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Thread: What did you think of Applimonsters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmac28211 View Post
    Yeah I definitely prefer the 2D animation style; however, I did enjoy a lot of it for Ultimates and above. Supers being in CGI felt the most jarring, especially considering that quite a few Super grades naturally exist.
    I agree. I started out not liking the CG look very much, but as the series went on, they really utilised it well to create some dynamic action sequences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by salman332 View Post
    I understand most of your point but I disagree with Appmon having the worst the battle, after all Tri fight mostly just digimon slamming into each other.
    I better watch Digimon slamming into each other rather than watching three Digimon gang-up blasting a Digimon one level below. Seriously, the only thing Tri did better than Appmon in my opinion was the battles.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Ukyou View Post
    I fail to see how any Digimon series can have worse battles than Adventure... Like, I love Adventure, but the battles are like rewatching the same 5-second youtube clips on a repeating playlist...
    For me, what counts as a good battle is that it's not a "Hey, we got a power-up! Now we can easily defeat the enemy!". Adventure, as you and the others implied, was very guilty of that sans the debut of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Remember during Xros Wars era I kept whining that one of the reason I hated Tamers was because they cheated using the cards? The AppliDrivers did even worse. At least the Tamers use the cards to defeat Digimon with higher level or at least equal to their partner's level. For me, the good battles are the ones when even with new power-up they still struggle. Zero Two had a couple of that (Magnamon and Paildramon) and most of the new evo in Frontier still struggled to defeat their opponent (yeah, you can argue that Agnimon's debut killed Cerberumon, but Agnimon also took some hits which definitely hurt. Also, BeoWolfmon VS Duskmon). Savers did meh, while Xros Wars' final battle for me was the worst (Seriously, the Digixros of all Digimon? Baguramon obviously had no chance of winning). In fact, I enjoyed Hunter's final battle more because at least we saw Arresterdramon's final form was losing for a moment, even though it was because of Quartzmon's trick.
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    I personally liked it, I feel its main cast is one of the strongest in the series as none feel too wasted and most get their chance to shine and develop as the show goes on. Eri and Yuujin in particular impressed me since the former manages to avoid the trap many of her counterparts do and she develops into a very good character without falling off a cliff once it's all done while Yuujin does the betrayal plot pretty well since his relationship with Haru is properly developed and while you can see the betrayal coming it's at a point where it still feels satisfying to see it play out. Leviathan was also a pretty good overarching villain as I liked its interesting background and motivations, and the last moment it has with Yuujin I feel makes it more relatable since it does learn that it was wrong and accepts it rather then going down screaming at the top of its lungs that it'll be back. I also liked some of the Appmon like Offmon, who's such a cute little guy that I couldn't help but love him, as well as the nods to important figures and concepts in the development of technology since it just added to the charm of the show.

    However, it wasn't completely perfect. I feel the pacing, especially in the first half, suffered with the slice of life direction meant that the plot could kickstart in one episode and then grind to a halt in the next, with Timemon being a good example of that. I also didn't like how the villains aside from Leviathan/Yuujin, Sateramon, and maybe Knight felt poorly utilized as they were either dispatched really quickly after initially stomping the heroes such as with the U4 and Scopemon, ended up not contributing much before being integrated into the heroes such as with Coachmon, or were Mienumon and their competency fluctuated between pretty smart and Ranamon tier levels of planning. It probably was also a result of the slice of life aspect since the villains can't push things too much as otherwise they couldn't keep the calm nature of the filler episodes going, but it does lead to the villains being something of a mixed bag since a lot of them don't get to fulfill their potential before they're defeated.

    All in all, Appmon ended up being a high point of the franchise. It does have problems like pacing, some lackluster villains, and the slice of life direction being a double-edged sword, but the cast, development and the charm of the series more then make up for it. It's a fun watch from beginning to end, and if I had to rate the series right now, it'd probably be like this: Tamers>Adventure>Appmon/Savers>Frontier>XW>02>Hunters, which is a good result for it. If you're curious about the series, I'd say give it a chance, it may surprise you in the same way it did me.
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    Like a lot of others here, I was pretty skeptical and not too optimistic when they first announced Appmon as it seemed like another Xros Wars, which I liked so little I dropped it after about five episodes. And the first few monster designs we saw didn't raise my expectations too much either, them looking like more of the same, super chunky, toyetic designs that I'm getting pretty tired of. However the unique premise intrigued me, and I try not to be the type to dismiss a new entry to the franchise just because it's different, so I decided to see it through. And I am really glad I did, because I honestly think Appmon might have surpassed Tamers as my favorite season. And I really love Tamers.

    Appmon did just about everything right to make me love it. The characters are all great, with none of the main characters getting left behind in either development or in power level. Sure, Eri and Astra might not have gotten as much development as Haru, Rei, and Yuujin, but I never felt like their arcs were ever abandoned or were lackluster in any way. The music was good too, even though it is a little odd to hear a Digimon soundtrack without the power trio of Wada, AiM, and Miyazaki. But damnit if Gatchen! and BE MY LIGHT don't get me pumped up every time I hear them. I even liked the CG! I apparently don't share the allergic reaction that so many people seem have to CG animation, because I thought it was a great choice to animate the more complex designs in 3D rather than trying to animate them by hand. That almost never looks good on a TV anime budget. Hell, it doesn't even look good on tri.'s assumedly higher budget, although that may just be Toei being Toei. Just look at poor Jesmon, he can hardly move! I'll take fluid, active 3D animation to awkward, choppy 2D animation any day. Plus I rather liked how otherworldly it made the God Appmon feel in particular, an effect I feel would be a lot harder to accomplish in 2D.

    By far my favorite aspect of Appmon however is how big a part artificial intelligence plays in everything. Despite being a franchise literally built on artificial intelligence (or, if I wanted to get pedantic about it- and I always do!- artificial life), it's never really played a big part in Digimon before Appmon. (At least in the anime. I can't speak for the games because I can't afford any of them.) Which is understandable, as back in 1997, AI was still thought of as just science fiction. That's even reflected in the designs of the original Digimon as well as that of the Digital World. Despite being called "Digital Monsters", nothing in their designs really indicated that they were made of data aside from sometimes having cybernetic parts. Otherwise, they're basically the kind of monsters you'd see in silly B-movies or pulp sci-fi comic books. Similarly, the Digital World is just your average fantasy world but with hunks of technology coming out of the ground and vaguely computer-themed names. Seriously, do "File Island" or "WWW Continent" make any sort of sense?

    But while Digimon was born in the time before the internet became mainstream and was thus largely a mystery to the general population, Appmon was born in the AI boom of the 2010's, and its monster and world designs likewise reflect that fact. Now the monsters are inherently digital in their designs and themes, and the Digital World actually resembles the internet, even going so far as to reference the actual Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web. And the Appmon anime builds on these themes beautifully. Particularly, my favorite part is how it discusses the ethics of AI, and quite a bit deeper than I'd expect a kid's show to go. It asks about human's relationship with this digital sapient life that we've created, and it asks just how much it really differs from organic sapient life. It asks if AI could ever coexist peacefully with humanity, and if we could treat each other with love and kindness. And it seems like Appmon's answer to that question is a resounding "Yes!", which is awesome, as that's also my answer!

    And, oh, Yuujin. Yuujin and Haru's relationship is not just a beautiful story, it's a beautiful story of human life and artificial life finding love with each other (I don't care if you don't see it as romantic, even though I do; Haru says multiple times that he loves Yuujin regardless, and romantic love isn't the only kind of love anyway). When Yuujin revealed to Haru that he was an android and claimed their friendship was all fake because it was "just a simulation", I didn't buy that, and thankfully neither did Haru. The fact that the electronic impulses that controlled Yuujin's thoughts and behavior took place in a machine rather than in a human brain didn't make them any less genuine. Yuujin was not YJ-14. He wasn't some automaton thoughtlessly following its programming. But he wasn't a human either, not that that makes his life any less precious. I could probably go on for hours about how much I love Yuujin and Haru, but this post is already way overlong. I'm just tooooo verbose!

    Since everyone else seems to be ranking their favorite series, I guess I'll do that too:

    Appmon > Tamers in a very close second place > Adventure/Frontier are tied with each other (Adventure is probably objectively a better show, but I just love the Frontier kids sooo much, so it's hard to tell which one I like better) > Savers > tri. > 02 > Xros Wars > Hunters which I've never watched at all, but just from what I've seen/heard, it probably deserves the bottom spot.

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    Wow, that was such an uplifting post, I think I actually like Appmon -more- now for having another perspective to view it from. Great wording on pointing on some of Appmon's more interesting themes and coherent design aesthetic. I've had trouble expressing it before, but I've always seen Appmon as being FAR better at showing us DIGITAL monsters than any of the previous Digimon seasons ever were.

    I do wish they would have delved a little deeper into it, but perhaps that's me projecting my expectations on a show that isn't necessarily interested in only exploring one topic ad nauseum.

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    Appmon just didn't do it for me. I remember liking the first half because the comedy was good (I laughed at least once watching each episode) but somewhere during the second half I lost interest.

    The CG was decent, but it always looked better on Appmon with robotic/metallic features. I remember Mienumon, who was more human-like, looked terrible.

    I liked Haru's relationship with Gatchmon. I'm a sucker for friendships where one friend is shy and introverted and the other one is high-spirited. If done well they can lead to a very enjoyable dynamic, and thankfully that's what we got in Appmon. Sucks that this aspect wasn't given much focus near the end of the series, but oh well. I also liked seeing Haru's growth.

    I was never sold on Yuujin, mainly because it's hard for me to like characters whose main trait is complete devotion to someone else. Don't get me wrong, it's cute seeing Yuujin and Haru together, but is Yuujin by himself all that interesting? To me, not really. He never loses his temper, he's always supportive, always trusts and worriest about his friends... that's fine and all, but what are his flaws? I feel like episodes 31 and 32 should've been his time to shine, but his conflict with self-doubt as a buddy was resolved way too quickly and wasn't executed all that well to begin with.

    I would've liked Eri more if they hadn't given her that annoying catchphrase, or if she had grown out of it. Catchprases are fine, but if you overuse them it can make characters feel static, and we know for a fact that Eri is anything but that.

    Rei is okay, I guess.

    Astra and Musimon are insufferable.

    Overall, I believe Appmon is a decent addition to the franchise, even if it didn't grab my interest as much as other seasons did. I appreciate how they tried to do something different. They showed us once again that Digimon isn't afraid to take risks

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    It had, to me I would compare a start akin to Young Hunters with the Sentai-ish filler MOTW episodes format. However, it both surprised and impressed me with the later episodes, especially dealing with the Leviathan-Minerva angle plots. A risk I believe that was worth it.
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    It was a way better than Digimon A.Tri for sure yet we got many plotholes until the end of the season and there were a lot of contradictions in many episodes which per se takes away points. The best and only well written character was Rei for light years.. He had a a solid background unlike the other characters. Haru and the others had goals and that was nice to see cause we did not see anything like that in previous seasons. The bond between human and appmon was very well done imo, I really liked all the appmon. On the other hand I think the plot was very poor and why I am sayng this? It is not just because there were a lot of the and plotholes but also unnecessary filler episodes and let's not forget we aleady knew the final villain beforehand what made it more boring from the beginning...

    Digimon Universe was bad because they failed to introduce the idea of Appmon into the the franchise.. Makes me remember when Bandai released that Appli Monsters game for 3DS! I mean seriously? Did they think they might be successful releasing a Digimon 3DS platform when you've got Pokémon as the your rival in sales and is the most successful in said platform.. Appli Monsters was a failure but even so I still liked Appli Monsters.. I would honestly rate it 5/10.

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    'solid background'? What makes Rei's background more solid than Eri's or Astra's? We know pretty much exactly where Eri and Astra come from, we even see what sets up their journeys as Applidrivers AND each of them gets family-centered episodes to explore their home lives. The only difference is that Rei's backstory is -sadder-. Does everyone have to have dead parents for their background to count as 'solid'?

    Also... I think most people here will disagree with you that the bad guy shouldn't be revealed early on. Most writers tend to agree that 'Bad guy out of nowhere!' is not a sign of good writing...
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