It's almost time for tri. Part 5's release and here is another Aikotoba breakdown!

Aikotoba is the ending theme to Digimon Adventure tri. Part 5. It's a new duet by Ayumi Miyazaki and AiM.

These scans are based on the Type C release of the song. It features Wow Wow Yeah as the B-side track.

The embedded files are smaller JPGs from our gallery, so those shouldn't have any bandwidth issues. Click the images for big versions.

The scans went relatively well and there were no oddities or issues.

The CD was packaged in a CD-Album style case (the normal CD case most people are familiar with.)

The cover for this release (at the top of the article) is new artwork of Takeru, Patamon, Hikari, and Tailmon. Much like the previous Aikotoba art, it's very nice and expressive artwork. The cover overall is very nice, but I feel like the high point for me is probably Hikari's expression. Despite having character art on it, it's a very clean looking cover.

The cover is the front to a small fold out booklet (more like a fold out pamphlet since it's so short.)

It opens to the song lyrics, which is the entire inner content. Very simple and clean.

The back of the booklet is just the tri. logo over a nice multi-color field that looks similar to the background of the front cover.

A scan of the disc itself.

The disc is very clean, but has a few nice touches. Above the Aikotoba logo is the Digimon Adventure tri. logo, and around the hole in the middle of the disc is a pattern reminiscent of the mock circuit board designs the franchise has used before. It's clean, but looks very nice.

Because this was a full CD case, it had some art under the tray which I cracked open.

Art may be a stretch... it's the tri. logo along with listing Takeru, Patamon, Jou, Gomamon, Hikari, and Tailmon, being the featured characters for this version of Aikotoba.

The reverse side of this is the actual back cover of the CD case. It features Jou and Gomamon in matching art to the other themed Aikotoba artwork. Both characters look quite nice in this shot. Jou's expression at what Gomamon is doing is quite fun. The back also features the tracklist and various legal/technical information.

On the left side of the case was an obi card.

A basic but nice obi. Various information about the release, along with images of the covers from the other 3 versions of Aikotoba.

It's a great new song with a different energy than the tri. ending songs have had for now. The Type C release is one of the alternate releases, featuring a second song that's just Ayumi Miyazaki.

All 4 versions of Aikotoba are available to order from CDJapan (Affiliate links.)
Aikotoba, Type A
Aikotoba, Type B
Aikotoba, Type C
Aikotoba, Type D

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Not to mention Digimon Adventure tri. Part 5 is scheduled to stream in English tomorrow!

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