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Thread: Lost Chronicles I: Lilithmon's Epic

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    Chapter 77 - Reunion of the Fallen

    Bellaluna Rosalina
    Black Rose Mountains

    “Tell me, Bellaluna,” Asuramon began. “Why did you leave us?”

    “That’s not my name!” I said defensively. “I go by Luna now!”

    “Luna? So, you’ve shortened your name now…Still, it’s a pretty name, one befitting its owner,” Asuramon said. “Now…don’t avoid my question any longer. I’ve waited over ten years for this answer; why did you leave us?”

    “Asuramon, I—”

    Why did you leave us?!” Asuramon’s center head, the one with the red mask, was the one who spoke now. “It’s been ten years since you left! Ten long years, and the two of us have wasted that time doing nothing but wait for you!”

    “Asuramon, I...I’m sorry, but I—”

    “It's so wonderful to see you again,” the head with the yellow mask said. He reached out one of his four arms, one from his right side, and delicately stroked my face with his hand and wiped away the tears that had begun streaming from my eyes. “Look at you! Somehow…somehow, you’ve gotten even more beautiful since the last time we’ve seen you; at the time, I’d have thought that to be impossible…Clearly, I was mistaken; you are more beautiful than ever.”

    “Asuramon...” I whispered breathlessly, tears slipping down my face as quickly as they slid down Asuramon’s left head, the one wearing the blue mask.

    “I...we’ve missed you so much!” the blue-masked head spoke, wiping the tears from his eyes with one of his left arms. “And now…now, you’re finally back!”

    “Asuramon, please...please forgive me,” I said with a small smile. Just then as Asuramon's right hand moved from my face to grab me by the neck.

    “But that does not change the fact that you left us! Abandoned us! BETRAYED US! And for that, you must die!” Asuramon's center head shouted.

    “Asuramon, calm down!” commanded a voice from above.

    “P…Parrotmon?” I struggled to turn my head towards the voice, but Asuramon tightened his grip around my neck.

    “Bellaluna…well, isn’t your pretty face a sight for sore eyes?” Parrotmon asked, swooping down from the sky and landing on the ground next to his partner. “Asuramon, stop being so impatient! You might be the smarter of the two of us, but even I know that we still need her to tell us what we want, and she can’t do that if you kill her, right?” Asuramon's grip around my neck lessened, and he finally dropped me on the ground, coughing and gasping for air.

    “Did you get the girl?” Asuramon asked.

    “Boy, it’s been a while since all three of us have been together like this,” Parrotmon said. “Over ten years, right? Boy, we sure had some fun…”

    “Parrotmon!” Asuramon interrupted. “Did…you…get…the…girl?!”

    “Yep; got ‘er right here!” Parrotmon held out his right hand, which was holding a small, young girl, his fingers wrapped around and under her arms to prevent her from leaving, a precaution that seemed useless as the girl looked unconscious.

    “N—No...Chrysania...?” I gasped, still struggling to breathe.

    “So, that's what you decided to name her,” Asuramon said, looking at Chrysania’s small, unmoving body.

    “That other girl sure is lucky she went down that other fork,” Parrotmon said. “I’d hate to have to do this to that little beauty!”

    “What do you mean?” I asked.

    “That girl…if I’m not mistaken, she carries the Mark, no?” Asuramon asked.

    “…And if she does?” I asked.

    Asuramon smirked, his yellow face turning to speak. “She’s lucky, then…She won’t have to deal with me,” Asuramon began laughing. “The Marked…filthy half-breed scum don’t deserve to live!”

    I raised my arm and slapped Asuramon across his yellow-masked face. “Don’t you fucking dare ever talk about her like that again!” I yelled. “Without even knowing her as an individual, you automatically assume she doesn’t have the right to exist, just because she carries that stupid mark?!” Asuramon’s grin widened. “You make me sick, Asuramon! Zelda is my friend! You have no right — no right whatsoever — to talk about her like that! Zelda is the kindest, gentlest person I have ever met! She’s dealt with people like you her entire life, and she’s still able to find it in her heart to care about the well-being of people that insult her like that!”


    “Why did you call me up here, anyway?! Just to insult the people I love?!”

    “Bellaluna…You will tell us what we want to know, and your fake daughter won’t have to be hurt. Tell us…where the Horcruxes are.”


    “The Necklace. The Silk. The Diadem. The Mask. The Medallion. The Stone. The Jewel. Those were the seven Horcruxes we didn’t find,” Asuramon said. “The Sword, the Flute, and the Mirror are already in our possession. Now…tell us where the other seven are, or ‘Chrysania’ as you call her will receive your punishment!”

    “The Horcruxes? Oh, please; don’t be so boring,” Parrotmon said. “What I want is the secret to Maleficia!”

    “Maleficia?” I repeated.

    “You know, that spell that gives you the ability to use every Digimon attack there is!” Parrotmon said. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already?!”

    “You speak too much, Parrotmon,” Asuramon said. “But for once…you are correct. The secret to Maleficia…would be far more beneficial than the powers given to us by the Horcruxes.”

    “The powers? Then…you don’t want the Horcruxes for the souls?”

    “Of course not! It’s a lot more beneficial for us to have those souls locked away forever in those little trinkets! After all, once a soul leaves, the trinket loses the special powers!” Parrotmon said.

    “…If you did have the Horcruxes…If you did now Maleficia…what would you do with them?” I asked.

    “What do you think, idiot?! What the three of us used to do in the good old days!” Asuramon said. “Now, tell us what we want to know if you don’t want this child harmed!” Asuramon slapped me across the face.

    “No, please don't — I don't know anything! Please…don’t hurt her,” I sobbed, trying to stand up, but Asuramon slammed his foot onto my back, pinning me to the ground. “Don’t…hurt…her…”

    “You know that wasn’t what we wanted to hear. Parrotmon!” Asuramon looked at the other Ultimate Digimon and nodded. Parrotmon lifted up Chrysania's left arm and opened his beak.
    “No...What are you doing?” I asked, shaking my head in disbelief as Parrotmon placed Chrysania’s hand, up to the wrist, in his mouth. “No! Stop! Please, don’t hurt her! Don't hurt my baby! DON'T HURT MY BABY!” Parrotmon ignored my desperate wailing as he snapped his beak tightly shut around Chrysania's wrist, causing her to wake up and shriek in pain.


    “ChaosGallantmon? You’ve—”

    “Yes…My inner darkness has been awoken,” ChaosGallantmon said. “You were so…happy to see me, you didn’t notice that I look different now…how like you…Zelda…”

    “Well…it doesn’t matter to me that your name and your colors have changed,” I said. “You’re still Gallantmon on the inside…the same Digimon Spirit that I met many years ago…I’m glad you’re okay, Gallantmon! I’ve been so worried about you!”

    “You…really…cared about me?” ChaosGallantmon asked. “Even though I…abandoned you? Over and over?”

    I nodded. “Our personalities are complete opposites…but I don’t care,” I said. “I love you just as much as my other Digimon Spirits.”


    “I’m so happy to see you!” I looked up again at the knight, smiling widely. “So…what are you doing here, Gallantmon?”

    “I was told…someone would be coming down this way,” ChaosGallantmon said. “I was ordered…to destroy that person, but I…I didn’t know it was you…”

    “That’s because I didn’t tell you,” a deep voice boomed.

    “Master! I—”

    “No need for words, ChaosGallantmon. Just do your job.”

    “Who is that?” I asked.

    “Well…I suppose it has been a while since we’ve last met,” the voice replied. “The very least I could do is grace you with my visit before your former friend here skewers you with his lance and serves you for lunch!” A light blue shadow crept out from underneath ChaosGallantmon, and from it rose a Digimon. “Please tell me you haven’t forgotten my beautiful face, have you?”

    “Ice…Devimon...” The memories of that Digimon, of the horrible things he’d done, the things he made Clive do, instantly rushed into my head. “This Digimon…Gallantmon…you’re working for him?” ChaosGallantmon lowered his head and remained silent. “You are…you really are working for this terrible person?”

    “Okay, okay, I’ll admit it; I’m a bad guy,” IceDevimon said. “The powers I gave to Clive while living inside him…he used them to murder your precious sister…Hannah, wasn’t it?” I said nothing as he spoke; my hand was gripped tightly around the opening of the satchel at my waist. “And then there were all those naughty things Clive did before he was even aware of my existence…I knew what it was he had done, and I chose him as the host for my spirit until I fully recovered. I chose the man that had raped Thomas’s surrogate mother when she was sixteen. Clive may have been a bumbling idiot, but we did share that particular interest in common…” IceDevimon grinned at me. But soon, it faded. “Now, on to business. Your right eye, Zelda. Show it to me. Right now!” My heart skipped a beat, and hesitantly, I moved my hair away from my right eye. In the blink of an eye, IceDevimon stood directly in front of me, and was looking directly into my eyes. “…Hmm…Both the same color…I figured she may have died her green hair a different color, but there’s nothing that can be done about eyes, I suppose…But you are not the woman I was searching for for all those years…”

    “You…you knew Zelda would be coming this way, didn’t you?” ChaosGallantmon asked.

    “Of course I did! I knew she was a Summoner; I knew she would sense your presence once she got to that fork in the road. And she’s alone, too…That’ll make it easier for us to…have our fun.”
    “You…you would actually—”
    “Get to it!” IceDevimon barked, interrupting the Digimon Spirit. “I didn’t make you stronger just to have you bitch at me all day!” ChaosGallantmon lowered his head, and then turned to face me.

    “Zelda…I’m sorry…”

    “…You know…I fought someone out of revenge once…it wasn’t too long ago,” I said. I pulled a Digimon Talisman from my satchel and gazed at it. “The feeling I got…while I did it…I made him hurt. I made him bleed, and feel pain…I wasn’t able to control myself while I was attacking him over and over like that…It was awful, the feeling I got when it was all over, when I realized what I had done. I…I don’t ever want to feel that way again; I don’t want to experience that feeling I got from hurting someone else…But this Digimon…IceDevimon…he needs to die. He is not someone that can be allowed to roam free. For Hannah…for Victoria…for all the people you’ve hurt…IceDevimon must perish!”

    “I…I’m afraid I can’t let you do that,” ChaosGallantmon said sullenly, raising his lance. “IceDevimon is my master…he made me stronger…I won’t let you…hurt him…”

    “I’m sorry…I don’t want to hurt you, but he must be dealt with!” I said. “Come forth, Dynasmon!”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 78 - Strength of Heart

    Bellaluna Rosalina
    Black Rose Mountains

    Small drops of blood fell from Parrotmon’s beak as he opened it, revealing that Chrysania’s left hand was hanging by a few threads. “What…what have you done to her?!” I asked, unable to control my sobbing. Poor Chrysania’s screaming filled the air. “She’s…just a baby…What kind of…monsters…could do such a terrible thing…to such a sweet…young…girl?!” I tried to force myself up, but Asuramon pushed his foot down harder on my back.

    “Tell us what we want to know,” Asuramon’s blue-masked face said. “I don’t wish to see this child harmed any more than you do. Tell us. Now.”

    “Or maybe you need another demonstration of what we’re capable of?” Parrotmon asked, forcefully raising Chrysania’s right arm.


    “Mommy…help me,” Chrysania said, her face wet with tears.

    “…Your maternal instincts for this one are strong despite her not actually being your daughter, I’ll admit,” Asuramon’s yellow-masked face said. “It can be said that that is the source of your innermost power…but it is also your greatest weakness, Bellaluna. What kind of mother would just sit by as her beloved daughter gets tortured like this?”

    “Why haven’t you told us yet? It’s obvious that’s the ideal thing for you to do,” Parrotmon said.

    “If I…tell you…” I tried unsuccessfully to move my arms and wipe the tears from my face. “If I told you…you’d only use them to…hurt more people…more innocent children like Chrysania…”

    “And if you don’t tell us, then an innocent person exactly like Chrysania will get hurt!” Parrotmon laughed. “Exactly like her…because it is her! Get it?!”

    “Enough of the jokes, Parrotmon!” Asuramon’s red-masked face barked. “I’m not in a generous mood anymore, Bellaluna; I no longer care if your fake daughter gets hurt! Give us the power to use any Digimon attack! Give us Maleficia!”

    “First…release Chrysania…and let me help her,” I said. “Then, I…I’ll tell you everything…”

    “…Yeah, right; like we’re dumb enough to fall for that old ruse!” Parrotmon said.

    “I don’t think she quite gets the message,” Asuramon said. “The hostage gets released when we get what we want. Convey it to her again, Parrotmon.”


    “No! Mommy, help me!” Chrysania wailed.

    “Let her go!” I screamed. “Don’t hurt—”

    “Fire Fist of Shiva!” Asuramon punched the back of my head, nearly knocking me unconscious. Chrysania’s screaming filled the air as I heard Parrotmon’s beak snap shut around her other wrist.

    I…have to…save her…And the only way I can is to use it…But…what if…I hurt her? It’s dangerous to use; it’s unpredictable and hard to control, and I haven’t used it since the day I found her…

    “Well, Bellaluna? Are you ready to concede?” Asuramon asked.

    I have to…It’s the only way I can save her…


    “I think you knocked her unconscious, buddy,” Parrotmon said.

    “Don’t be ridiculous!” Asuramon barked.

    “You guys…want Maleficia?” I asked.

    “That’s why we’re here,” Parrotmon said.

    “You want it…then I’ll give it to you!” My body became enveloped in a blinding, golden light.

    “No! That light! She’s using it!” Asuramon gasped.
    “I’ll make you pay…for hurting my baby!”


    “Chaos Disaster!” ChaosGallantmon’s lance pierced clear through Dynasmon’s chest. Dynasmon roared and punched the opposing Digimon Spirit in the face before disappearing.

    “Good! Now, finish the job!” IceDevimon shouted excitedly. ChaosGallantmon slowly began walking up to me, avoiding looking me in the eye. “Remember to keep her alive…I’d like to be able to hear her scream.”

    The Dark Knight came to a stop. “I…I can’t do it,” he whispered.

    “Come forth, SaberLeomon!”

    “I’m ready for action!” the Digimon Spirit said.

    “…SaberLeomon? All I see is a Leomon,” IceDevimon noted. Leomon looked down at himself.

    “Oh, my bad; I forgot to Digivolve!” Leomon laughed nervously. “All right, here goes; Leomon Digivolve to—”

    “Judecca Prison!” ChaosGallantmon emitted a dark energy beam from his shield at Leomon, making him disappear before he could even Digivolve.

    “No more hesitations, ChaosGallantmon!” IceDevimon said. “Do your job! Or else!”

    “…I…I…I can’t do it,” ChaosGallantmon said. “I can’t hurt her…” The Digimon Spirit fell to his knees, facing me. “She…she still cares about me…even though I abandoned her when she needed my help…”

    IceDevimon grimaced. “If you can’t do it, get out of my way!” he said. “Avalanche Claw!”

    “No!” ChaosGallantmon leapt in front of me, protecting me from IceDevimon’s attack with his shield. “I won’t…let you hurt her!”

    “You won’t let me? Don’t forget, I was the one who gave you power, and I can easily take it all away from you!” IceDevimon laughed.

    “Chaos Shot!” ChaosGallantmon fired a blast of dark energy from his spear right at IceDevimon’s chest, sending him flying into a far-off cliff. “Zelda…I…”

    “Thank you,” I said. “For protecting me…thank you…”

    “I’m sorry…I’m so…sorry…”

    “I know you are…But there’s nothing for you to feel sorry for,” I said. “You didn’t do anything wrong…” That…that’s what Luna was trying to tell me…Even now, I say it to Gallantmon when I don’t believe myself of being truly innocent… I smiled, laughing at my own patheticness.

    “I will make it up to you, Zelda,” ChaosGallantmon said. “I will destroy IceDevimon…I’ll do whatever you want…from now on.”


    “You’ll destroy me?! Good luck trying; Tundra Freeze!” A blue light shone down on us from the sky; ChaosGallantmon ran over to me and covered me, taking IceDevimon’s attack full on. The light vanished, and when I looked up, ChaosGallantmon was nowhere to be seen. In his place stood Gallantmon, exactly as I knew him before.

    “You’re finished!” Gallantmon yelled. “Royal Saber!” Gallantmon’s lance fired a surge of light the punctured IceDevimon’s chest and sent the Champion level Digimon falling to the ground.

    “How…how did you turn back?!” IceDevimon asked, attempting to cover the gaping hole on his chest with his hands. “What the hell happened?! Don’t tell me that girl had something to do with it?!”

    “She did,” Gallantmon said. “It was her light…Her light brought me back to the way I was when we first met.”


    “Your kind and pure heart,” Gallantmon explained. “When we met…I was oblivious to such things…But now I know. Zelda…my desire to protect you gave me the power to be able to do so. And now…I shall finally do my job right…and destroy IceDevimon! Final Elysion!” Gallantmon’s shield fired a pure white beam that completely obliterated IceDevimon. Nothing remained of him when the attack ended.

    “Gallantmon…you did it!” I exclaimed.

    “No…we did it,” Gallantmon said. “If it weren’t for you…I’d have never been able to turn back into Gallantmon…I’d have never even thought of defeating IceDevimon. You…you helped me find not only the physical strength necessary, but…but also the strength of heart necessary to do so. Thank you, Zelda.”

    “I…I’m glad I was able to help you so much,” I said. “And…I really am happy to see you again…Oh, Gallantmon, it’s been so long!”

    “I’m sorry. I won’t ever leave your side again. That I promise,” Gallantmon said. “If there’s ever anything that you require, call me, and I shall get it for you.”

    “Gallantmon...” I smiled up at the Exalted Knight, and suddenly gasped. “The Horcruxes!”

    “The Sword, Flute, and Mirror?” Gallantmon asked. “I know where IceDevimon keeps them…are they what you desire?”

    “They’re kind of why I came here, with my friend,” I said. “It’s important that we keep them away from the Bio Hybrids.”

    “Understood,” Gallantmon said. “I shall find them for you and return posthaste.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 79 - Bandit Witch

    Black Rose Mountains

    “Gallantmon! That didn’t take very long!” I said happily. Gallantmon bent down and revealed the three Horcruxes he held in his hand. The Mirror, the Flute…and Saias’s Sword… “Gallantmon…I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough…”

    “Would you like to know something?” Gallantmon asked. I looked up expectantly at the Digimon Spirit. “A little while ago…I was visited by DeathPhantomon.”

    “DeathPhantomon…one of Lilithmon’s allies?” I asked. Gallantmon nodded. “What…did he want?”

    “He was very gracious…In fact, he gave me the ability to use an attack I had lost once he had been freed from the Dark Area,” Gallantmon said.


    “Indeed…would you like a demonstration?” Gallantmon asked. When I remained silent, Gallantmon stood straight up and became enveloped in a black light. “Shadow Evolution! Premenitmon!”

    I watched in amazement as the form of Gallantmon changed into that of the lizard-like Bio Hybrid. “Zelda…it’s been quite some time since we’ve met,” Sephyrus said. “At least, as far as your memory is concerned, it has been. For me, it was yesterday.”

    “Sephyrus…it was…you?” I asked. “The entire time…you were Gallantmon?”

    “No, not the entire time,” BioPremenitmon said. “The Gallantmon that protected you — the one that walked off just moments before — that was really your Gallantmon. I simply found the Horcruxes before he did. Oh, and you don’t need to worry about him; our paths haven’t crossed, so he hasn’t been harmed.”

    “Then…with those three…”

    “Yes; with these Horcruxes, we now possess all ten Horcruxes!” BioPremenitmon exclaimed.

    “Royal Saber!” A blast of lightning struck the rock the Bio Hybrid stood on, causing it to explode and shatter into hundreds of small pieces.

    “So long, Zelda! And thank you for all your hard work! I could never have done it without you!” BioPremenitmon began running off. “Shadow Evolution! Gryphonmon!” In his new form, the Bio Hybrid took flight, and in the blink of an eye, he was out of sight.

    “Zelda…I’m sorry,” Gallantmon came running out of IceDevimon’s Castle. “I…couldn’t find them before he did…”

    “No…Gallantmon, it isn’t your fault,” I said, giving the Digimon Spirit a small smile.

    “What should we do?”

    “Well…right now, we should go and find my friend, Luna.”

    “Then…she’s probably fighting Asuramon and Parrotmon,” Gallantmon said.

    “Are they strong?” I asked.

    “Parrotmon’s a bit of an idiot and a loudmouth, so he shouldn’t be causing her too much of a problem,” Gallantmon said. “But Asuramon…if she isn’t careful, he could easily defeat her…”
    “Let’s go, then! We have to hurry!”

    Bellaluna Rosalina

    “She’s using it!” Asuramon gasped. “She’s using Maleficia!”

    “Shell Needle Rain!” Countless spikes shot out from my back and pierced through Asuramon’s legs, knocking the Ultimate Digimon over. I turned to face Parrotmon; the other Ultimate had a frightened look in his eyes, and he gently placed Chrysania on the ground as I began to stand up.

    “No need for…any more violence, right?” Parrotmon asked, laughing nervously. “You…you wouldn’t actually—”

    I ignored his pathetic pleading. “Blue Prominence!” A ball of blue flames formed in my hands, and I fired it off as a stream of blue plasma at Parrotmon, who was instantly killed when the attack hit him.

    “You’re getting to be a problem…Bellaluna,” Asuramon said. He was standing, and the spikes I had shot into his legs were now in his hands and being used as swords. “IceDevimon…would not approve of anyone being a problem to us!” The tips of the spikes became ignited in flames, and the Ultimate Digimon rushed forth.

    “Avalanche Axes!” A pair of axes fell from the sky, and I hurled them at the approaching Digimon, slicing his four arms clear off. Asuramon fell to his back, unable to get up.

    “The randomness…of Maleficia…always seems to work out in your favor,” Asuramon’s blue-masked face said. “It’s…a pity, really…you could’ve done…so much more with it…”

    “Fenrir Sword!” A large sword materialized in my hands, and I thrust its blade deep into Asuramon’s chest. The flames covering his body dispersed as the Ultimate Digimon slowly became encased in ice.

    “…Nicely…done…Luna,” Asuramon’s yellow-masked face said. “It was…good…seeing you again…”

    “Electron Cannon!” From the palms of my hands, I unleashed a devastating electrical blast that struck him directly in his frozen face. Asuramon and the blade wedged in his chest shattered into thousands of little pieces, the ever-prominent smile on his right head remaining until it, too, shattered with the rest of his body. “Chrysania!” The golden light I emitted vanished as I ran over to the injured girl and crouched down next to her; to my immense relief, she was still breathing, though just barely. Her face had gone completely pale from the loss of blood. “Hang on, Chrysania; mommy’s got you! Mommy’s going to make you all better…” I hurriedly drew two cross-shaped designs in the dirt with Chrysania’s blood. Her hands, which had been hanging on by a few threads at the wrists, joined back together with her arms. They looked good as new, as if they hadn’t been nearly torn off in the first place. “Chrysania! Chrysania! Oh, please, be okay, Chrissy!” I lifted the small girl’s upper body off the ground and tightly hugged her, crying. “Please…be okay…”

    “Chrissy is okay…mommy,” Chrysania said, smiling up at me as I laid her down into my lap.

    “Chrissy…why…why did you follow me?” I asked tearfully.

    “Chrissy was…worried about her mommy…She wanted to make sure Zelda or her mommy wouldn’t get hurt while they were gone…”

    I smiled back at her, placing a kiss on her forehead. “Chrissy…the next time mommy tells you to stay behind…do it.” Chrysania nodded. As she continued looking up at me, her smile began to fade. “What’s wrong? I’m not mad at you, if that’s what you’re wondering…”

    “No…It’s…that Digimon that bit Chrissy…he said…He said that…you used to work with him…Is that true, mommy?”

    “…Yes, it is,” I said.

    “Can you…tell Chrissy about it? That Digimon…told Chrissy what you did the day we met…”

    “He…told you that?” I felt the blood drain from my face.
    “You…you destroyed Chrissy’s village when she was younger…Did you…really work with those two Digimon? Or did he lie to Chrissy?”

    “…No. No, he…he didn’t lie,” I said. “A little over ten years ago, when I was about nineteen…I worked with Asuramon and Parrotmon under IceDevimon’s rule…as bandits.”


    “It was the only way for me to get money,” I said. “I was young and foolish…when I was fifteen, those two told me they needed a witch of my skill to work with them. It was the first time I had ever been praised for my work…so I did whatever IceDevimon asked of me without hesitation. I destroyed villages, murdered innocents with a smile on my face, ruined thousands of lives, and gorged myself on their blood until I felt as though my stomach would burst…Whenever I worked with Parrotmon, or Asuramon, or Zudomon, IceDevimon would always remind us to not kill any girls that had green hair; he always said to bring any we found directly to him…The day I met you, Chrysania…It was a day unlike any other. I had just finished destroying your home village of Lady’s Mantle in Cherifia Territory. I had burned everything to the ground with Parrotmon and Asuramon on my side…until only you were left. Three years old, and you were standing all alone, surrounded by flames, and…you were crying. You had no idea what was going on, but you were frightened…and it was all you could do. You were scared and alone, and…in that state, you reminded me of myself…Scared…and all alone in the world…”

    “Chrissy…doesn’t remember this…”

    “When the three of us found you…It was as if I had just realized what I had done those past four years…You had nowhere else to go, so it was at that moment that I decided to adopt you myself…But I couldn’t stay and live on as a bandit with a three-year old adopted daughter…so I left…and joined Lachesis as its witch, back when Apollomon, Dianamon, BlackGaomon, and SlashAngemon were the only members. I joined them to fight against bandits like Parrotmon and Asuramon…mostly as atonement for what I had done to you…but also…I wanted to be a good role model for you…But I can clearly say that I’ve failed…Rather, I’ve never had a chance.” Chrysania reached up and placed her small hand over my cheek.

    “You’ve done a good job…mommy,” Chrysania smiled. I smiled back sadly, and shook my head.

    “No…No, I’m…I’m a terrible person, Chrissy!” I said. “I ravaged your entire village! I killed your entire family! I…” a dagger materialized in my hand without my notice. “Chrissy…I understand…if you hate me…for what I’ve done. You deserve to live a life without hate…” I raised the dagger up to my neck. “But there’s no need for you to dirty your pretty hands…”

    “NOOOO!” Chrysania quickly snatched the dagger out of my hand and tossed it far away from me. “Mommy…you can’t die!”

    “You don’t…hate me?”

    “No! Chrissy loves you! You can’t leave her without a mommy! Chrissy doesn’t remember her real mommy, so you’re now Chrissy’s real mommy! Chrissy doesn’t care about what you did in the past! Please don’t leave Chrissy all alone!” Chrysania had thrown her arms around my waist, and begun sobbing uncontrollably into the front of my shirt. “Chrissy…loves you…mommy…”

    “Chrysania…I…I love you, too,” I said, stroking the back of her head. “I’m sorry…I promise I’ll never leave you again.” Chrysania raised her head, smiling at me.

    “Mommy…why did you never tell Chrissy you could do such powerful magic?”

    “Powerful magic? Oh…you mean Maleficia?” Chrysania nodded. “It…can be very dangerous to use,” I said. “First of all, it’s difficult to control the attacks, making it difficult to hit my target. However, the main reason I never showed it to you…was because the Digimon attacks called forth by it are chosen at random. If I had gotten the wrong attack…I could have killed us all…”


    “Well, that’s enough about that,” I said. “We need to find Zelda. Do you feel okay enough to walk?”

    “Yeah, Chrissy’s feeling better!” The young witch stood up and smiled down at me. “Thank you…mommy…”

    “I’m glad you’re feeling better,” I said, standing up too. “Mommy’s little angel…”

    “Are you two okay?” a voice called out to us.

    “Zelda! Yay, Zelda’s here now!” Chrysania ran up to and threw her arms around Zelda. “Is Zelda okay, too? Zelda didn’t get hurt, did she?”

    “No, I’m fine, sweetie,” Zelda said. “A lot has happened, though…”

    “…Why don’t you tell us about it on our way back home?” I suggested.
    “I think that would be best…”

    1 Hour

    I followed a river that led from the mountains all the way into the dense jungle of Lotisea, eventually coming to a stop at Lake Viscaria.

    “The original resting place of Hydramon,” I said. “Now…it shall be known as his second waking place.” I placed the Clairvoyant’s Mirror into the frigid waters of the lake and watched it sink slowly and gently to the shallow bottom. As it slowly floated away, I begun reciting the ancient words Lilithmon had taught me. The mirror emitted a bright gleam that cut through the clear blue surface of the water, and in mere moments, the monstrous Hydramon stood before me. “Good to have you join us, Hydramon.”

    “At long, bloody last…liberation!” Hydramon exclaimed. “But…you said ‘us,’ didn’t you? You are the only one in sight…”

    “Lilithmon couldn’t be bothered to come here herself, but she is here in spirit,” I said. “Also, DeathPhantomon is still on the prowl somewhere; for all we know, he could actually be here. I just cannot fathom what goes on in that mind of his…”

    “I understand perfectly,” Hydramon smirked.

    “Now…forgive me if I am wrong, good sir, but…do you not have eight heads?” I asked. “I see only one…”

    “You are correct; ages past, I was once an Orochimon, a destructive eight-headed beast. However…those heads were but a mere illusion, and were little more than puppets. Upon evolution to the Mega level, the other heads seem to have gained a mind of their own, with their own individual personalities. It shames me to say this, but…if too many of my heads are present, we all begin to bicker. I keep only a few of my heads visible to avoid just that. Now, enough of the pleasant chit-chat, Sephyrus; I need to speak with Lilithmon. Quite urgently, really. Might you know where I can find her?”

    “She is in Mandala, good sir,” I replied.

    “Mandala…and we’re in Lotisea? Of course she chose to live in a place on the other side of the continent…”

    “Look at the bright side, Hydramon; Mandala sank to the bottom of the ocean,” I said.

    “Well…that is good news, isn’t it? Haven’t had a good swim in a while!” Hydramon looked quite thrilled. “Care to join me, Sephyrus?”

    “I’m afraid I cannot; I still need to free Machinedramon and Lupinemon.”

    “I understand,” Hydramon’s center head nodded.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 80 - Demon Beast

    Saias’s Villa
    1 Day

    “…And now, the Bio Hybrids have all ten Horcruxes,” I said. With Apollomon, Dianamon, and Pheragas gone, the living room felt empty, even with everyone else sitting around me, listening intently to my explanation of what has happened. “I…you can blame me if you’d like. Sephyrus tricked me; he turned into Gallantmon, and he…”

    Thomas, sitting next to me, gently took my hand in his. “I have no intention of blaming you for any of this, Zelda,” he said, smiling at me. “It is the fault of Lilithmon and the Bio Hybrids, and we will stop them no matter how many Digimon they call forth from the Dark Area.”

    “We should prepare for the worst, though,” BlackGaomon said, looking grimly at everyone in the room.

    “We still have to deal with three other Digimon,” Statuedramon said, pacing the floor. “And then there’s also that DeathPhantomon, too.”

    “Which means five of the twelve walk free,” Thomas said. “With this many, they’ll be more powerful than the others were.”

    “And don’t forget, nobody knows what happened to Cherubimon,” BlackGaomon added. “For all we know, he could still be alive.”

    “…Meaning half of them are alive, if Cherubimon is,” Luna pointed out. The others nodded in agreement with her observation.

    “What should we do?” Statch asked, taking a bite of his cheeseburger.
    “Without Apollomon, we can’t do anything,” BlackGaomon said gravely. “We must wait for him, Dianamon, and Pheragas to return, and hopefully, they’ll have Seraphimon with them.”

    Braig’s Lab

    Over four weeks it’s been since IceDevimon froze this place over…and yet, the ice remains intact! The ice that incased the laboratory gleamed in the bright sunlight. Should I…go in? It can supposedly kill one with just a touch…I’d better not risk it, even if I am a Bio Hybrid.

    Closing my eyes, I thrust Saias’s sword deep into the ice and began chanting the ancient words. The first thing I heard when I finished the incantation was the ice shattering. The sword fall from my hands and landed on the paved sidewalk. Machinedramon now stood before me, looking around in awe.

    “…So many buildings,” Machinedramon said.

    “Yes, a lot has changed since you’ve been here last,” I said. “What you knew to be a barren wasteland has developed into a thriving city.”

    Machinedramon grunted. “I detest civilization; other beings must be living in fear of one supreme being…and that being…is me.”

    I bowed my head slightly in deference to him. “And so it shall be, Machinedramon. But first…perhaps you ought to pay a visit to dear Lilithmon? She is expecting you, good sir.”

    “Very well; lead me to her, then,” Machinedramon said.

    “Lilithmon is currently residing within Mandala City, which, I’m afraid, has sunk to the bottom of the ocean,” I explained.

    “Bottom of the ocean?! How do you expect me to get there?!” Machinedramon roared.
    “…I know of a few…shortcuts,” I said. “Come with me; I shall take you to her, good sir.”

    Saias’s Villa

    “But…we can’t just sit here, doing nothing!” Statch exclaimed. “What if they haven’t released the other three yet? We should go out and stop them before that happens!”

    “And what would happen if we actually ran into them?” I asked, turning to face Statch. “Without Apollomon…without Dianamon, or Pheragas, or even Seraphimon, we wouldn’t stand a chance against the remaining six Digimon. The other six you fought were nothing compared to the other half.”

    “…Are they that powerful?” Thomas asked, looking surprised.

    I nodded. “All twelve are powerful on their own, but these remaining six…they’re so powerful, they could lay waste to the entire continent in a matter of days,” I said. “Cherubimon is a Celestial Digimon, the same as Lilithmon used to be, and Seraphimon is, and you three,” I pointed to Statch, Zelda, and Thomas. “You three already know how powerful she is. And then, the Digimon Hydramon is practically immortal, with the ability to regenerate almost all of his eight heads except for his main one; add to that his clairvoyant abilities, and you’ve got a Digimon that will never let himself get killed.”

    “He just hasn’t met the right opponent yet,” Statch boasted, puffing his chest out. “I’ll cut off every single head of that eight-headed freak!”

    I sighed, growing impatient with the Rookie Digimon’s display of bravado.

    “Please continue,” Thomas told me, and I nodded at the assassin.

    “DeathPhantomon is next…he has the ability to lock his opponents in an eternal nightmare, never to awake again…furthermore, he can also turn them into spirits. As spirits, his opponents will not be able to hit him with their attacks, but he can hit them with his special scythe; the Scythe of Soul’s Harvest.”

    “His scythe…can bring harm to ethereal beings?” Thomas asked.

    I nodded. “I don’t know the logic behind it, but he can. It’s also the same with Lupinemon…She uses light-based attacks, and may appear to be an Exalted Beast, but in reality…she’s a Demon Beast. Her light can sear through ethereal beings as DeathPhantomon’s scythe can slice through them. And finally, there’s Machinedramon…an enormous Digimon designed for total annihilation. He won’t stop destroying until there’s nothing left to destroy…and even then, he might not stop.”

    “BlackGaomon…how do you know all of this?” Luna asked, a puzzled expression crossing her face. “I thought you and Pheragas joined at the same time.”

    “No…After Apollomon, Dianamon, and SlashAngemon, who obviously knew all of this information, formed this group…I was the first to join them, around one-hundred years ago. As the first to join, they gave me some of the information they had. About twenty years ago, Pheragas joined after he was sick of his father pushing him to join the Valencian Knights. He didn’t like the way they did things, and he still doesn’t.”

    “Why didn’t Apollomon tell me?” Luna asked. “Chrysania and I were next to join, just before Garret and MetalEtemon…”

    “It wasn’t something we were trying to keep a secret from you guys,” I said. “It’s just…kind of difficult to work in to a casual conversation, you know? It’s also a bit of a touchy subject for him; according to Dianamon, he had lost a past lover to one of those twelve, and I’d be willing to bet it was Cherubimon who killed her.”

    “Why him?” Chrysania asked from behind Luna’s skirt. The poor child hadn’t left her mother’s side since her terrible ordeal in the Black Rose Mountains the day before.

    “Cherubimon was the member of that group Apollomon went after, remember? Though, he wasn’t successful, and that’s why I have a feeling that Cherubimon’s still alive today.”

    “All the more reason why we should go!” Statch exclaimed, jumping up. “If one of those evil bastards hurt our boss, then it’s up to us, his employees and friends, to kick his ass in retribution!”

    “Sit down!” I ordered. “As long as Dianamon and Apollomon are away, I am in charge. Got it?” The taller Rookie, clearly surprised by my tone of voice, sat back down next to Thomas. “For now…we will just sit…and wait. That, dear comrades…is an order.”

    “BlackGaomon…forgive my impertinence, but I think that’s a really terrible idea,” Thomas said. “I’ll go along with it as you’ve ordered…but I think it’s only fair that I let you know where I stand on this.”

    “I agree with Thomas,” Luna said. “We can’t just sit and wait for those Digimon to come back…I’ll follow along, but only because Apollomon clearly trusts you enough to leave you in charge.”
    “I think it’s a fucking awful idea!” Statch shouted. “I don’t care if Apollomon left you in charge, BlackGaomon; you are not Apollomon! Apollomon would never make us sit and wait for them to come to us!” Statuedramon leapt off the couch and ran upstairs.

    Mandala City

    “Welcome home,” I said to Machinedramon as we were teleported to the underwater city.

    “…This place is in ruins,” Machinedramon said, looking around at the fallen buildings and piles of rubble. “A job well done; nearly everything is in shambles. Do you know the identity of the one who did this?”

    “I believe this happened during a fight between Neptunemon and Belphemon. There have been several other fights here since then, though, so perhaps the credit should not go to them alone…”

    “…Really well done,” Machinedramon commented. “This destruction…it may have been accidental, but it really is quite artistic!”

    “I see you haven’t changed a bit, Machinedramon,” said a lilting female voice.

    “Lilithmon, where are you?!” Machinedramon asked, having forgotten about the beauteous destruction immediately upon hearing Lilithmon’s voice.

    “I’m right here, silly.” Machinedramon looked down and saw the beautiful Mega level Digimon standing right in front of him. “How’ve you been, Machinedramon?”

    “HOW HAVE I BEEN?! I was locked up two-hundred years longer than I should have been, and you’re asking me how I am?!”


    Machinedramon knelt down as best he could to look Lilithmon in the face. “Don’t get cute with me; you may be the strongest of the twelve of us, but don’t think I won’t hesitate to attack you. Don’t antagonize me.”

    “Antagonize you? Don’t be ridiculous, Machinedramon; I wouldn’t dare dream of doing that,” Lilithmon said coyly. “Now, Sephyrus, you did well, finding the Sword and bringing Machinedramon back. Did you find the Flute or the Mirror?”

    “Both of them,” I said. “I have already freed Hydramon from his prison; has he not yet arrived?”

    “I’m here,” Hydramon suddenly said, walking up to our group, shaking the ground with each step he took.

    “Good to see you again, Hydramon,” Lilithmon smirked.
    “It seems as though I’m not needed here,” I said to myself. “I’ll be on my way to the Savage Prairie so I can free Lupinemon, then…”

    10 Minutes

    The Savage Prairie was the same as ever; an endless sea of tall grass, with nary a tree in sight.

    “I suppose this is as good a place as any…” I placed the Flute on a nearby rock and began reciting the ancient words. A golden light illuminated the area, and soon, a golden, wolf-like Digimon stood before me.

    “You certainly took your time,” Lupinemon growled, baring her sharp fangs. “Care to explain why I was the last one to be freed?!”

    “Forgive my tardiness, my fair lady; based on how the release spell works, it was simply easiest to free you last,” I said.

    “Whatever; now, where’s Lilithmon?!” she demanded impatiently.
    “Fret not, milady; in a few moment’s time, I’ll have brought you to her whereabouts.”

    10 Minutes

    “I have returned,” I said.

    “How did it go? There weren’t any interruptions, were there?” Lilithmon asked.

    I shook my head and announced, “Lupinemon is with me.”

    The glimmering Demon Beast walked up to Lilithmon and bared her fangs. “You could not even be bothered to be there when I was released, so you send your Bio Hybrid flunky to free me instead,” Lupinemon growled.

    “Yes, Lilithmon; why have you been here this entire time instead of freeing us?” Hydramon asked in a snide voice.

    “I don’t care about that!” Lupinemon snapped. “There’s only one thing I wish to discuss with Lilithmon!”

    “Yes? What is it?”

    “Your punishment.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 81 - Disobedience

    Thomas Kasuto
    Saias’s Villa
    Living Room

    “…Tommy…what do you think we should do?” Zelda asked nervously. “We can’t…just sit here, and wait for those evil Digimon to start hurting people…” I looked around the empty room and sighed.

    “We don’t have any choice,” I said. “This isn’t like before when the three of us snuck away to Braig’s laboratory…Those Digimon we’re fighting…those twelve…If their power is enough to frighten Apollomon to the point where he won’t allow us to fight without Seraphimon’s help, then it might be best that we do what he says. With Seraphimon, the members of Lachesis are the only ones who can stand up to those twelve, not to mention Michalis and Sephyrus.” I turned to look at Zelda; she looked exhausted, and she was slumped up against me on a couch, with her eyes half open and her head resting atop my right shoulder. In reality, I was just as nervous as she was, and the warmth of her body was very comforting. I placed my arm around her and said, “I don’t like BlackGaomon’s decision any more than you, or Statch, or Luna…but it is the wisest decision. If something were to happen to any of us, the chances that the remainder of our group triumphs over Lilithmon slims down astronomically. That is why I go along with BlackGaomon. People may get hurt waiting for us, but if we rush in and get ourselves killed, then more and more people will get hurt, and there will be nobody around to stop it.”

    “We have no choice but to get involved…because that is what we do,” Zelda replied. “But still…I…I’m scared, Tommy…” Zelda placed her hand over mine and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Since they’re so powerful…it’s almost guaranteed that someone here will get hurt…I don’t want to see anyone I care about get hurt ever again…especially you, Tommy.”

    “…I…feel the same way,” I whispered. “Especially about you, Zelda.”

    “Thomas…have you seen Statuedramon?” BlackGaomon asked, walking into the room.

    “Statuedramon? Didn’t…didn’t he go up to his room?” I asked.

    “He’s not there.”

    “He’s…He ran away!” I stood up, grabbed my sword, and ran to the front door of the villa.

    “You know where he went?” BlackGaomon asked. Zelda, holding the satchel that contained her Digimon Talismans, ran after me.
    “Isn’t it obvious? He went to Mandala to deal with those Digimon because you forbade him to!” I said. “The two of us will go and bring him back before he does anything stupid!”

    Mandala City

    “There’s only one thing I wish to discuss with Lilithmon,” Lupinemon said.

    “Yes? What is it?” Lilithmon asked.

    “Your punishment.”

    “Punishment?! But…I’ve freed all of you! Have I not done that? Have I not released you all from the Dark Area?!” Lilithmon demanded. “Please…have mercy…”

    “You dare request mercy?!” Hydramon asked.

    “Have I not earned it? I’ve released all of you…”

    “How curious, then…that six of our friends remain trapped in the void with no way to get out!” Lupinemon snarled.

    “The three of us should obliterate you on their behalf,” Machinedramon said.

    “I kept my word! I freed the lot of you! I cannot be blamed for the meddling of Lachesis and its members!” Lilithmon yelled.

    You did not free us,” Hydramon said. “And you, Lily, did not keep your word.”

    “Haven’t I?!”

    “Freeing us was your job, and not Sephyrus’s,” Machinedramon said.

    “There’s been talk in the Dark Area about having him replace you,” Lupinemon said. “He seems far more worthy of joining us than you are of staying with us.”
    I could not help but smile at the compliment.

    “I, for one, would be most welcoming to our Bio Hybrid ally,” Hydramon said. “He’s a good chap; very polite, and easy to talk to. You, on the other hand, are very easy to talk down to.”

    “Why have someone like that in our group?” Lupinemon asked. “All twelve of us are equals…is the way it should be. Instead, it is eleven equals and one sniveling coward!

    “Pardon for the interruption!” the five of us looked straight up to see the form of DeathPhantomon descending from the ocean and through the protective barrier surrounding the city. “The wind has brought the sweetest of rumors to mine ears!”

    “What do you want, DeathPhantomon?” Hydramon asked.

    “Rumor tells that sweet Lilithmon is about to receive her punishment; verily, hath I cometh to partake in such a momentous activity!”

    “DeathPhantomon…just…just stop,” Lupinemon said, shaking her head. DeathPhantomon, ignoring her, hovered over to Lilithmon.

    “Thou hath been very naughty, Lilithmon; to thine ass go the spankings!”

    “Shut up, DeathPhantomon!” Machinedramon roared. “This…punishment…isn’t like the ones in your sick, sexual fantasies!”

    “Thou would be surprised of what bringeth enjoyment to me,” DeathPhantomon cackled.

    “Not…anymore,” Hydramon said. All three of Hydramon’s visible heads had a traumatized look on their faces. “Not since you locked me in that nightmare involving the mango and the Kudamon…”

    “Stop talking!” Lupinemon said hurriedly. DeathPhantomon laughed eerily once more. “No, I’m serious; I think I hear someone coming!”

    “Sword of Dragon’s Soul!” a clear projection of a sword whizzed down past my head and struck the concrete ground in front of Hydramon and Machinedramon.

    “I smell…an unfamiliar scent,” Lupinemon growled.

    “I believe a friend from Lachesis has come to join us,” I said. “Do join us…won’t you, Statuedramon?”

    “I would never join your side, Bio Hybrid!” Statuedramon said, leaping down from a marble column in front of me.

    “That…wasn’t exactly what I meant…”

    “Who’s this small fry?” Hydramon asked.

    “Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Statuedramon,” I said. “He is the Digimon partner of the Human that killed SkullCaliphmon.”

    This is the Digimon Horusmon spoke so fondly of?!” Machinedramon asked.

    “But…he’s just a Rookie level,” Lupinemon said.

    “Regardless, it seems that letting him live would be disadvantageous to our group,” Hydramon said. “I shall be the one to deal with him; Herculean Slicer!” Hydramon forcefully brought down his sword-shaped tail at the small Rookie, who blocked the attack with his own sword remarkably well.

    “Is this…the best you’ve got?!” Statuedramon asked. “I’ve taken stronger attacks from In-Training level Digimon!”

    “You wish for something stronger?” Hydramon asked, raising his tail slightly.

    “You don’t want to know what that main head is capable of!” one of Hydramon’s other heads said.

    “Hey, I wanted to be the one to say that!” the third of Hydramon’s heads whined.

    “Well, tough shit; I said it first!” Hydramon’s second head stuck its tongue out at the third head.

    “Yes…well, don’t say you were never adequately warned for what is about to happen,” Hydramon said to Statuedramon. “Lernaean Inferno!” Hydramon’s main, center head opened its mouth and unleashed a swirling orange flame at the Rookie.

    “Dimensional Shield!” All of Hydramon’s flames disappeared inside Statuedramon’s shield, and the Rookie’s sword began to glow red as it unleashed the flames back at the larger Mega, searing and burning through his thick, black scales. Hydramon could do nothing in retaliation as Statuedramon cut through his charred body with his sword. Machinedramon and Lupinemon stood still, watching in awe as Hydramon hit the ground, dead and dissolving into data. Lilithmon observed with a stern expression on her face, and DeathPhantomon seemed amused, although it was hard to tell with a Digimon that concealed his face. I myself was unsurprised at what had happened; I had been well aware of the Rookie’s strength for quite some time. “Who’d like to go next?” Statch asked.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 82 - A Dire Return

    Mandala City

    “Who wants to go next?” I asked.

    “You think you’re so tough; why don’t you try fighting all of us at once?!” Lupinemon asked.

    “I’d be happy to!”

    “That means you as well, Lilithmon,” Machinedramon said.

    “I—I knew that!” Lilithmon stuttered. “Then…that means Sephyrus, too!”

    “Of course, milady,” Sephyrus bowed.

    “And where’s Michalis?!” the female Demon Lord asked.

    “I’ve sent him out to find Cherubimon,” Sephyrus replied. “He’s never been good at finding things, so I doubt he’ll be successful…”

    “Don’t talk about my son that way,” Lilithmon said defensively.

    “Are you guys ready yet?” I asked. “Because I’d like to begin…by destroying the lot of you!”

    “Big words from such a short Digimon!” Lupinemon said. “I’m ready whenever you are!”

    “Have at you!” I brandished my sword. Bathed in the refracted light the flittered down from the ocean, it looked capable to repel the very evil that lurked in the depths of even Lilithmon’s heart.

    “Breath of Wyvern!” A large, dragon-shaped aura flew over my head and struck the advancing Digimon, creating an explosion that sent dust flying into the air.

    “Statuedramon!” Thomas said. A chill went down my spine. Never once in my life had I ever heard his voice sound that strict. “You heard BlackGaomon…you were ordered not to come here.” Through the smoke cloud, I could see him standing at the entrance of the sunken city next to Zelda and Dynasmon.

    “Oh, Statuedramon, you aren’t hurt, are you?!” Zelda ran through the dust cloud and placed her arms around me. “They haven’t attacked you, have they?”

    “…No, I—I’m fine,” I said.

    Zelda looked at me; her blue eyes were filled with concern. “Oh, thank the goddess! Oh, I’m so glad you’re okay!”

    She…was that worried about me? Thomas and Dynasmon began walking over to us. Thomas…you sure lucked out finding a girl this sweet. The dust cloud cleared, and the opposing Digimon were staring us down.

    “BlackGaomon told us not to go because we don’t stand a chance against them,” Thomas said. “Next time…listen to orders when they are given, and obey them when you hear them.”

    “..Yeah…I’ll do that,” I said. The loud echoing of Machinedramon’s footstep interrupted us.

    “I grow weary of this; I will just destroy you all!” Machinedramon shouted. The cannons on Machinedramon’s back began to glow. “Giga Cannon!”

    “Get behind me!” I yelled, and just as Machinedramon unleashed his attack, I held up my shield and absorbed the cannon blast. My sword attack took on a bright silver glow as I attacked Machinedramon in return. Machinedramon was left standing, many pieces of his mechanical body short-circuiting and hanging on by a few wires. I leapt up and hacked away at him a few times with my sword, and Machinedramon was no more. “Well…as long as we’re here, why don’t we finish up?”

    “No,” Thomas said. “BlackGaomon gave us an order…and I intend to follow it through.”

    “Meaning you don’t want to fight them.”

    “Not as we are now,” Zelda said. “Without Apollomon and Seraphimon, we don’t stand as good a chance of defeating Lilithmon!”

    “…Let’s go, Statch,” Thomas said.

    “Well, then; if you have no desire to fight, then I’ll gladly step in!” Lupinemon said, lunging through the air at us.

    “Dynasmon!” Zelda cried.

    “Leave this to me, milady,” Dynasmon said. “Dragon’s Roar!” Dynasmon charged energy in the palms of his hands and rapidly punched Lupinemon to the ground as Thomas ran over to her and slit her throat with his sword. Lupinemon fell to her side, dead.

    “I don’t think we need their help,” I said. “We seem to be doing just fine without—”

    “Statch, come on!” Thomas grabbed my wrist and dragged me away from the other Digimon.

    “What’s the big deal?! I killed two of them all by myself, and I’ll bet I can—”

    “Not against DeathPhantomon,” Thomas said. “He doesn’t fight like other Digimon, remember? He attacks the opponents’ spirit, not their physical body! We can’t fight someone like that!” Thomas and Zelda forcefully dragged me over to one of the city’s Blue Tiles, and in an instant, we had left Mandala, arriving at what seemed to be an empty bar in Yew.

    “Okay…I’ll admit DeathPhantomon would’ve been pretty difficult at first, but I really believe I can beat that guy!”

    “You don’t understand!” Thomas sighed. “There is no winning against a Digimon that fights like that…not with brute strength, at any rate, and certainly not with your usual way of doing things. To defeat DeathPhantomon, we’ll need to formulate some sort of strategy.”
    “…Okay. Fine. Let’s just go back to the villa, all right?”

    Thomas nodded in agreement, and the three of us set off.


    “The nerve of those pests!” Lilithmon fumed.

    “’Twas quite the inconvenience, eh wot?” DeathPhantomon asked in an amused voice.

    “What are you still doing here?!” Lilithmon asked. “GO AFTER THEM! Don’t let them get away!”

    “Of course…milady,” DeathPhantomon said mockingly, cackling to himself as he hovered away.

    “…Sephyrus. Have you any idea when Michalis might be back?”

    “Right now!” Michalis said excitedly, running up to us from a Blue Tile. “Did I miss anything?”

    I turned to face the boy. “Hydramon, Machinedramon, and Lupinemon were all killed,” I said. “DeathPhantomon remains still, but otherwise, you haven’t missed much.”

    “What about you?” Lilithmon looked at Michalis. “Were you successful?”

    “Successful with what? Oh, right; Cherubimon! No, I couldn’t find him, mother,” Michalis said. “Not even the slightest clue, I’m afraid…”

    Lilithmon let out a weary sigh.

    “Do not worry, milady,” I said. “He’ll show up soon.”
    “I hope you’re right, Sephyrus,” Lilithmon said.

    Thomas Kasuto
    Saias’s Villa
    Living Room
    30 Minutes

    I stood with Zelda in one corner of the room, watching BlackGaomon pace back and forth. “…I suppose I oughtn’t be surprised by what you did, Statuedramon,” he said to the same-heighted Rookie sitting before him on a sofa. “That’s just how you are as a person…and there’s nothing that can be done about that.”

    “I guess not,” Statch said. “So…can we go back and fight them, then?” I glanced from Statch’s eager face to BlackGaomon’s, which looked impatient.

    “Absolutely not!” BlackGaomon snapped. “Not without a plan, at least; DeathPhantomon is one of the strongest members of the Order of the Enchantress. He can lock his enemies in eternal nightmares. He can change the opponent into a spirit who cannot come in contact with anything, only to be harmed by his scythe. He can change his shape. He cannot be defeated by conventional means, so we’ll need an unconventional plan for stopping him.”

    “…I tried telling you the same thing earlier, Statuedramon,” I said. The Rookie shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes. “BlackGaomon, didn’t Apollomon give you any information on him?”

    “The Digimon that killed DeathPhantomon before; didn’t he at least give a name?” Statuedramon asked.

    “Don’t you remember? He told you it was a Flamedramon that did it,” BlackGaomon said.

    “Right…a different Flamedramon from the one we know,” Statch said. “Hey, why don’t we just find the Flamedramon we know to kick his ass for us?”

    “Would Flamedramon really be willing to do it?” Luna asked.

    “If Zelda asks him to do it, he probably would,” Chrysania said.

    Everyone in the room turned to look at Zelda, and after a moment, she reluctantly said, “…Well…Flamedramon was one of the Marked when he was a Human,” she explained. “When we traveled together last year, the way he spoke to me…his voice sounded as though he couldn’t refuse a favor from me…”

    “And, of course, that’s only assuming we actually know where Flamedramon is,” BlackGaomon added. “Zelda…if we were to hypothetically find him, do you think you could convince him to do what we want?”

    “I…I don’t like taking advantage of other people’s kindness, but I’ll try…”

    “Well, try not to think of it as simply ‘taking advantage of his kindness,’” Luna suggested. “Think of it as asking for his help to protect Arcadia. I guess that does sound kind of odd, asking for help from a Digimon who once wanted to do the exact opposite, though…”

    “Does Zelda know where Flamedramon might be?” Chrysania asked.

    “No. Nobody’s seen or heard from him since he helped us fight Lilithmon a few weeks ago,” Zelda said. “It’s the same with Abigail, too.”

    “Maybe we don’t need Flamedramon,” Statuedramon suggested. “If a Flamedramon was able to defeat that DeathPhantomon, then maybe all we need to do is set him on fire or something!”

    “…You know…that may not be a bad idea,” BlackGaomon said.

    “I wouldn’t count on that working,” I said. “Remember what Apollomon said; DeathPhantomon is capable of changing himself, just like BioPremenitmon. I wouldn’t count on the same tactic working more than once, especially for a Digimon as clever as that.”

    “Yeah, but—” a knock on the front door interrupted Statuedramon. BlackGaomon walked over to it and opened it, gasping in surprise.


    The tall Mega Digimon walked with a limp into the villa.

    “Apollomon, what are you doing back here? Did you find Seraphimon already?” Luna asked.

    “And where are Dianamon and Pheragas?” Statuedramon asked.

    “…They…they’re dead…”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 83 - Gathering Information

    Thomas Kasuto
    Saias’s Villa
    Living Room

    “Dianamon and Pheragas…are both dead,” Apollomon repeated.

    “W—what…you…you mean…” BlackGaomon grabbed his head as it shook in disbelief, and he collapsed to his knees.

    “They’re both…dead?” Chrysania asked tearfully as Luna placed her arms around the young girl.

    …Something…isn’t right…

    “No…no, that can’t be!” Statuedramon exclaimed, dropping his sword and shield to the floor as he gazed up at the near-lachrymose Mega level.

    Something’s…just not right…Why would Apollomon be here? Zelda looked up at me, teary-eyed and frightened before pressing her face up against my arm. He…doesn’t look very—

    “Who did it?!” Statuedramon asked. “Who killed our friends?!”

    “Oh…it was…the Bio Hybrids,” Apollomon said. “It was just the two of them. They…they allowed me go, so I did…”

    I looked away from him. “…Pathetic. Our friends get killed, and you just come crawling back here without tearing the heads off of those bastards? They just let you go?” I demanded.

    “Thomas!” Statch gave me an angry glare.

    “They…they did let me go,” Apollomon said. “There was nothing I could do to help them…”

    “Even though you’re a Mega level Digimon capable of easily overpowering those two? Did you just stand there and watch while our friends were killed?!”

    “Thomas, that’s enough!” BlackGaomon said.

    “I…I need to get some rest,” Apollomon said. I watched him with narrowed eyes as he walked up the villa’s stairs.

    “…You didn’t need to say any of that,” BlackGaomon said after a moment. I sighed quietly and began to leave the room. “Hey, where are you going?! If you’re going to antagonize the Boss any further, then I won’t—”

    “Let me?” I asked derisively. “Apollomon is back, BlackGaomon, so you are no longer in charge.”

    Once at the top of the stairs, I walked into Apollomon’s empty bedroom and closed the door behind me. I was surprised by how late it had gotten; I could see through the window that Apollomon now looked out that the sun had set entirely, and the moon had just begun its slow ascent to the middle of the sky. “You aren’t covered in wounds, Apollomon.”

    “…They…they let me go, Thomas,” Apollomon said. “I…didn’t have to fight—”

    “So, you’re just going to let me believe that they were killed while you stood there and did nothing?! Damn it, Apollomon, how much do our friendships mean to you?!”

    “They…mean everything to me. You know that, don’t you…Thomas?”

    “I don’t know who the hell you think you are, Apollomon, but…the real Apollomon has a large scar on his back that he received as a lance wound from a knight called Lector.”

    Apollomon’s head turned around to look at me, grinning. “Oh…is that so? My, my, my…how frightfully careless of me to forget! How embarrassing…I usually have quite the eye for detail; since it was a creature of the male gender, I paid not as much attention as I do to the ladies.” Before my very eyes, a scar began to materialize on the Mega level’s back. “Is that better?”


    “Thou art…quite an intriguing individual, Thomas,” DeathPhantomon said, changing his shape from that of Apollomon to his cloaked, scythe-wielding form. “Thou wast never fooled by a mere illusion…but how could thou see through it, I wonder?”

    “Isn’t it obvious by now? Apollomon would never—”

    “Yes, I am quite aware of Apollomon’s benevolent reputation,” DeathPhantomon interrupted. “But when thou first laid thy eyes upon me…even then, thou had suspicions as to the true identity of what you saw! Thy words, thine actions! How couldst thou be aware of whom I really was at the time?!”

    “That…was a test; truly, I thank you for falling for it,” I said. “I know what you are capable of, DeathPhantomon…from the endless nightmares to the form changing. I knew you would use that ability to your advantage somehow. If you really were Apollomon, I’d have been punched in the face for talking to you like that.”

    “So…thou risked getting attacked in order to find out if what you saw was really me or not,” DeathPhantomon laughed. “Thou holds fear in thy heart for me, do you not?”

    “I know about your abilities…all your special tricks, and all of your weaknesses, but that doesn’t mean I know of a way to counter them all,” I replied. “So…Pheragas and Dianamon aren’t really dead, I take it.”

    “How would I know? I’ve never come in contact with the brutes,” DeathPhantomon said. “For all the knowledge I possess, they could very well live. As you know, I have somewhat of an aversion to Digimon who use fire attacks. I just combust so easily; made almost entirely of cloth, if thou weren’t aware.”
    He took the bait. Again. What a fool…Should I try getting more out of him…? “That’s a badass-looking scythe you’ve got there.”

    DeathPhantomon held up his weapon, and I could hear him laugh slightly. “Yes, I suppose it does have its own unique charm, does it not? Oh, how I cannot wait to make Lilithmon scream and shriek and cry with this! What part of her should I jab its blade into first, do you think? I wouldn’t wish her dead, so perchance an arm or a leg? Or perhaps I could rake it across her back…? Oh, but I’m also fond of navel torture, and Lilithmon has such a cute one, after all…Decisions, decisions, decisions…”

    “…I would be very willing to bet that there isn’t a Digimon around who could defeat you in combat as long as you have that scythe,” I said. “And I’m not even a betting person!”

    “Oh, yeah? Well, thou would be wrong!” DeathPhantomon snickered. “Fire attacks completely burn through me! Also, if this crystal sphere around my neck gets pierced, I’m done for. Thou claims to know everything about me, and yet failed to know this much?”

    “…You’re right. I didn’t know that,” I said. “But thanks so much for telling me everything I needed to know.” DeathPhantomon turned to face me just as I drew out my sword and thrust it into the crystal sphere hanging from his neck. In an instant, he fell to the ground, dead and turning into small specks of data. “Cannot be defeated by conventional means…seems that that equates to fighting dirty.” I laughed to myself as I sheathed my blade. “Well, I certainly don’t mind adopting a wily fighting style if it means we’ll all have an easier time defeating Lilithmon and her cohorts.”

    “Thomas, what just—” BlackGaomon barged into the room and fell silent upon noticing I was the only one in it. “Where is Apollomon?! Thomas, what have you done to him?!”

    “Apollomon…was never here,” I said. “That was DeathPhantomon.”

    “What?! So then—”

    “Dianamon and Pheragas are fine, BlackGaomon. DeathPhantomon never came into contact with them and Apollomon, and I seriously doubt the Bio Hybrids would, either, considering how powerful Apollomon is.”

    “…And you’re sure that was DeathPhantomon, and not Apollomon?” BlackGaomon began cracking his knuckles.

    “Yes, I’m certain; he turned into his ghostly form and we spoke for a bit.”
    “…Well, all right. We’d better head downstairs and explain to Chrysania that they aren’t really dead,” BlackGaomon said. “She’s been crying ever since you went upstairs.”

    Mandala City

    DeathPhantomon is the only one left…besides Cherubimon and myself, of course. I looked at the ten Horcruxes that lay on the ground before me. I feel so…violated, having only that one around…like he’s thinking about me in a way that I’d rather not be thought about, and especially not by him… I shuddered as I thought of the hovering Digimon. …I guess I wouldn’t mind it if, say, Sephyrus, had thoughts like that. At least he’s a perfect gentleman, and rather easy on the eyes, too… I glanced at him from afar, and giggled. Or maybe he already does? If he doesn’t…ooh, I could order him to!

    “Milady, is everything alright?” Sephyrus asked.

    “What? Oh, yes, yes, of course!” I looked down and away from the man, blushing when I realized the way I had been thinking about him. “I, uh…I just want to be left alone for a while…”

    “Of course, milady.” Sephyrus bowed and proceeded to leave. I looked back down at the Horcruxes.

    “As soon as DeathPhantomon gets back here…I’ll free the rest of you,” I whispered to the inanimate objects.

    “Oh, I do believe you’ll free us sooner than that.” I looked around the ancient city, trying to discern where the voice came from.

    “Look down, stupid!”

    Generalmon and…Lupinemon? “Where are you, my friends?!”

    “I already said; look down!” I did as I was told, and saw that the glass of the Clairvoyant’s Mirror, Hydramon’s Horcrux, had lit up. In it, I could see the faces of my ten friends, rather than my own reflection.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 84 - The Gate to the Dark Area


    “My…friends?” I gasped. Looking back at me in the mirror were the ten heads of my friends.

    “How adorable; the tart wished to be left alone,” Hydramon said. “When on the contrary…”

    “She is far from alone,” Generalmon said.

    “My friends…It’s so good to see you,” I said nervously. “But…how is it you are speaking with me?”

    “Hast thou forgotten what I’m capable of?” DeathPhantomon asked. “With the crystal sphere around my neck, I can observe the actions of anyone I so desire!”

    “And with my abilities, I am able to project our images through DeathPhantomon’s pendant and onto the Mirror…my Horcrux,” Hydramon said.

    “Oh…yes. What a…truly wonderful ability,” I said nervously. “It…makes me proud to call you all my friends!”

    “Your sentiment will subside in due time,” SkullCaliphmon said. “Prepare to say bone-voyage to it!”

    “Your punishment is nigh,” Machinedramon said.

    “All of you are still going on about that?! I can still free you!” I shouted for what felt to be the hundredth time.

    “And how do you plan on doing that, now that all of our Horcruxes have been emptied of souls?!” Belphemon roared.

    “Don’t doubt me! I know of a way!” I said. “Do you think I have been wasting time here…this time?! I know of a spell, utilizing all of the Horcruxes I have made, which will open the gate to the Dark Area until the last of you is freed!”

    “I’ve a question for you, Lilithmon,” Myotismon asked. “Can you be trusted? You live still; you could easily abandon the ten of us.”

    “What are you talking about?! Of course she can’t be trusted!” Lupinemon snarled viciously.

    “But if we all desire our freedom, we’ve no option but to do as such, even if it pains us,” Lucemon said. “Lucemon included.”

    “I care not if she can or can’t be trusted!” DeathPhantomon laughed. “Either way, I’m going to get my scythe into her!”

    “Now, about this spell, Lilithmon,” Hydramon said. “What are the details of it?”
    “It’s very simple, really,” I said.

    Thomas Kasuto
    Saias’s Villa
    Living Room

    “DeathPhantomon has been killed,” Statuedramon said.

    “That leaves only Lilithmon,” Luna said.

    “No…no, this is very bad!” Statch said. “Thomas, don’t you remember what Deckerdramon told us a few weeks ago?”

    “…Yes. With DeathPhantomon out of the way…she’ll be able to open the gate to the Dark Area,” I said.

    “…Sorry, what?!” BlackGaomon asked.

    “We think that Lilithmon might know of a spell that requires the use of the Horcruxes once they are free of souls,” Statuedramon said.

    “Wait, when the Digimon were freed, the portion of their soul that was in the Horcrux left the object and joined the Digimon, didn’t it?” Luna asked.

    “Yes, but the traces of their soul remains,” I said. “All Deckerdramon told us…was that once she had all of the Horcruxes, and only after they had been freed of a soul…that was what she would do. It’s the only reason why she would still keep the Horcrux once it became emptied of souls.”

    “And that might be what she’s doing now,” Statch added. “It…it might be too late…”

    “No. No, it’s never too late,” I said. “This might be our last chance to stop her! If she succeeds…then we may never defeat her!”

    “So…you’re going back?” BlackGaomon asked.

    “It’s a lot more urgent than it was last time,” Zelda said.

    “As Thomas said, this might be our last chance to defeat Lilithmon,” Statuedramon added.

    “…All right. Go on, then,” BlackGaomon said. “Go…go and kick her ass!”

    “We’ll do that!” Statch nodded. “The three of us…will win.”

    “Make that four,” Luna said. “Because I’m going with you.”

    “If mommy’s going, then Chrissy’s going—”

    “No!” Luna interrupted. “This is way too dangerous for you, sweetie. Just…just stay here with BlackGaomon…Be a good girl, and mommy will be back soon…”

    “Well, shall we go, then?” Statuedramon asked, leading the way to the front door.


    “See…by laying out your Horcruxes this way, in the shape of a magical array…I am able to use my magic in junction with it, thereby opening the gateway to the Dark Area until the last of you has been freed,” Lilithmon said.

    “Lilithmon…are you certain of this?!” I heard Myotismon ask. At Lilithmon’s request, Michalis and I stood far away from her in case of the event that something should go wrong.

    “This just seems a little…farfetched,” Generalmon said.

    “There’s no chance of this little plan of yours backfiring, is there?” Belphemon asked.

    “Guys, why do you think I’ve been here in Mandala ever since I freed SkullCaliphmon? Why do you think I sent Sephyrus out to free you instead of going myself?” Lilithmon asked. “I didn’t want to waste any of my magical energy doing so! I knew I would have to do this at some point, so I stayed here, dormant, building up my magical energy. Now, it is at its peak, and I am ready to free you!”

    “Lilithmon, why could you not have just done this at the beginning?” Hydramon asked.

    “I should hope that was obvious; I didn’t even have all of them at once up until now,” Lilithmon said. “This spell requires the use of every Horcrux the user has made.”

    “This all just seems very…coincidental,” Lupinemon said. “Almost a little…ridiculous…”

    “Well, worry not; in a few moments’ time, I’ll have freed every last one of you!” Lilithmon raised her arms up above her head; the ten Horcruxes emitted a black light. The ground, even the air seemed to tremble and quake. “…Something…is wrong…Something else…is needed…Michalis…come here for a moment, sweetie. Mother needs your help.”

    “Sure thing.” I walked up to the Mega Digimon. “What do you need, moth—” I was interrupted when Lilithmon jabbed her right claw into my neck. Blood came spurting from the wound and my mouth as Lilithmon raised me up into the air. “Moth…er…why?”
    “You…were useless to me anyway,” Lilithmon said, dropping me in the middle of the magical array. “But you will do quite well as a sacrificial pawn.” As I lay, dying, Lilithmon’s smiling face flashed before my eyes…as did the smiling face of Victoria.


    Even though I knew what was about to happen before she killed him, angst did not rise in my heart, nor did I avert my eyes. I did not feel a twinge of sympathy, or remorse, or the slightest amount of sadness as Michalis died, and I watched with indifference as his body was consumed by the black light. Instead, I smiled as the doorway to the Dark Area opened itself.

    “Welcome, my friends!” Lilithmon exclaimed.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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