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Thread: Digimon I Created

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamTheSovereign View Post

    All in all, he's pretty much the same as regular Gaomon...except for who he will eventually Digivolve into, much later on in the chronicle.
    Oh cool! I have a similar concept, called StreetGaomon. He's got like sports tape instead of glothes and instead of a bandanna his heads wrapped up in bandages. Similar cause their both "dark" variants of Gaomon, and their evoline is pretty much the same until later on.
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    @Lord Archfiend Kliff: Don't judge me DX
    I'm just kidding. Judge me all you want lol XD

    @SuperStarlite: Oh cool! Sorry for late reply, but that sounds pretty neat ^_^


    level: mega
    type: god man
    attribute: vaccine
    family: deep savers, virus busters
    attacks: goddess bow: Fires an arrow from her bow.

    goddess urn: Unleashes a forceful blast of water from her urn.

    aquarius beast: Water erupts from her urn like a geyser, and takes the form of a wolf-like beast which Aquarimon sends to attack her enemy.

    aquarius knight: Water erupts from her urn like a geyser, and takes the form of a heavily-armored knight which Aquarimon sends to attack her enemy.

    aquarius wyvern: Aquarimon stands on top of her urn as water erupts from it. The water swirls around her and takes the form of a huge, winged dragon, and Aquarimon flies and crashes into the enemy.

    deluge of the heavens: Her urn overflows with water, submerging any surrounding area underwater. At this point, Aquarimon takes her underwater form.

    goddess blades: The fins on Aquarimon's forearms extend, and she is able to attack with them like swords.

    water nebula: Two waves of water rush up and blast the opponent into the air with tremendous force. If Aquarimon is underwater, this attack cannot be seen.

    goddess blades: seven slice dance: Aquarimon rapidly slashes her enemy seven times, five of which are individual strikes and the final two of which are a dual strike.

    hair color: black
    eye color: blue
    height: 5'09"
    weight: 132
    element: water
    species: aquan

    Aquarimon is a God Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from the constellation of Aquarius. She has both a land and a sea form, enabling her to battlenearly anywhere. On land, her skill with her bow, Sadalsuud, are unrivaled, and under the sea, she attacks with such ferocity that even a Seadramon would be frightenedaway. It is said that her skills in combat rival that of the Olympos XII.

    ~~~Aquarimon: Water Form~~~


    level: mega
    type: phantom dragon
    attribute: virus
    family: nightmare soldiers

    attacks: golden ankh: The ankh wielded by Premenitmon unleashes a golden ray of light that is said to purify all evil. If anyone, good, evil, or indifferent, basks in the light for a long enough period of time, they will eventually come to leave this plane of existence. Their soul will be pulled from their body, and they will be reborn as another being.

    claw of phantasms: The foe is struck with Premenitmon's claws. In addition to inflicting physical damage, this attack causes delusions that drive the opponent into madness.

    shadow evolution: Shadows twist around Premenitmon's body, and Premenitmon takes the form of another Digimon.

    eye color: gold
    height: 6'05"
    weight: 219
    element: dark, light
    species: dark

    Premenitmon (pronounced prem-yin-it) is a Phantom Dragon Digimon whose name is derived from the Czech word for transformation (premenit) and whose design is derived from a lizard. A very bizarre Digimon who uses both light and dark-based attacks, and in spite of being a Virus type, he is vehemently neutral, only obeying the orders of those he deems worthy of leading, be they good or evil. Premenitmon can dwell in the darkest shadows, and bask in the harshest of light.


    level: mega
    type: undead
    attribute: virus
    family: nightmare soldiers, unknown

    attacks: Crossfire Hurricane: A wind attack that is capable of manipulating flames.

    Grave Danger: Makes tombstones pop out of the ground. Can be used for defense, though he mainly has them fly around in the air around the opponent and strike them as an attack. When the tombs hit the opponent, the tombs shatter into hundreds of sharp little pieces.

    Siroc Sword: Generates a sirocco wind by swinging his sword. These winds are capable of splitting clear through thick metal. Will also simply attack with his sword, producing the same effects, but at close range.

    Echoes from the Crypt: Creates a giant wind that warps himself or others across a huge distance in a small amount of time.

    height: 6'03"
    weight: 63
    element: wind, earth
    species: dark

    SkullCaliphmon is an Undead Digimon whose name and design are derived from a skeleton king. It is an ancient Digimon that at one time held dominion over a vast kingdom that has been turned to dust with age, but its leader lives on, hoping to rebuild his empire one day, earning him the nickname "Skeleton King." He wields a unique, two-bladed sword called "Maranjab."


    level: mega
    type: warrior
    attribute: virus
    family: metal empire, virus busters, nightmare soldiers

    attacks: Daemon Lux Lunae: Generalmon absorbs the moon's light into his armor and reflects it back at the opponent. The light is so bright, it can sear one's skin clear off if enough light is absorbed.

    Ars Prima: Manipulates the gravity of the surrounding area to his advantage so that his enemies aren't able to keep up with him.

    Ultimum Artium: Attacks with his axe violently and quickly, so that his opponent is unable to escape.

    Daemon Falcem: Attacks with the hook at the end of his axe.

    Daemon Icircumflex: Attacks with his massive axe.

    Ferreo Pugni Daemonis: Metal spikes shoot out from the knuckles on Generalmon's gauntlets as he savagely punches the opponent.

    height: 6'09"
    weight: 341
    element: dark
    species: dark

    Generalmon is a Warrior Digimon whose name is derived from General, and whose design is derived from a heavily armored knight. Generalmon rarely ever sleeps; during the day, he sits, and at night, he sits. However, at night, he is more active; he gains strength from absorbing the moon's light in his armor, which fuels his energy and his attacks. Generalmon is a vicious killing machine, but also a mercenary, and is willing to fight for either side if the pay is sufficient. His giant axe is called "Europa." The phases of the moon also give him different strengths and abilities; a full moon maxes out Generalmon's power, while a waxing moon raises his speed.


    level: mega
    type: dark dragon
    attribute: virus
    family: nightmare soldiers, dragon's roar, deep savers

    attacks: Lernaean Inferno: Hydramon incinerates the foe with flames hot enough to make liquid magma evaporate.

    Herculean Slicer: Hydramon slices the foe to thin shreds with its sword-shaped tail.

    height: 30'07"
    weight: 1789
    element: water, fire
    species: aquan

    Hydramon is a Dark Dragon Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Lernaean Hydra. It is an Orochimon that underwent Digivolution upon murdering a noble hero among Digimon. The insensate, phantom heads of Orochimon now have their own personalities and behavioral patterns, and Hydramon chooses to keep only a few showing at a time due to the heads' constant bickering.


    level: mega
    type: ancient god
    attribute: data
    family: wind guardians, virus busters

    attacks: Ebon Flames of Purgatory: Spews all-consuming black flames from his beak.

    Thunderous Judgment of Mighty Osiris: Calls forth a massive thunderstorm that rains down lighting all around him.

    Hathor's Gentle Embrace: A phantasmal pair of women's arms pull Horusmon into an embrace that cleanses the Digimon of all wounds, injuries, and illnesses.

    height: 7'03"
    weight: 212
    element: wind
    species: bird

    Horusmon is an Ancient God Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Egyptian God Horus. At one time, this Digimon was good friends with Anubismon in a certain circle of Digimon, but certain events led to the two growing apart, and Horusmon's rage over the event has led him into darkness. The other Digimon in their group banished him from the heavens and cursed his right arm so that he could never use it again. He is the son of Oseiramon and Nefertimon, and the cousin of Anubismon.


    level: Ultimate
    type: Icy
    attribute: Virus
    family: Unknown, Deep Savers
    attacks: Geyser Plume: Fires super-heated water from the small stacks on its back or from its mouth.
    Ice Punch: punches the enemy
    element: Ice
    species: Aquan

    IceGolemon is an Icy Digimon whose name and design are derived from Ice and Golemon. It is an ice-themed subspecies of Golemon that was recently discovered in the furthest corners of the Digital World's tundra. Compared to its rocky variant, IceGolemon has a surprisingly high intellect, and it works well in groups of other Digimon, even those of other species, and skillfully crafts unique traps to catch prey or enemies. It is thought to be of some relation to Icemon, being an Icy Digimon evolution of a Mineral Digimon.


    level: ultimate
    type: angel
    attribute: vaccine
    family: virus busters
    attacks: Screams of the Siren: Sings beautifully, both harming the enemy and weakening their will to harm Virgomon.

    Radiance of Spica: blasts the enemy with the power of the stars.

    height: 5'08"
    weight: 130
    element: light
    species: holy

    Virgomon is an Angel Digimon whose name and design are derived from the constellation of Virgo. She is a kind, gentle, and tender-hearted fair maiden who dislikes conflict of any sort, and dreads seeing others in pain, be it physical, emotional, or any other. Her loving heart is often compared to that of Ophanimon herself, and it is often said that Virgomon was created in her image. Her beauty is well-known across the Digital World, and many travel for untold thousands of miles just for the smallest glimpse of her. She often appears to those who endure suffering and hardships in life, healing their wounds, and as such, she has been given the name "Destiny's Angel."


    level: mega
    type: phantom beast
    attribute: virus
    family: dark area, nature spirits, nightmare soldiers

    attacks: Earth Ravager: dark flames rain down on the earth, destroying it and Behemotmon's enemy.

    Jaws of Demise: annihilates the enemy with his massive jaws and razor-sharp teeth.
    height: 138'00"
    weight: 1580
    Behemotmon is a Phantom Beast Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Behemoth. It is a Digimon who is often at odds with Leviamon for unknown reasons, and their rivalry can be compared to that of Ogremon's and Leomon's. Though it possesses no visible eyes, it is highly efficient at finding its prey or enemy and devouring them with its monstrous jaws, or tearing them to shreds with his razor-sharp claws. This beast was born from the very flames of the Dark Area, the Digital World's hell, and it holds absolute dominion over the land, just as Leviamon does for the oceans. It is said that when the two conflict, the world will be on the brink of disaster, and at that time, a third, mysterious Digimon will appear, and quell their wrath...


    level: mega
    type: beast
    attribute: virus
    family: nature spirits, nightmare soldiers, unknown
    attacks: Odin's Demise: gathers dark energy and fires it off as a powerful beam.

    Iron Claw Ragnarok: tears the opponents to shreds with his claws.

    Threads of Gleipnir: small, dark threads erupt from Fenrirmon's fur to constrict, entangle, or attack the foe.

    height: 6'09"
    weight: 531
    Fenrirmon is a Beast Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Fenrir. This Digimon possesses a human form. Apparently, a curse was put on a man, and every night of the full moon, he would turn into this Digimon. Older and more experienced Digimon of this species are occasionally capable of controlling their transformations, but this is more powerful at night, apparently. Ages past, it has been foretold that a Fenrirmon will be the cause of death for an extremely important Digimon, though it is not known who that Digimon may be.


    level: mega
    type: warrior
    attribute: data
    family: metal empire, virus busters

    attacks: Stone Apocalypse: Huge boulders rain down from the sky and crush Talosmon's opponent.

    Titan Inferno: Talosmon's entire body turns to flame as he crashes into the opponent and slices them apart with his sword.

    Hot Press: Talosmon picks up his opponent and presses them against his hot metal body.
    height: 51'01"
    weight: 450,000
    element: steel, fire
    species: machine
    Talosmon is a Warrior Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Talos from Greek mythology. He is a Digimon of enormous stature and strength such that even the Olympus XII fear to face him in battle. He guards the entrance to the resting place of the Olympus XII, and protects the entrance with every ounce of his strength from Virus Digimon or other ill-intended beings. He does, however, possess a benevolent heart, and never hesitates to protect those in need. He protects the innocent with his shield, the Golden Gate, and attacks with his enormous blade, the Titan Crusher.


    level: Ultimate
    type: Fallen Angel
    attribute: Virus
    family: Dark Area
    attacks: Laura's Temptation: Makes anyone she wishes fall in love with her for a short amount of time. She can send them to attack others.
    Shattered Dreams: Leaves the opponent feeling broken, as though their fondest dreams themselves have been forever ruined.

    Carmillamon is a Fallen Angel Digimon whose name and design are derived from Carmilla. She is a seductress and a vampire who seeks to bring the one she loves to an early grave so they can spend an eternal life together. She will do so by any means necessary, whether the one she loves is man or woman, human or Digimon. Her Shattered Dreams attack can leave her opponent feel as though their fondest wishes have just been shattered, hence the name.


    level: Ultimate
    type: Sea Animal
    attribute: Virus
    family: Deep Savers, Dark Area, Nightmare Soldiers, Unknown

    attacks: Endless Night: Immediately turns the day into a dark, stormy night.

    Blood Tide: Makes the sea turn red, and attacks with erupting geysers of water that shoot up from the surface of the ocean.

    Shipwrecker: Rams into ships with his iron-hard nose, tearing through it.

    Cetosmon is a Sea Animal Digimon whose name and design are derived from cetaceans. It was a Whamon that was infected by a virus caused by a Diaboromon, and thus was turned into this Digimon, though it is not known if it was Diaboromon's intention to do this, or even if he was aware of the Whamon's transformation. With enough life experience, a Cetosmon will eventually become a Leviamon.


    level: ultimate
    type: shaman
    attribute: data
    family: virus busters
    attacks: Summon Card: Uses one of her cards to summon a monster.

    Effect Card: Uses one of her cards to cast a spell.

    element: light
    species: holy
    Trionfimon is a Shaman Digimon whose name is derived from the trionfi cards. She is a mischievous and sly Digimon with above average avarice, but her greed pales in comparison to Barbamon. She is a highly intelligent species, and uses her cute appearance to get what she desires, and will often do so in a coy manner. However, she is also a surprisingly generous Digimon, and she secretly likes it when others use her tail as a pillow. Among Digimon, her attacks are unique, in that they are all card-based, and she has a large array of attacks, depending on the size of the deck the individual Trionfimon carries.


    level: ultimate
    type: warrior
    attribute: vaccine
    family: nature spirits

    attacks: Fairie Divider: Slices the opponent with her sword.

    Shooting Star Sword: Fires a devastatingly powerful beam from her sword.

    element: light
    species: holy
    Celtinemon is a Warrior Digimon whose name and design are derived from Celtine. She is a naÔve and oft-misguided Digimon, but she always tries her hardest when fighting for something she believes in. If swayed into fighting on the side of evil, she will delude herself into thinking her allies are good, and those they harm are evil. Her power far outclasses the average Ultimate level Digimon; however, she has a difficult time controlling her Shooting Star Sword attack, an attack that very rarely hits its target.


    level: mega
    type: insectoid
    attribute: virus
    family: nature spirits

    attacks: Dominion Venom: Drenches the enemy in a venom that allows GranDokugumon to control them.

    Spider Queen: Furiously jabs the opponent with all of her legs.
    element: earth
    species: insect/plant
    GranDokugumon is an Insectoid Digimon whose name and design are derived from Gran and Dokugumon. It is a fusion of two insect Digimon, Dokugumon and GranKuwagamon, and she was created by a woman who is infatuated with spiders. She has ten eyes, and never lets her prey escape her. GranDokugumon is incredibly loyal to whoever it was that created her, and this Digimon obeys every last command given. Over time, the poison used by her Dominion Venom attack that she uses to control her opponents will create a large spider in her enemy. The spider will then proceed to devour it's hosts' brain, giving the spider full control of its host.


    level: mega
    type: arch shaman
    attribute: vaccine
    family: nature spirits, virus busters, wind guardians
    attacks: Clear Moon Sky: Blasts the opponent with the power of the moon.

    Night of the Falling Stars: Stars rain down on the opponent from the sky.

    element: light
    species: holy
    Morgannamon is an Arch Shaman Digimon whose name and design are derived from Morgan le Fay. In spite of her namesake, Morgannamon is a kind-hearted and gentle Digimon. Her dark color scheme belies her light abilities, and she aims to purify all darkness wherever it may lurk. However, among Mega level Digimon, her strength is merely average, but she seems to have hidden potential to surpass an entire army of them...

    ~~~Rosemon Ruin Mode~~~


    level: mega
    type: sea serpent
    attribute: virus
    family: deep savers
    attacks: Poison River: releases a stream of venom and toxic mist from his mouth.

    Midgard Serpent: flies through the air, cloaked in a shadowy aura, and crashes into the enemy.
    element: water
    species: aquan
    Jourmungandrmon is a Sea Serpent Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Jourmungandr. It is a Digimon whose overall length exceeds that of even MetalSeadramon, and it is an even faster swimmer, apparently. None have actually seen him in action, though, for his fangs release a deadly venom that kills on contact, and his breath releases an equally poisonous gas. He is fittingly called the "Black Serpent," and it is said that a Jourmungandrmon guards something very mysterious and also very wonderful, but also incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands.



    ~~~Kentaurosmon Burst Mode~~~


    level: ultimate
    type: fairy
    attribute: vaccine
    family: nature spirits, wind guardians, virus busters
    attacks: Dazzling Gleam: Blinds the enemy with a bright light that strikes without warning.

    Lunar Blast: Fires off a spherical ball of energy at the foe.

    element: light
    species: holy

    Nymphmon is a Fairy Digimon whose name and design are derived from a nymph. She has a light-hearted and fun loving personality, and in spite of her small size, her attacks pack devastating power, as she is an Ultimate Digimon. She is roughly as tall as a Patamon when the Rookie stands on its hind legs. She is also very sensitive about her height, so if an insulting comment is made towards either it or her beauty, she will attack without hesitation until the offender apologizes or dies.
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