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Thread: German tri. Part 1 Blu-ray Steelbook- Scans and Breakdown

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    German tri. Part 1 Blu-ray Steelbook- Scans and Breakdown

    Another version of tri. Part 1 on Home Video!

    The German release of Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1 came out on August 21st.

    German retailer Anime-Planet had their own version that came in a steelbook rather than a normal Blu-ray case or a digipak.

    We won't be going over the disc itself, just the very nice physical package, which is among the nicest of any tri. release.

    Big thanks to Kai for scanning these from his copy which just arrived. I did some editing, but minus some light tweaking on a few of them, generally just left them alone, as the scanner used was more meant for document scanning, and most editing likely would have made things look worse.

    The cover is at the top of the article. The cover is the theatrical poster to tri. Part 1. The steelbook uses the design of the cover to it's advantage. The grey background is replaced with a brushed metal look, with the artwork from the poster printed on the cover. The English tri. logo is at the bottom left and stands apart from the silver background very well.

    The back of the steelbook is very clean.

    The back of the steelbook is able to stay reasonably clean becuase information about the release was elsewhere. So we get the first piece of tri. promo art we ever got, the 'cloud' image. Much like the cover, it has the background layer as more of a brushed metal look, while the characters are printed on it differently. It's again a very good look for the back cover.

    The spine of the steelbook looks a touch messy, but this is more based on the way steelbooks are made and put together. They could have planned to not have art there, but it isn't really a problem, and arguably adds to the style in a unique way by having the art fold over.

    The inside of the steelbook would be incredibly hard to scan under the best of circumstances. The shape of the steelbook means the art will never be pressed against the scanner properly, and the inside plastic is a soft plastic that diffuses light, so this is the best it's gonna look for the time being. Luckily both pieces of art are well known to tri. fans. On the left side is the home video cover to tri. part 1, while on the right we have the artwork of Taichi and Agumon in a field.

    The disc uses the general tri. style we've come to expect in many case, with the addition of an image of Matt. Using an image of him sitting down works well, as it allows them to use the art rather large, with only a small bit cut out in the center.

    To keep the steelbook front and back reasonably clean, all the information about the release is printed on what is effectively a vertically oriented obi that covers the back, and adds some information to the front. Featuring the Japanese home video cover on the back was a smart way to feature the art. The front also mentions this being a limited edition of 2,500 copies (the DVD version is also available with the Steelbook in a limited edition of 1,500.)

    This release also has a physical extra...

    This cardboard standee of Matt and Gabumon looks pretty decent to be honest. It's not fancy, but does look nice. It was scanned still wrapped in plastic.

    The release also came with a number of ads...

    Ads were included both in a mini catalog from KSM Anime (the German distributor) along with some included from Anime Planet (the exclusive retailer for the steelbook.) We're only including the three ads that have to do with Digimon in Germany: Digimon on home video, the 2nd tri. steelbook, and the limited theater screening for tri. part 3.

    The German release had a very nice physical package that may be worth importing if you can find it. Especially notable is that because it's just art on the front and back, with the English logo, you could transplant any of the English discs into the case if you wanted a steelbook and it would work perfectly well.

    Big thanks again to Kai for the scans, which can be found in our gallery.

    If you have any questions about the release feel free to ask, we have a few members from Germany and I'm sure they'd be willing to answer questions from those of you curious for aspects of the release outside of the packaging.

    If I'm able to in the future I will attempt to get ahold of a copy of the disc to expand the breakdown, similiar to what I would normally do.

    Those in the USA will of course want to get that release (Affiliate links)
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1 Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1 DVD

    The breakdown/scans/screenshots of the USA Blu-ray/DVD/Digital release can be found here.

    Thanks to everyone who has donated for us to do various scans and breakdowns in the past. We are still taking donations so we can do similar for future releases. If you are willing to donate please take a look at the most recent thread on the subject.

    Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.
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    Nice! I used to not be such a big fan of steelbooks, but I've come to appreciate them more lately. Plus a little standee, fun.

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    Steelbooks being good are always a combination of artwork used, how they choose to layer it (what ends up looking like part of the metal surface, what looks like art on top of it), along with overall balance to the design.

    It'll be interesting to see what art they use for the back and the secondary internal image in the future, as they'll be burning through art with these.

    I can understand 'why' they didn't use the home video cover as the back cover, layering it for the outside of the steelbook might not have looked good, but for an overall look, I would have preferred less art overall to be honest.

    As it is it just looks like 4 pieces of art slapped on there without much in the way of balance.

    The front is heavy on gray/silver, the back is very blue, and the inside is two images that don't match. The best steelbooks tend to use front/back covers that compliment each-other well, or skip art in places for symbols to have a more unified look.

    I do like this, and having all the art is great, but I think a more unified look would have benefited it.
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