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Thread: Lost Chronicles I: Lilithmon's Epic

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    Chapter 117 - His Reason

    Thomas Kasuto

    “Greetings, everyone,” Sephyrus said calmly.

    So, he really was expecting us…I don’t know if that’s good or bad…

    “I’m glad the six of you could make it here today,” Sephyrus continued. “Out of all of Lilithmon’s enemies, you six are by far the most powerful and troublesome.”

    “…Sephyrus, there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you,” Statuedramon said. “A few questions, actually.”

    “Ask away; I am quite certain that we both have plenty of time,” he said, smiling surprisingly kindly at us.

    “…You’ve known Lilithmon for a long time, right? And that means you’re older than most Humans…”

    “Correct. I am over 230 years old. I was merely thirty when I first met her rising up from the Dark Area while I was on a pilgrimage,” Sephyrus said. “In case you are wondering, it is the Quintessence we gathered together that kept me looking the same way for the past two hundred years. Because of its potent qualities, the two of us…we discovered an eternal life…Or, so it would appear to be. The two of us can be killed as easily as anyone else, it seems. But, left alone? We would never die…”

    “You were on a pilgrimage when you found her…that would make you some kind of priestly guy, wouldn’t it?” Statch asked.

    “Indeed. A priest is what I had aspired to be when I was a young lad…but then, I learned of Her…of Lilithmon,” Sephyrus said, losing his kind smile and replacing it with a forlorn expression. “I…guess you could say I fell in love with her…Love at first sight, actually…I cared not that she was a Digimon, nor that she was evil. All I wanted was to be with her for all eternity, and with quintessence, I could have achieved that.”

    “…You…you loved her, too,” Seraphimon said sadly.

    “Ridiculous; a Human mating with a Digimon,” Flamedramon scoffed. “Have you any idea what you would have created if you had been with her?!”

    “…I would have made a child carrying the Mark,” Sephyrus replied. “This lovely young lady carries it, just as you do, I believe.”

    “You know that, and still you would want to be with her?!” Flamedramon asked. “Why would you willingly create someone like us?!”

    “Because…I see no problem with you,” Sephyrus said. “The blood of both Human and Digimon runs freely in your veins; I think that’s truly a wonderful thing. The Goddess Arcadia would be thrilled to find out about your existence. I would be honored to father a child like that with the woman I love.”

    “…Sephyrus…you…you actually aren’t a bad person, are you,” Zelda said.

    Sephyrus glanced at her. “I wouldn’t go that far. When you first met me, I was working as a simple priest for the Devimon in Cyclamen City, and I looked after the orphans. They all loved me, and looked up to me so much…and yet, when Lilithmon asked me to, I hired a group of Thanatos Bandits to run the city down into the ground. The blue-haired orphan girl you all saw; her name was Larraine. She had been found after everyone else was slain, or fled…Do you know what I ordered the bandit who found her to do to her?” Zelda remained silent. Sephyrus walked right up to her and, with his face not two inches away from hers, he said very quietly, “I told him…to throw the contemptible wench out into the desert and wait for a SkullScorpiomon to eat her for a snack.”

    “…You…you didn’t…”

    “And I have done far worse things than even that, all without a second though, just for my beloved Lilithmon,” Sephyrus said, casually walking back toward the city. “She was quite pleased with me…she smiled at me…she rewarded each and every one of my efforts…she has even kissed me a few times out of gratitude. Even now, I feel no regret for the things I have done, the things I know to be horrible acts, unforgivable cruelty…But I do not care. I am not seeking redemption, or forgiveness. I seek only the love and affection of the woman I have served for two hundred years. That…is the kind of person I am, milady.”

    “She does not return your love…because she is in love with another,” Seraphimon said.

    “…I am aware, Your Holiness,” Sephyrus said, leaning against the outer wall surrounding the city. “I am aware…she loves another…and I am also aware…of her relationship with you, Lord Seraphimon. But still, I love her, and I cannot simply end the feelings I have for her. I will loyally obey each of her orders, no matter how atrocious, until the end of time.” Sephyrus pulled a black Bio Link Digivice from his sleeve. “And right now…she wants the six of you dead…She desires nothing more than to cover every inch of her naked body with your blood.” Sephyrus placed his hand over the Digivice, which emitted a black light. “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioPremenitmon!” The tall, lizard-like Digimon looked at the six of us. “However…I am not strong enough to win against any of you. Who…would like the honor of taking me down? The assassin? The Summoner? The serial killer? Or…will you all attack me at once? That would be fine, too.”

    Without a second thought, I stepped forward.

    “Thomas…are you certain?” Apollomon asked.

    I nodded. “BioPremenitmon…he was the one who took Saias away; at the time, I thought he had killed him,” I said. “All I could see of him were his glowing, yellow eyes…they continued to haunt me for a while…in my dreams. I wasn’t able to do anything to help Saias, and then they turned him into a Bio Hybrid, and forced you to fight him, sir.”


    “I will…make up for my powerlessness on that night,” I said, tightly gripping my sword.

    “Whatever your reasoning may be, I am honored that you would be my final opponent,” BioPremenitmon said. “Now…I shall give you a small taste of the darkness you will be facing just up ahead!” The Bio Hybrid swung his giant ankh at me, barely missing the top of my head when I ducked. He jabbed its sharp, bottom end at my chest, and I narrowly blocked it in time with my sword. “Claw of Phantasms!” BioPremenitmon reached out and swung his claw at me. I barely had enough time to react; his attack cut the side of my face, leaving a few small gashes on my cheek. I began to grow dizzy from the effects of his attack, and I could faintly make out Zelda screaming my name.

    “Thomas! I’m coming, buddy!” Statuedramon shouted.

    “NO!” I yelled. “Statuedramon…do not…interfere…This…is my battle…understand?”

    “But, Thomas—”

    “No buts, Statch! I will defeat him…all by myself!”

    “Then prove it! Prove your worth by taking my life!” BioPremenitmon shouted. “Golden Ankh!” BioPremenitmon’s ankh shone a bright, golden light on me. Steam began to rise up from the tops of my shoulders, and I caught the scent of my coat burning. I glanced down, noticing that its edges were beginning to shrivel up and burn. Ignoring the pain I felt from the light, I ran forward, aiming the blade of my sword at the Bio Hybrid’s neck. “No…you shouldn’t be able to move in this light!”

    “Too bad for you, then; I’ve got a goal I need accomplished, and you’re in the way!” I ran through BioPremenitmon with my sword, cutting through his chest. His blood flew through the air as he fell to the ground. Sephyrus’s Digimon form faded away, dead, leaving Sephyrus lying on his back, staring up at the ocean’s surface.

    “You…have won,” Sephyrus said. I returned my blood-stained sword to its holster.

    “We are moving forward, Sephyrus,” I said. To my surprise, the man began sobbing, and he lifted his arm to cover his face with his hand.

    “Lilithmon…please…apologize to Lilithmon for me…I…I have failed her…for the first time in my life, I was unable to do as she asked…” Leaving the man behind, the six of us moved forward.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 118 - Thunder Rumbles


    Following Thomas’s battle with BioPremenitmon, we entered the front gates of Mandala. The city…nothing about it has changed since I was last here, or even hundreds of years ago. Everything lay in ruins; marble columns lay collapsed and broken on the ground; there were small fissures in the solid, tiled floor. Every now and then, I stepped in a puddle of water. There were old-looking houses everywhere; nearly all of them were missing windows, roofs, or doors, and were worn with time. We walked in silence the entire time; nobody seemed willing to break the thick tension in the air.

    Eventually, we came to a large, circular clearing in the city, surrounded by a ring of ten columns that stood amazingly intact, save for the few nicks in some of them. Carefully, we walked past them, and I felt a strange sense of relief until I heard a loud crack and the sound of thunder. I turned around in time to see a bolt of lightning strike the ground at the center of the ring of columns. A large Digimon materialized on the ground where the lightning hit. It was him.

    “Cherubimon,” I whispered.

    “Apollomon and Seraphimon…how good to see you again!” Cherubimon exclaimed, speaking in a sarcastic tone of voice.

    “Cherubimon; please, my friend, tell me why you felt the need to leave,” Seraphimon said, sounding desperate. “Was serving Goddess Arcadia not enough to fuel your desires? Or perhaps…were you also in love with Ophanimon, or Lilithmon?”

    Cherubimon sadly looked down at the ground. “…No. I was not in love with her. I could never do that to you, my old friend,” Cherubimon said. “I did care for her, though, and I would do anything for her, but no…I was not in love with her.”

    “Then, why? Why did you leave us?!”

    “As I said, I would do anything for Lady Ophanimon, the Holy Mother,” Cherubimon said. “I left my capable student — and dare I say best friend — Mercurymon as my replacement as Guardian of Knowledge. I could not…simply allow Ophanimon to fall into darkness all by herself…I had to go with her. I could not leave her alone with the others…”

    “You…are not really evil, are you?” Seraphimon asked. “Your coloration…it has changed from that of your natural colors given to you by Arcadia. Have you been corrupted by darkness?”

    “I wouldn’t say corrupted, per se,” Cherubimon said, speaking slowly, as if trying to think of the best way to describe his situation. “Think of it…as…a camouflage. Yes…I have covered myself with darkness to elude the other members of the Order and keep Lilithmon safe. However…in doing so…my heart and my soul were also seeped in darkness, and now, it seems my camouflage is no longer just that; it seems I have truly descended into hades. Seraphimon…it is far too late for me to return to light, and I am now undeserving of Arcadia’s loving warmth or the sight of her beautiful smile.”

    “Cherubimon…isn’t there any way…we can help you?” Seraphimon asked.

    “…No. The things I have done to keep Lilithmon safe have ruined me. And now…I am prepared for death.” I could hear Seraphimon’s armor creak. He was trembling.

    “No! I couldn’t…I can’t…I just can’t fight you two!” Seraphimon yelled. “WHY DO YOU TWO INSIST ON RUNNING AWAY FROM ME WHEN I’M TRYING TO HELP YOU?! I’M SICK OF IT!”

    “Then do not fight me,” Cherubimon said calmly. “It does not have to be you who I fight…I can fight any one of you.” At this point, I stepped forward. “Apollomon…always a pleasure.”

    “I’d rather we just skip the formalities, Cherubimon,” I said. “You got away from me five hundred years ago…but there will be no escape from me this time! You have to pay…for what you did to Mervamon! For murdering the woman I loved…I will destroy you!”

    “Do not fret. I’ve no intention of leaving anymore,” Cherubimon said. “Like I said…I am fully ready to die…for what I have done…But hear this, Apollomon; though I am ready to die, I am ready to fight with my entire body and soul against you, all for Lilithmon’s sake!” Cherubimon formed a bolt of lightning in his hand.

    “I wouldn’t have it any other way…Cherubimon,” I said, forming an orb of flames in my own hand. We hurled our attacks at each other with all of our might. The two attacks collided, creating a massive explosion that toppled over the ring of pillars surrounding Cherubimon. The giant Digimon leaped out of the explosion, aiming a punch at me. I did the same, preparing a Phoebus Blow, and I ran forth toward him. Our fists collided, creating a shockwave that knocked us both back.

    “Arrow of Apollo!”

    “Thousand Spears!” Once more, our attacks collided — for the most part, that is. Several of my arrows and several of his spears shot past the both of us, striking or burning the ground next to us. Amazingly, neither of us was actually hit. “Terminal Judgment!” Five enormous bolts of lightning hit the ground around me in a pentagon. A sixth bolt, even larger than the previous ones, dropped down just as I raised my hands, barely shielding myself with a wall of flames from the attack. After a moment of resisting, the bolts finally faded away, giving me enough time to attack.

    “Solblaster!” I threw a large sphere of flames at Cherubimon, hitting him directly in the face and knocking him over. “Arrow of Apollo!”

    “Storm of Judgment!” From the ground, Cherubimon raised his bulky arms and unleashed countless bolts of lightning, once again perfectly countering my attack. Cherubimon jumped back up to his feet and hurled a Lightning Spear at me, which I caught in the palms of my hands just before it hit me in the face. I threw his attack to the ground and launched another Solblaster at the Digimon, this time hitting him in the chest, as he was unable to avoid the great speed of that attack. Again and again, I attacked him with the Solblaster, and each time he raised his arms in an attempt to attack, I simply threw another Solblaster at his face, stopping him from doing so. Cherubimon’s hands hit the ground. A bolt of lightning formed in front of his face. “Lightning Blast!”

    “Solblaster!” Cherubimon launched his attack as I launched mine; this time, however, his attack overpowered mine, and made the flames fade away before striking me, enveloping me in its electrical charge. After it ended, I fell to my knees, nearly losing consciousness. Cherubimon was about to do the same when he forcefully widened his eyes.

    “Lightning Blast!”

    “Sol…blaster!” I forced my attack to increase in size as Cherubimon readied his attack. The sphere I had formed was now larger than even my own body. I threw it at Cherubimon before he could attack, enveloping him in the all-consuming flames of my attack. The flames dissipated. Cherubimon’s blackened arms fell limply to his side. His entire body…every inch of it was horribly burned. A few bits of his data faded away.

    “…Apollomon…you have won,” Cherubimon said. “Seraphimon…I implore you…save…Lilithmon…although…it may already be…too late…for her…” The last of Cherubimon’s data flew away. His eyes closed, and a few tears flew in the air, following it.

    “…Seraphimon…I’m sorry…” I rose up, and turned to face my friend. He had watched the battle in silence with the others. Thomas, Statuedramon, Zelda, and even Flamedramon had looks of awe etched on their faces. Seraphimon held up his hand.

    “You…do not need to apologize, Apollomon,” Seraphimon said sadly. “Cherubimon…chose this path. There was nothing I could do to change his mind. All we can do now is press on."
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 119 - The Moon Descends Down the Sky


    This city…for the love of Arcadia, was I sick of it! Everything looked the same, all white and constructed marble, and either blown to pieces or covered in scratches and dents. And these damn puddles! I know this city lies at the bottom of the ocean, but still — if I step into one more fucking puddle, I swear, I’ll fucking murder somebody! I stepped into a puddle.

    “…Statuedramon…come here for a moment,” I said through my teeth.

    “Sure, what do you need?” As the Rookie began to walk up to me, Seraphimon quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him away from me. I was disappointed slightly, but too annoyed to care. We continued onward, passing by more and more boring, dilapidated houses, and more and more crumbled pillars. Eventually, the group came to another circular clearing, with this one being notably smaller and lacking the ring of pillars — rather, what was left of them — the previous clearing had.

    Aren’t we even at the center of the city yet?! We continued, and by the time we reached the very center of the clearing, a voice echoed through the city.

    “Only the six of you could have made it this far in one piece.”

    “No…that voice…” I looked around, looking for him. He jumped, soaring downwards from a ledge from the upper half of the city. He landed on the ground, making practically the entire island quake. “You…so you are still alive…”

    “You will all share in the same fate as my deceased brethren,” Generalmon said. His armor remained stained with the blood he had shed during our last encounter. “Can you hear their euphoria, down in the pit of Hades? Your end is near…and they will finally rest in peace.”

    “I’m really sick of hearing you talk,” I said. Generalmon stared at me. He then pointed upward.

    “Do you feel it? The moon’s power,” he said. I looked up and gasped. Directly above us was the ocean, but more than that…a large parting in the water.
    “That was made by Hydramon when they were all summoned,” Thomas said. “He made that so they could all escape…” More troubling than that was the fact that the night sky was in plain sight. The moon was directly above the gap in the ocean.

    I forgot…Generalmon has absolute control over the moon!

    “When the moon is full, like it is now,” Generalmon said. “My power…it reaches its maximum.”

    “I, Flamedramon, will not lose to a loudmouthed braggart whose only real power is moving a rock thousands of miles away!” I shouted. “Fire Rocket!”

    “Dæmon Icircumflex!” Generalmon waved his giant axe and knocked me out of the air at once. I hit the dusty ground, covered in blood. “You see now the difference in our power?”

    I got up, facing him once again. I laughed. “Keep dreaming…Flame Fist!” I attacked him once again, but all I saw was my attack bounce uselessly off of his polished armor. “No…that isn’t possible…my flames have always killed their targets before!”

    Generalmon raised his axe up into the air. “You are about to be witness to my most powerful attack,” he said. “This attack…it is so powerful, that I am unable to control it when I am not bathed in the light of the full moon. Ultimum Artium!”

    Generalmon was upon me before I realized it; he began tearing away at me with his axe while glowing in a blue outline. The holes in the front of his large helmet seemed to be emitting red light. Blood red. Over and over again, he hit me with the edges of the blades of his huge, heavy axe. Blood flew everywhere with each strike. I was amazed that I could still stand, though this could have been due to the fact that Generalmon was hitting me so quickly, that I didn’t even have time to fall. With one final swing, Generalmon sent me flying through the air. When I hit the ground, I was, to my amazement, conscious. I looked down at myself. I was covered in blood and huge gashes from head to toe. The most disconcerting one was the hugest one plastered across my chest. I lay my head back, beginning to grow dizzy.

    “Flamedramon, can you stand?” I heard Seraphimon asked. At least, I was fairly certain that it was Seraphimon’s deep, booming voice, though, based on how dizzy I was, it could have just as easily been Zelda’s sweet, feminine voice for all I know. “Strike…of the Seven Stars!” Yep. It was definitely Seraphimon. Or Thomas…

    “You are a fool, Seraphimon! You’re attacks mean nothing to me!” Generalmon yelled.

    “Flamedramon! Oh, Flamedramon, are you okay?!” Zelda asked, tearfully kneeling beside me.

    “Here, take one of these potions Luna made for us,” Statuedramon said, reaching into the mouth design on his shield and pulling out a vial. He removed the lid and poured the entire, bitter concoction down my throat before I could protest. To my shock, each of my wounds closed up. My bleeding stopped. My dizziness remained. Regardless, I stood up, and after thanking Statch, I joined Seraphimon.

    “Aim for the gaps between his armor,” Seraphimon whispered. “Only then…will he feel the pain you so desire to make him feel.”

    “…Fine. Flame Fist!” This time, I made certain to maneuver my attack as Seraphimon said; the flames went in between the gaps between the plates of Generalmon’s armor. The huge Mega Digimon screamed in pain.

    “Now, his life is forfeit! Strike of the Seven Stars!” Seraphimon fired seven orbs of light at Generalmon, all of which exploded on impact. Generalmon was left standing in a cloud of dust, breathing heavily. He took a step forward, and then dropped his gigantic axe onto the floor, which promptly shattered.

    “I…I misjudged you,” Generalmon said. He slumped to the ground, and began fading away. “…Your witch…what…is her name?”

    “…Her name is Luna,” Apollomon said. “Bellaluna Rosalina.”

    “…Rosalina…As I thought…when I first met her…She looked…the same…as my old friend. Celina…She had Celina’s eyes…that same look of determination…when I fought her in Acacia…Celina…I’m sorry…My entire life…I tried to make up for letting you down…only to discover that in my last days, I brought harm to one who carries your blood…” Generalmon’s armored body hit the ground, and turned to small bits of data. His head was staring up at the moon, and reached up, as if making an attempt to grab it. “It…isn’t fair…Lilithmon…where…is my…redemption? Celina…I…loved her…” His arm fell to his side with a clang. Generalmon was dead.

    “…And that makes eleven so far,” Apollomon said. “One to go.” I looked at the group of five behind me. Thomas in particular did not look too pleased.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked him. He shook his head and sighed.

    “Michalis…Clive…DeathPhantomon…Generalmon…those were the people I wanted to kill more than anything. But every time, someone beat me to it,” he said. “Instead, I get Sephyrus…”

    “Don’t feel too bad. At least they’re dead,” Statuedramon said.

    “Why those four more than any others?” I asked.

    “Michalis and Clive…they hurt Victoria,” Thomas said. “DeathPhantomon and Generalmon hurt Zelda. Of course I would want to make those four feel all the pain in the world.” Zelda placed a hand on his shoulder.
    “…Come. Let us continue,” Seraphimon said. “Lilithmon remains. We must deal with her as soon as we can.”

    Thomas Kasuto
    30 Minutes

    We finally stood at the very center of the city. Just as I had expected, at the center, there was a large clearing, this one larger than any other we found. It also happened to be cleaner than all the others, to my slight surprise.

    “Lilithmon is nearby,” Seraphimon said. “I can feel her presence…”

    “Well, wherever she is, I wish she’d just show herself already,” Apollomon said. “The anticipation is killing me…”

    I could feel Zelda’s grip tighten around my arm as she stepped closer to me. A few seconds later, I could hear footsteps. My heart skipped a beat.
    She’s coming… Five of us wildly looked around. Seraphimon did not; he was looking dead ahead. Lilithmon’s outline could be seen exiting a doorway from a stone wall. “Lilithmon…” The Mega Digimon smiled coyly at us.

    “So good of you to join me here once more,” she said. “I bid you all welcome to this beautiful city.” Seraphimon walked up to her.

    “Lilithmon…Ophanimon…please…Don’t make us do this to you again,” Seraphimon said quietly. “Please…come back with me…”

    “Oh, Seraphimon…I wish I could…but…I can’t,” Lilithmon said. Her voice…it almost sounded frightened. “But…it’s him…he’s forcing me to do this…He threatened me…I don’t have any choice…” I could see Lilithmon’s shoulders tremble.

    “Lilithmon…it is alright,” Seraphimon said gently, placing his arms around Lilithmon. “I will not let him hurt—”

    “IDIOT!” Lilithmon jabbed her claw through one of Seraphimon’s ten golden wings; had he not moved out of the way in time, the claw would have gone through his chest. “You are so easy to fool, Seraphimon! Just a little tremble of the lip and a little tear in the eye, and you are but mere putty in my claws!” The feathers fell from the wing struck by Lilithmon, leaving a blackened appendage in its wake.

    “How could someone like Sephyrus ever love someone like this bitch?” Statuedramon sneered.

    “…So, he really did love me,” Lilithmon said. “And I suppose you all killed him…”

    “BioPremenitmon is dead; that much I know for sure,” I said. “Cherubimon and Generalmon have fallen as well.”

    Lilithmon shook her head. “…Damn. Sephyrus…he was a good servant. Always did what I told him to…I actually regret losing him,” Lilithmon said. “I’ll make you all pay…for robbing me of the greatest servant anyone could ever hope for! Empress Emblaze!” Lilithmon conjured a grotesque, hand-shaped monster; the being dashed over to Zelda and snatched the satchel that held her Talismans. “This time…I shall deal with these annoyances first!” Lilithmon’s monster crushed and tore apart Zelda’s satchel, and the Talismans in it.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 120 - Broken Talismans

    Thomas Kasuto

    Lilithmon laughed an evil, vile laugh as her monster crushed and tore apart Zelda’s satchel, and the Talismans within it. She laughed even harder when she saw the broken fragments of the Talismans fall to the ground as little more than dust and pebbles. Zelda stared in wide-eyed, teary horror as the Talismans containing the souls of her beloved friends rained down on the ground. She slumped down to the ground, tears rolling down her face.

    “Ooh, that was wonderful!” Lilithmon squealed. “And now, you are unable to call forth those pathetic excuses for Digimon! You…are now useless to your friends! They may as well just cast you aside! Or…perhaps they might be tempted to use you as a shield? You might serve as a fairly decent one!”

    LILITHMON! YOU’RE DEAD!” I ran up to the Mega Digimon in a blind rage and jabbed my sword at her. Lilithmon giggled as she swerved and swayed her body away from each strike.

    “Would you like to know what happens to a Digimon Spirit when its Talisman is destroyed?” Lilithmon asked, still laughing. “Their souls…are forever damned to wander the endless plains of purgatory for all eternity! They are, in every sense of the word, dead!” Zelda began bawling into her hands, with Apollomon next to her, attempting to comfort her.

    “You…you shall be the last person to rob the world of her smile!” I attacked her once again, managing to strike the side of her left hip. My blade tore through her shirt and her skin, and a few small drops of her blood hit the floor. Lilithmon brought her hand to her side and, noticing the blood I had spilled, her cheerful expression changed into a look of rage.

    “…You just had to keep pushing me, didn’t you…Now you will see…You will all see…just what I am truly capable of!” A flaming orb shot past me and hit Lilithmon in the face. Apollomon stood next to me.

    “I cannot speak on anyone else’s behalf,” Apollomon said. “But I, for one, am sick of hearing you talk. You made one of my daughters cry…that is an unforgiveable sin!”

    “Apollomon…I will never forgive what you did to me in that desert!” Lilithmon snarled. “Your attack burned through the front of my shirt…you burned the flesh off of my stomach! YOU RUINED MY BEAUTY! MY BEAUTY IS PERFECTION!”

    “You are the mastermind behind all of these events, aren’t you?” Flamedramon asked. Lilithmon, calming down, shrugged.

    “I won’t deny it,” she said.

    “In that case…” A flame twisted around Flamedramon’s arm. “In that case…I shall do as my ancestor before me did…and work with the others to rid the world of your atrocious evil!”

    “Your ancestor? I see…so that’s how you killed DeathPhantomon so easily…” Statuedramon walked forth, by my left side, and became cloaked in a bright blue light.

    “Statuedramon Warp Digivolve to, Azulongmon!” The anger on Lilithmon’s face all but vanished; replacing it was a shocked expression.

    “You…you were capable of something like this?!” Lilithmon pointed a trembling finger at Azulongmon’s mighty form. “How…How?!

    “In all honesty…I haven’t a clue,” Azulongmon said. “I do not even know who I am, or what I am truly capable of…I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to turn into him today. But I have…and now, Lilithmon…Your final moments are upon us!”

    “…I couldn’t agree more…Azulongmon,” Seraphimon said. “We need…to end this madness!”

    “So, you’ve gotten your second wind, Seraphimon?” Lilithmon asked. “Very well…let’s end this! Once I am rid of the lot of you, the others will fall like flies!”

    “Thomas…step back a bit,” Apollomon said.

    “Sir, I—”

    “Go to Zelda,” Azulongmon whispered quietly to me. “Eight of her friends were murdered just like that. You should be with her.”

    “…Yeah.” I turned away and walked over to Zelda. It was then when I realized that she had gathered up all of the remnants of her Talismans and was trying frantically to piece them back together. Her face and the backs of her hands were completely dampened with tears. “Zelda…”

    “I couldn’t save them…I couldn’t save them…” She repeated this several times, rocking herself back and forth on her knees. “Tommy…I…I…” I knelt down next to her and placed my arms around her.

    “Lilithmon will pay for what she has done,” I said gently.


    “Aurora Force!”

    “Strike of the Seven Stars!”

    “Flame Fist!” The four Digimon unleashed their strongest attacks at Lilithmon. She held up her right hand, and the four attacks dissipated.

    “Don’t you know? Everything this claw touches…turns to dust!” Lilithmon said. “Empress Emblaze!” Lilithmon summoned a much larger version of the monster she summoned before, one that seemed to dwarf even Azulongmon in size. “Kill them! Destroy them all!” The monster jumped and wrapped each of its oddly shaped appendages around Azulongmon’s body. The giant dragon fell to the ground, unable to support the weight of the massive creature. Seraphimon and Apollomon attacked the monster in a vain attempt to destroy it while Flamedramon began attacking Lilithmon.

    “Evil Sigh…” A violet mist passed through Lilithmon’s lips, surrounding Flamedramon before he could attack again. Immediately, he hit the ground, twitching and writhing in agony. “Now, you’re dead!” Lilithmon thrust her claw downward as she was blown to the side by one of Seraphimon’s attacks.

    “Hold on, Flamedramon,” Seraphimon said, kneeling before the agonized Digimon. “This was an attack I knew at the Ultimate level; this should work. Magna Antidote.” Seraphimon’s wings began emitting a pure white glow as Flamedramon’s body did the same. In that same instant, he climbed back to his feet, thanking Seraphimon.

    “You all think you’re so damn clever,” Lilithmon snapped.

    “Phoebus Blow!” With a single, mighty punch, Apollomon attacked and destroyed the monster attacking Azulongmon.

    “Thanks, boss,” Azulongmon said, rising into the air once more.

    “…That sounds odd coming from a Digimon so much larger than me,” Apollomon said.

    “Oh, boy; does that make me the boss now?!”

    “I didn’t say that, Statch…” Azulongmon, Apollomon, Flamedramon, and Seraphimon encircled Lilithmon, surrounding her on all sides.

    “There is no escape now, you bitch,” Azulongmon said.

    “You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you?” Lilithmon asked, not sounding the least bit afraid. “Phantom Pain!” A burst of dark energy erupted from the ground at Lilithmon’s feet, striking down the four Digimon. All four lay on the ground, unmoving. “That was all it took to defeat you? How…pathetic…” The evil Digimon turned to face us. My grip tightened around Zelda’s trembling body. “Now…you two shall be next.”

    “Not…so fast…” Apollomon reached up and grabbed Lilithmon’s leg. “You will not…harm…my children…”

    “Then I’ll harm you instead.” I turned Zelda away just as Apollomon’s screams filled the air. She began crying even harder.

    “Lilithmon was…right…I am useless…Tommy…you should just leave me b—”

    “I’m not going to do that,” I said. “We will win…we have to…” I looked down at the ground. The pile of dust that had once been Zelda’s Talismans began emitting a strange light.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you read my story, check this out!: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 121 - The End

    Thomas Kasuto

    The pile of dust that had once been Zelda’s Talismans began emitting a strange light. Seven transparent figures materialized around us, along with one solid one.

    “M—Mercurymon…everyone…you’re all alive!” Zelda exclaimed. Renamon sadly looked down.

    “I’m afraid…we are not,” Leomon said. “Well, Mercurymon is, because he’s actually a real Digimon, and not just a soul, but…”

    “Are you…all…leaving?” she asked, barely beyond a whisper.

    “I am afraid so, Milady,” Vajramon said. “Our Talismans were destroyed…we cannot stay here with you…”

    “Mercurymon was kind enough to bring us all here to see you…one last time,” Lobomon said.

    “Zelda…You were the first true friend I ever had,” Renamon said. “I am glad…I got to spend as much time with you as I did…”

    “Our time reunited was short,” Gallantmon said. “Had I know…that something like this would have happened…I do not know what my younger self would have done…But…I would have stayed with you as much as I could have…”

    “You saved my life, My Lady,” Vajramon said. “You took me away from that awful man, and gave me a good home. When you summoned me, I worked as hard as I could to keep you safe. Now, I can rest in peace. Thank you…Zelda.”

    “…I wasn’t exactly the brightest guy,” Leomon said, laughing nervously. “And I probably didn’t do too good of a job protecting you…But I am glad to have met you.”

    “My Lady, if there ever comes a time when my life returns to this world, I shall seek you out and serve you as you wish immediately,” Dynasmon said, kneeling before Zelda.

    “Me no good with words,” Gigasmon said. “But me happy me could help pretty lady.”

    “You are a special person to us all,” Lobomon said. “Thomas…you make sure to take good care of her, you hear?” I nodded.

    “Have you all said what you have wished?” Mercurymon asked.

    “…Yeah. We’re ready,” Leomon said.

    “No…please…don’t go,” Zelda said. She reached out a trembling hand, and at the same time, Renamon did the same. Their hands met, but Zelda’s went clear through Renamon’s.

    “…I’m sorry,” Renamon said. “Trust me, we would stay if we could, but we have no say in the matter.” The transparent Digimon Spirits began to fade away.

    “No…no, please…don’t…”

    “Zelda…we will all stay alive…as long as you continue to remember us,” Gallantmon said. “As long as you remember us, we will live on forever inside your kind and gentle heart, and in your memories...”

    “Gallantmon! Please…don’t leave me…” It was too late. The Digimon Spirits all vanished, each and every one of them with a wide smile on their faces.

    “…I am sorry,” Mercurymon said sadly. “I tried to keep them here as long as I could…but they were ready to go. They were prepared…Zelda…I am sorry.”

    “…It’s not your fault…Mercurymon,” Zelda said sadly. Standing up, she walked over to him and hugged him. “It is my fault…for not being able to protect them…”

    “…There is one left,” Mercurymon said, holding out his hand.

    “The ninth Talisman,” I said. Mercurymon nodded.

    “Like I am, he is a real Digimon,” Mercurymon said. “Now is the time to call him.” Bending his knees slightly, Mercurymon whispered something into Zelda’s ear. “That is his name. He is ready…to be summoned.”

    “…I understand,” Zelda said. I looked at the Talisman in her hand; the face of a Digimon suddenly appeared on it. Zelda held the Talisman up above her head and said, “O great Spirit that rests in this Talisman…I beg thee for thy help in this fight…Cross forth from the other realm and purge the land of this great evil. Come forth…Fanglongmon!” An enormous Dragon, possibly larger than even Azulongmon, appeared before us, facing Lilithmon.

    “I hear thee,” Fanglongmon said. “I hear the cry of your noble soul. You grieve for Digimon Spirits, though they are little more than ghosts already…And this woman is to blame.” Lilithmon stood, looking up at the massive Fanglongmon in awe and fear.

    “You…are a real Digimon?” Lilithmon asked. “Well, then, this just means I can kill you! Phantom Pain!” Mercurymon jumped in front of Fanglongmon, holding up his shields just as Lilithmon attacked. Lilithmon’s attack was absorbed into Mercurymon’s reflective shields.

    This attack…it’s like Statuedramon’s…

    “Dark Reflection!” Mercurymon unleashed Lilithmon’s attack back at her. The dark energy tore through and shredded her clothes, skin, and wings. She hit the ground in a blood-soaked, half-naked heap. “Now, My Lord…The time has come to end her.”

    “And so I shall,” Fanglongmon said.

    “No…please don’t,” Lilithmon said. “All I wanted…was an eternal life…so I could understand everything that happened to me…and why things turned out the way they did…”

    “And in doing so, you ruined the lives of untold thousands of others,” Fanglongmon said. “You do not deserve to know.” The massive dragon stepped over to Lilithmon. Opening his huge jaws, he picked up Lilithmon in his mouth. “Fang of the Emperor!” Fanglongmon bit down. His sharp fangs tore through Lilithmon’s midsection. Blood rained down on the ground below, and gushed past her lips. Fanglongmon opened his mouth, allowing Lilithmon to fall into a puddle of her own blood. Lilithmon began coughing, gasping for air. “And now…sleep peacefully in the depths of hell, Lilithmon. Rest forever…in the endless flames of the Dark Area.” Fanglongmon brought his foot down on Lilithmon’s body, crushing her instantly. Lilithmon was dead. She was finally dead. Her data flew away, and vanished from sight. Seraphimon stood staring at the pool of blood left behind where Lilithmon’s final moments had been.

    “…She…is finally dead,” he said.

    “Are you going to be okay?” Apollomon asked.

    “…My two friends were murdered, here on this island,” Seraphimon whispered. “We were all born at the same time, given life by Arcadia…I always thought that we…that we would be together forever…”

    “They could be reborn,” Flamedramon said. “Digimon can do that, you know…they might be…They could always come back…” Seraphimon was about to give a solemn reply when a heavy tremor that shook the entire city interrupted him. All of us turned around to see Fanglongmon’s head hit the ground. He lay on his side, and his breathing was slight.

    “Fanglongmon! Fanglongmon, what’s wrong?!” Zelda asked.

    “Forgive me…Summoner,” Fanglongmon said. “But I…I am dying…”

    “What?! How?! Did Lilithmon—”

    “Lilithmon had nothing to do with this,” Fanglongmon said. “What is ailing me cannot be cured…”

    Zelda turned to look at Mercurymon. “You knew…didn’t you? You knew he would have died when you handed me his Talisman,” she sobbed. Slowly, Mercurymon nodded. “You both knew…and you didn’t tell me…”

    “I am dying of age, Milady…I simply grew too old…We both knew this would be my final battle…”

    Why didn’t you tell me that summoning you would kill you?!” Zelda yelled, now sobbing uncontrollably. She placed a tiny hand over Fanglongmon’s head as the Digimon Spirit began to fade away. Seraphimon, Apollomon, Flamedramon, Statch, and I all gathered around her and Mercurymon.

    The dragon lifted his massive head and looked her in the eye. “Because you would not have summoned me otherwise,” he said calmly. “Your summoning of me was the only way for Lilithmon to be destroyed; if I had told you it would have killed me…Mercurymon told me you would not have summoned me. That’s just the way you are, Zelda. I am glad...my final act was protecting someone like you, a sweet, gentle soul who hates bringing harm upon even her enemies.” Fanglongmon had lain his head down on the ground, and his breathing grew more labored as Zelda tearfully hugged the front of his giant face. Fanglongmon then turned to look at Statuedramon, and, with an effort, said, “Statuedramon...you, who can Digivolve into Azulongmon...come hither…”

    “…What is it?” the Rookie asked, walking up to Fanglongmon.

    “You…once served me in a distant past…as Azulongmon. You…were turned to a Rookie level…and you forgot your own past. I am certain…you may have many questions…But I have but one request to ask of thee…I was created by Arcadia to protect the center of the world she created. Now that I lay dying…I name thee...a protector of Arcadia...I dub thee…a Sovereign...of the East…” Fanglongmon closed his eyes, and vanished. He had died.

    “…So…that was what Horusmon meant,” Statch said. “I was…Fanglongmon’s servant…but…my past. I can’t…remember it? Why? What happened to me?”
    Zelda had thrown herself into my arms when Fanglongmon vanished, and she was sobbing into my chest.

    I wish I knew what to say to her at a time like this, I thought. I placed my arms around her fragile, trembling body. Well…it might be best if I don’t say anything…

    “C’mon, let’s go home,” Apollomon said. “Everyone’s waiting for us.”

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is not the final chapter. There is one more - an epilogue. Stay tuned!
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you read my story, check this out!: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 122 - Epilogue ~ Five Years Thereafter

    The King continued serving as the Guild Master of Lachesis until the end of his days. He would die many years later fighting valiantly on the battlefield, only to one day be reborn and continue his legacy as a well-loved fighter and natural-born leader.

    The Queen would always follow Apollomon’s orders without hesitation. There were rumors that she harbored feelings for her superior officer, but she never acted on them, and was content to faithfully serve him in and out of battle. Like Apollomon, she would later die fighting bravely with a weapon in her hand, only to later be reborn.

    Pheragas Danved
    The Rook continued to live and fight until his age reached the triple digits. As was apparently family tradition, he would name his son Pheragas, after an apparently famous ancestor of his whom he referred to as Pheragas the First. Meanwhile, his son followed in his father’s footsteps, and bravely fought on behalf of Lachesis, eventually inheriting Pheragas’s beloved axe when his father died of age.

    The Fist had been understandably saddened by the death of his best friend over fifty years in the future. He later departed on a long journey after this event, wishing for something to take his mind off of it.

    Bellaluna Rosalina
    The Witch would proudly go down in history as the most intelligent woman to have ever joined Lachesis, and the most intelligent individual in general. In conjunction with her unabashed stripping “habits” and obvious sex appeal, it always baffled newcomers to hear that she was a mother, but no one would ever deny her love for Chrysania.

    Chrysania Rosalina
    The Apprentice never lost her childlike innocence, and would always refer to herself as ‘Chrissy.’ Unfortunately, her clumsiness and ditziness would never be lost. Her love for her foster mother, Luna, would always hold tight, and when Luna retired, Chrysania took her place as Lachesis’s sorceress and potion-brewer — a job she never took lightly.

    A few years after Lilithmon’s final death, The Fool departed with tears in his eyes, wishing to adhere to Fanglongmon’s final wish — for him to be a Sovereign. He never found out just who Azulongmon was, and he never recovered any memories of his past, but this seemed to be the least of his concerns. However, he would often come back to visit his beloved friends. Little did he realize…that the memories of his past…would come flooding back to him.

    Andromon proved himself to be a loyal and competent member of Lachesis throughout the years, inheriting SlashAngemon’s title of The Knight. He never did show signs of aging, proving his race to be completely changed to that of a Digimon. After finally becoming capable of experiencing emotions, he would do so on a regular basis, much to the joy and relief of not only himself, but his new friends.

    They say The Demon was never happier when she saw Flamedramon returning alive from Mandala following Lilithmon’s death. The two eventually married and had a Human boy, who also carried the Mark. Time and again, Abigail would shift to her Bio Hybrid form in defense of her beloved son, and for Lachesis’s sake.

    At one-time a serial killer and now a father, the Flame underwent a drastic personality change when his son, whom he chose to name Edmund, was born. With no last name between him and Abigail, the last name of Luxord was settled upon. Flamedramon burned many a bandit in defense of his Marked son, and also for Lachesis.

    Seraphimon stayed at Lachesis for a few months following Lilithmon’s death. Never speaking happily, he had eventually decided to leave so as to mope in despair for all eternity, to use his words. He would never be seen again by anyone until much later, when his wrath had fully dragged his soul into darkness.

    Remembering the ordeal involving Zelda some time before Lilithmon’s second death, when a strange, blue-haired girl arrived in Linnea Village, Meramon took her in, despite the other villager’s protests, and raised her lovingly as his own.

    Mercurymon, despite no longer being bound to the constraints of his Talisman, stayed with us at Lachesis, and loyally served Zelda as if he were just a Digimon Spirit. He never regretted his decision.

    Whenever discovering something new, I, the new Bishop, would always excitedly jot down notes so as to forever remember it. I could often be found sleeping with my face buried in a book, and would often be visited by Andromon, my best friend, and Luna, my newest and loveliest apprentice, and soon-to-be wife. She later gave birth to a daughter named Katsumi, a timid girl who bore the mark on her left arm.

    Thomas Kasuto
    Saias’s Villa
    Five Years Following Lilithmon’s Death

    Zelda Kasuto sat alone on a couch in the villa’s living room. Leaning back comfortably against a pillow, she lovingly caressed her pregnant belly. She had decided to continue to wear her favored desert attire, showing off her noticeably rounder belly. She was never happier than when people noticed that she was pregnant. Even more, she absolutely loved it when people would feel her belly.

    “I can’t wait,” she said to me as I entered the room. “It’s only been about five months…I can’t wait for her to be born…” I kissed my wife on the cheek, smiling at her. I knew her; she wanted to be a mother more than anything, and I knew she’d make a wonderful one, but I also knew that she greatly enjoyed the feeling of a life growing inside of her.

    “How do you know it’s a girl?” I asked. “Did Mercurymon tell you? Or does Luna have some spell to look inside your belly?” She shook her head.

    “No…I can just…tell,” she said. “Chrysania is completely amazed by the entire thing; she just can’t keep her hands off of my tummy. It’s very sweet…”

    “I can hardly blame her,” I said, placing my hand on her belly. “There’s life…growing inside of you…That’s an amazing thing…”

    “You know, she’s kind of like, your sister-in-law now,” Zelda said jokingly. “Luna’s always treated me like a daughter, and Chrissy like a sister…She’s even started growing her hair out to be more like me. Have you seen her recently? She’s very pretty…”

    “…Zelda…I’ve been thinking,” I said. “If it…Sorry, ‘since’ the child will be a girl, I’ve been thinking…We should name her after both Victoria and Hannah.”

    “…After the women in our lives that we’ve lost…Victoria and Anna…” she said sadly. “Yes…That is a beautiful idea, Tommy…Victoria Hannah Kasuto…Or, should it be Hannah Victoria Kasuto? I’m not sure; which sounds better to you? Maybe Hannah Victoria, so Victoria will be closer to Kasuto…Or, if it’s Victoria Hannah, because people don’t usually say the middle name, she’ll be called Victoria Kasuto? I don’t know; they’re both very lovely names…”

    “Whichever you think would fit better,” I said, kissing her again. “This child…will be so lucky to have such a loving mother like you…”

    “And father,” Zelda added.


    “…Thomas…If she…also carries the Mark…like Flamedramon’s and Abby’s child…”

    “It won’t affect anything,” I said. “We will both love her, whether or not she has it.” I leaned down and placed a kiss on top of her belly. “I won’t allow any of the things that may have happened to you, or Hannah, or John, happen to our baby, or to you…ever again. I promise you, Zelda; I’ll keep you both smiling for the rest of our life.”

    “Thank you…Tommy…By the way, have you seen Statuedramon lately? I haven’t seen him since our wedding a few years back…He looked so adorable in that little tuxedo, too!” she laughed. “But it really suited him, though; Apollomon looked so awkward in his when he married us, and Flamedramon and Abby…”

    “We’re going to meet together in Yew for a lunch that I will undoubtedly have to pay big money for,” I said. “You should join us.”

    “I will…I miss him, too, but I can’t imagine what it must be like for you,” Zelda said. “The two of you are like brothers…”
    “Yeah…it’s definitely quieter without him around…But as long as we continue to meet up like this, it won’t be so bad. We’ll manage.” I looked down at Zelda’s belly once again. “This child…she will live a good life. I promise you both.”

    And so ends this small fragment of history. Zelda’s daughter was born to a very loving family, and she lived a happy life. She, too, carried the Mark, but suffered none of the abuse her mother did, and was the first of the Marked to not endure any such hatred. As I write these words, 499 years have passed since Lilithmon’s demise. Arcadia remains, for the most part, unchanged. Upon the next day, 500 will have passed. And on that day…destiny will begin to make its move once more. I know the future…I have seen it. Arcadia…will descend into darkness. And when that time comes…not a single life will be spared.
    — Wisemon
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you read my story, check this out!: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Just started reading this and I'm three chapters in at the time of this post. So far the world you've crafted is really interesting and your writing style is excellent.

    ...I've got a looot of catching up to do though >.>;

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    Why thank you! I'm glad you have enjoyed it so far!

    ...I've been meaning to upload the picture of my map for some time now, but lazy is happening to me XD
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you read my story, check this out!: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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