiction.
    It's all part of the mystery.

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