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Thread: Lost Chronicles I: Lilithmon's Epic

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    Chapter 107 - The Seventh Star Falls from the Sky

    Black Rose Mountains

    “Horusmon! Your end has come! Prepare to feel the true lightning of judgment!” Horusmon gazed up at me; his eyes were wide with terror. “Statuedramon…Digivolve to…Azulongmon!”

    “…Azulongmon?” Horusmon’s beak hung agape; his expression was a mix of awe and fear. Looking at myself, I could hardly blame him, were I in his position; to me, he was but a tiny insect in proportion. It felt as though my new body could stretch out for miles.

    Digivolution…I…I have done it! I’ve done it! Thomas and Andromon were now both looking up at me.

    “…I told you you could do it. I knew you would Digivolve someday,” Thomas said. “So…how does it feel?”

    “I…feel invincible,” I said breathlessly. “I can feel the power flowing through me…more power than I’ve ever felt in my entire life!”

    “You…you are one of…his servants,” Horusmon said.

    “What do you mean? I am nobody’s servant,” I said. Who did he mean? Well, that’s not important. “Horusmon! Your time is up!”

    Horusmon lowered his head. “…Hold nothing back. I am ready to go. I…am ready to see Anubismon.”

    My long, serpentine body coiled into a circle; a huge mass of electrical energy began to well from within me. “Aurora Force!” I let loose the energy I had gathered; Horusmon was annihilated in an instant. As he lay on the ground, dying, all of the power and energy I had felt suddenly left me without any warning. I turned from Azulongmon back into Statuedramon, landing on the ground next to Horusmon. “Hey, Horusmon! What did you mean when you said I was ‘his servant?’ Who are you talking about?”

    “Heh…wouldn’t you like to know…”

    “Yeah, hence the question, dumbass!” Horusmon smirked and closed his eyes. He faded away without saying another word. Damn it; what did he mean?!

    “Don’t worry about it too much, Statch,” Thomas said. “You aren’t anyone’s ‘servant.’ You are your own person.”

    “…Yeah.” I looked at Thomas and Andromon; both were covered in blood and gashes from our battle. “So, how did I look up there? Was I as majestic as I felt?”

    “I’m having trouble putting it into words,” Thomas laughed. “You were really…really…big. And blue. I…do not know how else to describe it…But you looked really awesome!”

    I smirked. “Of course; how else would you expect me to look?” I looked down at the spot where Horusmon had died. “So, that makes seven we’ve defeated…”

    “With only five left, they’re sure to be running low on strength,” Thomas said.

    “Be cautious, we must,” Andromon said. “Still dangerously powerful, the others are.”

    “Yeah; they’re all Mega level Digimon. We can’t let our guard down around them.”

    “If I can just figure out how to Digivolve again, then we won’t have to worry about those bastards!” I said.

    “You may be right; you attacked Horusmon just after he had healed himself, so he was basically killed in a single attack,” Thomas said. “If you really can remember how to Digivolve when we fight the others, then we might have nothing to worry about.”

    “What the hell do you mean, ‘might?!’ You don’t actually think I’d lose to them, do you?!”

    “There’s always a chance any of us could die. Statch, you always talk about how strong Apollomon is, but he was buried in a landslide for over a week by one of those Digimon.”

    “…Yeah…I guess you’re right…But I’m still going to try! Digivolving to my Mega Level might be the only way we can win against them!”

    “I’ll be right beside you the entire time,” Thomas said.

    “With you, I will go,” Andromon added.
    “Thanks, guys,” I said.


    And so, the seventh star falls from the sky, plunging into the depths of the underworld…Horusmon…I do hope you will be reunited with Anubismon on the other side.

    From atop the cliff where I stood, my gaze turned from the spot of Horusmon’s final moments to Thomas and his friends. Thomas…please, do not judge me when we next meet. That being said, I’m sure you will. I certainly wouldn’t blame you…after what I did to you and your friends…But, if I’m to pick a side of this war to be on, then it may as well be the one that will win…and the one where I may actually be treated with respect…Oh, how I long to be treated as an equal, rather than vermin…How dare they all accuse me of being an Exalted Beast?! Even if they are right…even though they spared me and saved my life hundreds of years ago back when I was a Salamon, and allowed me to join them, I cannot stay with them. They would just as soon kill me if it benefited them, anyway…and I know they never would. Thomas…I will see you soon.

    Thomas Kasuto
    9 Hours

    The sun had been in the sky for only a few hours by the time we returned home, hungry and tired from our long march through the desert. When we reached the front lawn, we could see Luna and Zelda, sitting on the porch and patiently waiting for our return. Upon noticing us, Zelda stood up and ran across the lawn to me, throwing her small arms tightly around me.

    “Welcome home,” she said.

    “…Sorry we were gone for so long,” I replied. The two of us strolled hand in hand up to the front porch, followed by Statuedramon and Andromon. “Horusmon is dead. And Statuedramon…he was finally successful.”

    “What did he do? Did he finally say something remotely intelligent? Or, did he perchance refuse an offer of food?” Luna asked. Noticing the blood on my face from when Horusmon hit me earlier, she reached over and attempted to wipe it off. A look of disappointment crossed her face when she realized that it had long since dried. I was simply glad she made no attempt to lick the blood off my face; though, I had this uneasy feeling the thought was running wild in her mind as she nervously bit her lip while staring unblinkingly at the dried blood.

    “No, Bellaluna, I Digivolved,” Statuedramon said. His smile was so broad; I was certain it made his face hurt.

    “Oh, that’s wonderful! I knew you could do it!” Zelda exclaimed. “So, what did you become?”

    “I Digivolved into this really huge dragon; I felt as though my body could stretch on and on for miles! He was called Azulongmon!”

    “Azulongmon…I feel like I’ve heard that name before,” Luna muttered.

    Statch looked up at her, alarmed. “Where?” he asked. “Where have you heard that name before?!”

    “I don’t know; it just sounds…familiar,” Luna said. “Why do you ask?”

    Statch looked down at the ground. “Horusmon…when he saw me after Digivolving, he said I was somebody’s servant. He didn’t ever tell me who…It’s really starting to bother me. Who did he mean?”

    “I doubt he meant anything by it; he was probably just trying to scare you,” Luna said.

    “Yeah, that’s what Thomas said. But…I’m not so sure…”

    “Regardless, try not to think too hard about it; we wouldn’t want you to sprain anything.” Statch stuck his tongue out at the sorceress. “I don’t know anything about a Digimon called Azulongmon, but I can at least get you something for all these cuts.”

    The Rookie Digimon looked down at himself; his arms were covered in wounds, new and old, large and small. For several of the older ones, he had refused treatment, and he spoke of them in a fond manner, like they were badges of honor.

    “I think I’ll pass on that offer for now. I just want to get some sleep now,” Statch yawned.

    “Suit yourself.” Statuedramon smiled at her before walking into the villa, tripping on the bottom stair as he headed upstairs. “How ‘bout you two? You both look pretty beat up.”

    “Be fine, I believe I shall, but gladly will I accept any help you are willing to give,” Andromon said. The Android Digimon followed Luna into the villa, leaving Zelda and me alone on the porch.

    “Thank you,” Zelda whispered.

    “Huh? What are you thanking me for? What did I do?” I asked.

    “Thank you…for keeping your promise,” she said. “For coming back. All of you.”

    “I wouldn’t have abandoned you like that. I’ll always come back…and I’ll always be with you.” Zelda smiled. I loved her charming smile. So pure and beautiful…whenever I saw it, it made all of my worries disappear.

    “Let’s go in, shall we? I’ve still got another promise I made to you that I’d like to keep.”

    Zelda looked up at me. “You…you do?”

    “I promised I’d cook for you when I came back, didn’t I? Anything you’d like, as much as you’d like…Did you forget?”

    Zelda shook her head, smiling at me. “My stomach’s been growling in anticipation ever since you told me you would. I just didn’t want to bother you about it in case you were tired…”

    “Well, I’d better get started, then. I know better than to disappoint your stomach.” I softly poked her in the middle of her exposed belly, making her laugh shyly.
    “I…I’m not that bad…am I?”

    1 Hour

    The sun had now risen to the middle of the sky, or close to it, based on the amount of light that shone in from the windows. I was a lot more exhausted than I realized, and I had nearly fallen asleep while preparing Zelda’s breakfast. It was at that point that she told me I had made enough for her.

    …She’s always so thoughtful, I thought. She never thinks about herself. It doesn't matter if she feels bad or if she's bummed out about other stuff, she always thinking about everyone else before herself… But I knew her. She was half Digimon. She had inherited a Digimon’s voracious appetite from one of her ancestors, and I knew that what I had actually made would not have been enough to satiate her hunger. Regardless, she pushed her chair back from the kitchen table and began slowly rubbing her stomach. She’s pretending to be full so I won’t tire myself out any more than I already have. She really is the sweetest… I looked at her from the couch I sat on and smiled. “Did you enjoy it?”

    “Oh, yes! I just love your cooking, Thomas! You’re the best!” She smiled radiantly at me from across the room.

    “And you’re sure you got enough? I can make you more, if you’d like.”

    “No, no, trust me; I am stuffed. I’m sure I’d burst if I ate anymore,” she said insistently. I knew she was lying, though. She always twirled her hair around her finger whenever she lied. “You should be careful, though; if you start cooking for me like that, I may actually start to gain some weight, because I know I wouldn’t be able to control myself.”

    “Well, you’re really tiny; I’m always worried the wind will blow you away when we’re out. A few pounds would definitely be healthy for you.” Her smile widened, and was reinforced with a cute, nervous flush to her cheeks after her stomach let out a rather audible growl.

    “But…if I did—”

    “Then there would just be more of you to love.” After a moment’s silence, Zelda walked out of the kitchen and sat down next to me.

    “Thomas…you’re always so kind to me,” she said. “I know you told me I don’t have to go through life the way I did before I came here…when everyone I met feared me and loathed me…But sometimes…sometimes, I just can’t help but wonder if I really do deserve you…”

    “…I know. I know you can’t help thinking that way after being used to it. But, Zelda…you deserve all the happiness in the world. I…should be the one asking if I deserve you…not the other way around. I am an assassin, after all…” Closing her eyes, Zelda leaned over and rested her head on my chest, with her hand — the one that carried the Mark — resting just above my heart. I gently stroked the back of her head, carefully running my fingers through her lush, golden hair. I never want this moment to end… At that moment, there was a knock on the front door. Oh, that fucking figures! Reluctantly, Zelda and I got up and walked to the front door.

    “Wait; what if it’s one of them?” Zelda whispered as I placed my hand on the doorknob.

    “…They are the only ones who know we’re here,” I said. “Stand back.” Unsurprisingly, Zelda stepped closer to me, insistently placing her hands around my arm. “You know, for being so shy, you can be pretty stubborn,” I said. Zelda gave me a hurt look, albeit a fake one. I smiled slightly at her. “It is kinda cute, though.” Slowly and nervously, I opened the door.

    “Took you long enough.” The woman standing on the other side of the door looked around casually. “Nice place you’ve got here. Except for the burned down lawn, which, I understand, was Hydramon’s fault.”

    “You…you’re…” Zelda’s hands trembled around my arm.

    “Linoan…” I stared at the woman in blank shock.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 108 - The Seventh is Made up of Phantomons

    Thomas Kasuto
    Saias’s Villa


    “Oh, so you remember my name, huh? Guess you aren’t a big shot like the others say,” Linoan said. She let herself in and strode right past Zelda and me, still casually looking around. “Seriously, though, this is one bitchin’ house! I could piss myself just standing in it…”

    “Linoan…what are you doing here?” my voice nearly failed me.

    “Huh? Oh, I left the Order of the Enchantress, so I came here to help you kill them all. OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS EVEN HAVE WALLPAPER! THIS PLACE IS FUCKING AWESOME!”

    “Wait…Linoan, slow down,” Zelda said. “Why…why did you leave them?”

    “And how do we even know you really left them in the first place?” I added.

    “Well, they — Generalmon especially — were all being dicks, so I — Oh, hang on.” Linoan suddenly plopped down on the floor, landing on her rear. Raising her left leg, she scratched the back of her head, behind her ear, with her foot.

    …Methinks she be not entirely used to her Human body…She seems to be forgetting she’s wearing a skirt…

    “Ahh, much better. Anyway, the other members of the Order were all being assholes, so I just left them. Simple as that.”

    “You seem very…casual…about all of this,” Zelda noted.

    Linoan shrugged. “I’m just a casual gal, milady. Oh, and I’m also housebroken, so you won’t need to train me for when I join your group.”

    “You’re joining us?!” I asked.

    “Sure, why not? You don’t have a problem with me or something, do ya?”


    “Oh, yeah…Okay, I guess I can understand how that would cause a little bit of tension between us…”

    “A little?! You—”

    “Oh, come now; no need to be so harsh. Just pretend I’m your little sister, or something, and we’ll get along fine,” Linoan giggled. “You wouldn’t weally make dis adorable wittle girl sweep outside, aw awone in the cold, would you?”

    “I’d make you sleep outside no matter which form you’d take, Lupinemon,” I said. “Or, if you’d prefer, I can make you sleep with the fishes!”

    “Aw, pweeeeeease, big bwother! Don’t make me sweep with the scawy fishies! I’ll be good; I pwoooomise!”

    “Oh, for the love of the goddess…” I said. Linoan was laughing uncontrollably, and had almost fallen over. “Zelda…what should we do?” She looked slightly taken aback by my question.

    “I…Do you think we should ask Apollomon?” she asked quietly. “He and the others have been sleeping for a while, now; I don’t wish to wake them…Maybe Luna or Pheragas?”

    “They’re all sleeping…maybe we should wait a little bit…”

    “Oh, come on, what’s the big deal?” Linoan asked. “You let that Andromon guy join you, right?”

    Andromon didn’t try to…kill…oh…”

    “See what I mean? I promise, I won’t try to kill you again,” Linoan said, more calmly.

    “You’re still that Digimon under that Human’s skin,” I said.

    “I’m not that bad. I don’t bite; I don’t even have fleas. Actually, as I am now, I’m not that different as I am when I’m a Digimon…except I don’t have a tail…Oh, and I’ve got a pretty good pair of these!” Linoan lifted up her shirt, showing her breasts to us. Zelda turned, red-faced, to face me, and opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

    “…Well…okay…then…Um…Zelda? What do you think? Should we ask Apollomon?” I asked.

    “…Even the wolf’s are bigger than mine,” Zelda said in a voice barely above a whisper.


    “O-Oh! I-I’m sorry! Um…What…do you think…Apollomon…would say?” Zelda whispered after a moment.

    “…Knowing Apollomon as well as I do…I can say — without any shadow of a doubt — that he would have accepted her in a heartbeat after that…”

    “Does that mean I’m in?!” Linoan asked excitedly, letting her shirt fall back down after looking down at her breasts for a while.

    “I have a feeling I already know the answer, but I’ll ask anyway. Zelda, what would you do?”

    “…I want to help her,” she replied. “Tommy…didn’t you tell me you couldn’t refuse a girl with a bare midriff when we first met?”

    “Oh…yes, well…” I nervously cleared my throat and glanced at Linoan, making an honest attempt to not stare at her belly. The woman was gazing at the two of us expectantly, her golden eyes shimmering brightly. Ugh! Me and my stupid midriff fetish…
    “…I’m sorry…I just don’t have it in me to turn my back on others…” Zelda said.

    I placed my hand over her shoulder. “That’s nothing to be ashamed of,” I said. “That’s how we met, remember?” Zelda nodded. “If you want to help her…then we’ll help her.”

    “Are you sure?” Zelda asked. “If I’m wrong—”

    “Then it wouldn’t be your fault,” I said. “Linoan…we’ll help you.”

    “HORAAAAY!” Linoan jumped up and down; her enthusiasm reminded me of Chrysania. “Thank you, ‘big brother’!”

    “…Don’t call me that,” I whispered. “Only Chrysania and Irene are allowed to call me that.”

    “Oh…are you saying I’m not cute enough to be your wittle sister?” Linoan gazed at me; it would have almost been piteous if it weren’t for the fact that she was trying very hard to unsuccessfully stifle her laughter.

    “Well, first of all, you’re taller and older than me,” I replied. “And second of all…you aren’t either of them, so you can’t. Also, you’re a wolf…it wouldn’t make much sense if I were to refer to you as a relative.”

    “Don’t think of me as a big, scary wolf; think of me as a puppy!” Linoan said. “Want me to wag my tail while you rub my tummy?”

    …There is something seriously wrong with this Digimon…

    “A… a puppy?!” Zelda looked up at me; her eyes were shimmering in an adorably piteous manner. “Can we keep her?”

    “Well, whatever. I’m in, right?”

    “…I…” I looked down at the floor. What should I say?

    “I can take you to DeathPhantomon if you’d like,” Linoan offered.

    “…You mean…you know where he is?!” Zelda asked.

    “Mmmmmmost likely…”

    “Thomas, we have to go with her!” Zelda exclaimed.

    “Why do we have to…Oh…Flamedramon.”

    “If we can find DeathPhantomon, we’ll be able to free Flamedramon! Please, Thomas; you have to let me go with her!”

    “…You know I wouldn’t let you go alone with someone like that, right?” I asked. “I’m going with you.”

    “But, Thomas…you need to rest…”

    “I’ll be okay. I’ve gone for three days without sleeping before; I’ll be fine,” I said.

    “He isn’t too far away,” Linoan said. “We can kill that pervert and be back in time for lunch.”

    “…Very well. Lead the way, Lupinemon,” I said.

    “You might want to wake up a few of your friends first,” Linoan said. “DeathPhantomon may be a colossal pervert, but he is very powerful.”

    “We’ll be fine. You are with us, after all.” Linoan looked slightly taken aback, but she smiled at me.
    “…Thank you.” Linoan became enclosed in a golden light; where she once stood was a large, golden wolf. “Follow me.”

    20 Minutes

    In her wolf form, Lupinemon had led us somewhat north of our house to a flat terrain, covered in rocks and dust. Everything, including the sky, was grey. I wasn’t sure exactly where she had taken us, but, based on the landscape, it looked as though we were close to the Black Rose Mountains.

    “This is DeathPhantomon’s favorite place to be,” Lupinemon said. “He claims it’s easier to scare his victims in a place like this.”

    “…Makes sense…” A small breeze ran past us, sending a chill down my spine. Zelda huddled closer to me, taking my hand in hers. Lupinemon’s nose was up in the air. Every now and then, she would move her head.

    “…Can’t find him,” she growled. “Guess he isn’t here…”

    “…Lupinemon…DeathPhantomon said he locked Flamedramon in an eternal nightmare,” Zelda whispered gently. “Do you think…if we beat DeathPhantomon…will we be able to free Flamedramon?”

    “That’d be my guess. Unfortunately, I’m not too familiar with DeathPhantomon’s hexes and curses,” Lupinemon said. “I know for sure that he wouldn’t be stuck that way, though. There’s no need to worry, dear.” Zelda looked down at the Mega Digimon and smiled. She leaned down and placed her arm over the Digimon’s back.

    “Thank you. Thank you…for coming with us, Lupinemon…”

    “…I should be thanking you…You let me join your group when I had nowhere else to go…” Lupinemon began to happily wag her tail.

    Zelda…there’s just something about you that makes everyone around you want to protect you… Lupinemon’s ears perked up. She bared her fangs and growled. “What is it?” I asked.

    “He’s here.” Lupinemon looked up at me. “DeathPhantomon is here!”

    “Dearest Lupinemon…thou hast turned traitor, have thee?” The phantasmal Digimon materialized in front of us. His single red eye seemed to be fixated solely on Zelda as he spoke, or rather, her chest. When she noticed, she shyly cowered behind me, much to the Dark Ghost Digimon’s disappointment.

    “Of course I turned traitor; you didn’t expect me to stay, did you?!” Lupinemon growled.

    “…I suppose not. It be only the natural order of life for the Beasts of Exalt to side against the demons of the netherworld,” DeathPhantomon sighed. The Digimon snapped his clammy gray fingers, and a large scythe, adorned with a skull near its blade, appeared in his hand, which he brandished menacingly.

    “How dare you accuse me of being an Exalted Beast of all things?!” Lupinemon asked.

    “I dare because I know it to be true!” DeathPhantomon snapped. “Accustomed as thou art to darkness, thou couldst never hope to be a true denizen of the shadows! That radiant light thou art emitting shalt be mine proof!”

    “Nocturne of Wolf’s Howl!” Lupinemon let loose an ear-splitting howl that shook the land and the sky. She leapt into the air at DeathPhantomon, her fangs bared, but the Dark Ghost Digimon swerved his cloth body out of the way and struck Lupinemon to the ground with the back of his scythe.

    “Thou shalt be…exterminated…later,” DeathPhantomon said. Turning to face Zelda and me, he said, “These two are of greater concern to me.” Zelda reached into her satchel, and I drew my sword. “You two…somehow, the two of you together have been the cause of the deaths of many in the Order…But that shalt end now…You two shalt deal with the ire of the strongest of my squads of loyal servants. Now, my Seventh Squad; join me!” All around him, numerous Phantomon Digimon appeared from nowhere.

    All of them…are Phantomon,” I said. “This could be bad; that Digimon is pretty strong…”

    “As lightless oblivion devours thee, drown in the infinite darkness that absorbs even time!” DeathPhantomon roared. I gripped the hilt of my sword tightly as the ten Phantomon flew toward us, each of their scythes aimed at our necks, just as Lupinemon jumped back up into the air, striking down and killing each of the Phantomon in a single bound. The golden wolf landed in front of us, staring down DeathPhantomon. DeathPhantomon’s eye narrowed; not in contempt, or even hatred. It was more a look of boredom, or arrogance.

    “DeathPhantomon…you will not leave this place alive,” Lupinemon growled.

    “Oh, I beg to differ; Scythe of Soul’s Harvest!” DeathPhantomon and Lupinemon lunged at and past each other. The blade of DeathPhantomon’s scythe became slathered with blood. Lupinemon hit the ground. A huge, gaping wound in the middle of her neck allowed blood to pass freely through onto the ground.

    “LUPINEMON!” Zelda ran over to the dying Digimon’s body.

    “…Heh…sorry…looks like…I won’t be joining…your group…after all…”


    Lupinemon closed her eyes one final time, and disappeared. Zelda angrily turned to face DeathPhantomon; her face and eyes were wet with tears. The Spirit Gallantmon appeared behind her.

    “The pain my lady feels…I feel as well,” Gallantmon said, pointing the tip of his spear directly at DeathPhantomon’s chest. “You shall pay…for making her cry!”

    “You’ll have to be more specific,” DeathPhantomon said. “It seems as though she cries a lot…”

    “Royal Saber!” DeathPhantomon was struck by a blast of Gallantmon’s lightning; however, the Dark Ghost did not falter.

    “Mirage of Darkness!” DeathPhantomon shrouded himself in darkness that soon faded; in his place stood the Digimon Kentaurosmon, one of the few Digimon rumored to be equal in power to both Gallantmon and Dynasmon. “Inferno Frost!” Gallantmon was shot through the chest by several arrows, and he vanished instantly. Kentaurosmon faded away, and DeathPhantomon returned. “Now, for you two…”

    “Give…Flamedramon…back!!!” Zelda shouted, speaking louder than I had ever heard her. DeathPhantomon chuckled.

    “Welcome to My Nightmare!” DeathPhantomon’s eye began shining brightly. It was the last thing I noticed before losing consciousness.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 109 - Eternal Nightmare

    Thomas Kasuto

    It had been the most dreadful sight I had ever been witness to. Every time I closed my eyes, I would somehow find my eyes open once more. Every time I turned away, it would always end up in front of me. I had at first tried to stop it, tried to fight against him, but my hands went through their spectral bodies. I was nauseated by my own powerlessness, even though I knew what I saw was merely a vision of the past, and could never hope to be changed. After what felt to be an eternity of being forced to watch her fight back powerlessly, Clive stood up and looked down at Victoria’s forcefully stripped, sixteen-year old body.

    “That wasn’t very fun,” he said. “You didn’t scream like the others.”

    “I…I would not give you…that satisfaction,” Victoria said in a shaky voice. Her pale face was awash with anguish and blood. With an annoyed look on his face, Clive kicked Victoria in the stomach, shoving the tip of his steel-toed boot in as deeply as he could. Several loud snaps denoted that he broke a few ribs. The pain in my heart made it feel as if it were being torn to pieces. I couldn’t help her. I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I vomited. It began to rain. I hadn’t the slightest clue where I was, but the streetlight that shone upon Victoria’s gruesome rape indicated we were in a desert city. I didn’t care, though. All I cared about was revenge. I knew Clive was dead in the present, but all I cared about was making him hurt. Victoria began to cry, her tears mixing with the rain and the blood. Clive began to walk away.

    “Next time…I’ll make you scream,” Clive said. “It’ll hurt a hell of a lot more than tonight, though. Be prepared.”

    “Horrible, isn’t it?” I looked behind.


    “Nice of thou to remember me,” DeathPhantomon said. Against my better judgment, I drew my sword and attacked the Mega Digimon. Just as it did with Clive, my weapon went right through him. “How cruel it must have been…being forced to watch something like that happen to the only person thou couldst hope call family. The event left her impregnated with her first child, did it not? Yes, her first child, Michalis…How ironic that she would be murdered by her first child while she was carrying her second. Wouldst thou agree?”


    “…I wonder…how wouldst thou react…if the same were to happen to the woman thou art in love with now?” I glared at him. DeathPhantomon pointed at the streetlight where Victoria had been raped. A shrill scream filled the air.

    “…Why…why are you doing this?” I asked him. DeathPhantomon moved in front of me, his face not two inches from mine. His glowing, red eye seemed to blind me.
    “Because I can!” The Dark Ghost moved from my line of sight, and forced me to watch the same rape occur again, only with Zelda in place of Victoria. Unlike Victoria, she was screaming.


    …Am I…home? In Adonis? I looked around the house I stood in. Everything looked the same as it did the day Hannah and I left. The living room, where I stood, had only a single chair, where my mother had always drank herself into an irate stupor. My heart trembled. This home, which had so many bad memories…I never thought I’d set foot in it again. I sighed. This…this is only a dream…perhaps…Maybe…Mother won’t be here after all…? But that means Anna won’t, either… The angry slamming of a door shook me out of my thoughts. An angry woman holding a very sharp knife stood outside of the living room. “M—mother?!”

    “What in the hell ish you lookin’ at, you ungrateful…” My mother’s breath reeked of alcohol, and she staggered back and forth in a dizzying manner into the room. Her huge belly, swollen and inflated from the heavy drinking she had been doing since my birth, entered the room before she did. It shook with each unsteady step she took, and popped out from the bottom of a small and very tight shirt that didn’t even come close to her navel. “What’re you…you ungrateful…lil’ bitch, you?”

    “Mother…I…” I looked down at myself. I was still nineteen years old. I wore the same desert attire I had worn when I first met Thomas, though I was barefoot. I reached up and ran my fingers across my face, under my right eye. There wasn’t a scar. “What’s going on? Mother, I thought…I thought you were dead…”

    “Yeah, you’d…you’d like that, wouldn’t you?! Filthy half-breed cunt!” My mother shoved me, knocking me down to the ground. She forcefully flipped me over with her foot so that I was lying on my tummy. She held up the knife she held and placed its blade on the back of my right hand. She was kneeling on top of me. Her knees dug into the backs of mine, sending terribly sharp pains down my legs and to my toes. Her flabby gut plopped down heavily onto the back of my head. “Today’s the day we…we finally get rid of that…that ugly Mark!” I tried pulling my hand away, but Mother tightly grabbed my wrist and held my arm in place. Just as she did every other time she tried this. My left arm was trapped under my own body at an uncomfortable angle that I was certain could have left it dislocated.


    “Your pathetic shister is recovering from…from…already having the Mark of hersh cut off! Now, hold shtill!” Mother held my arm out painfully to the side and pressed her full weight on it to prevent me from fleeing. I begged; I cried. She did not respond. I tried as hard as I could to get up and run, but my mother’s constant, heavy drinking had caused her to gain a considerable amount of weight, the majority of which wobbled over the front her belt. The 290-pound woman smiled in cruel, drunken delight as she cut the skin off the back of my hand, and began to laugh when she heard my cries of pain. She finally climbed off of me, holding the skin of my hand up to the light of the sun, looking at it with pride. Through my tears, I looked at the back of my heavily bleeding hand. Through all the blood, I could still see the Mark. Unfortunately, she noticed as well. “You…you think this is fucking funny?!”

    “M…mother…please…I…I didn’t mean—”

    “SHUT UP!” Angrily, pulled me across the carpeted floor haphazardly, leaving my belly and thighs covered in carpet burns. She pulled me up and slammed me against the wall, where she slapped me across the face. I raised my hand to where she had hit me; it stung. Once more, she slapped me. Tears of fright were falling steadily down my face.

    …Thomas…please…help me…Tommy…Anna…Statch…

    “How dare you do thish to me?! How dare you continue to embarrash me like thish! Your own mother! Stupid…worthless…ugly…slut…of a daughter!” With each
    insult, she slapped me again and again.


    “Wretched half-breed! Idiot whore! You don’t deserve to live!” The one name I never thought I’d say again entered my mind as my mother’s slaps to the face t
    urned to punches.

    …Daddy…Where are you…daddy? Who…are you…? One more time, she slapped me; the jagged fingernail of her thumb cut through my skin, leaving a thin gash underneath my right eye. I fell to the floor, crying, bruised, and bleeding, and yet my mother did not relent. Tommy…please…don’t leave me…please don’t make me go back to this! She removed her belt, and began beating me with it. For a while, this continued, until she finally passed out drunk, leaving me alone in a corner, bleeding and crying. Tommy…please…don’t…leave me…all alone…with her…I looked up. Above my mother’s unconscious body hovered DeathPhantomon. I sniffled. “D—DeathPhantomon…why…is this…happening? Is this…a dream? Or…is this…really happening again?”

    “Even I cannot reverse the flow of time,” DeathPhantomon said. “I simply show each of thee what thou doth not wish to happen most of all…I show thee thy most painful memories and thoughts brought real.” I felt a dreadful rumble in the pit of my stomach. I clutched my head. “Sometimes, I must improvise, it seems; verily, have I shown Thomas what he never wished to see…but alas, he was not present for the event.”

    “MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE, JUST MAKE IT STOP…” I wailed and sobbed uncontrollably.
    “That be the one thing I cannot do,” DeathPhantomon said. “This be simply too much fun!” DeathPhantomon’s eerie, hollow laughter filled the air. I screamed.


    I felt an unseeable hand stroke my face, the last thing I remember before becoming completely surrounded by the darkness once more. I opened my eyes. I lay on my back in the middle of an unfamiliar landscape, gray and filled with rocks. Abigail was on the ground next to me, gently stroking the side of my face. My head was resting comfortably in her lap.


    “I’m glad you’re feeling better,” she whispered softly. Her eyes were filled with concern, but her cherry red lips parted in a smile.

    “…How…did you…”

    “Heh. Come, now; you do remember what I am, right?” Abigail asked.

    “Yes…you are…a Bio Hybrid…”

    “I’ve spent enough time with Lilithmon before abandoning that old whore to know how to traipse around in the shadows,” she laughed. “I was shocked when I found you, but I’m glad I did.” I smiled up at her.

    “…Me…too…” She placed her cool hand against the side of my face.

    “That…wasn’t a dream. It was…just an unpleasant memory,” I said.

    “Well, whatever it was, I’m glad I got you out of it,” Abigail said. “…I’m…sorry. I just…disappeared before you all went to fight Lilithmon a month ago…”

    “No need to concern yourself over that,” I smiled at her. “You…did not wish to go. Where I in your position, I doubt I’d have been able to do go.”

    “So, how did it happen? How’d you end up there?”

    “…I was fighting a Digimon called DeathPhantomon. I don’t remember exactly what happened; he used the darkness and made himself look like you. That’s the last thing I remember…”

    “DeathPhantomon…is he that big, ugly Digimon that’s staring at us?” I looked to where Abigail was pointing.

    “Yes, that’s him.” I smiled at Abigail. I glanced back up at DeathPhantomon and jumped up, placing myself between him and her. “Abigail, stand back! This one…he’s—”

    “Thou means to fight against the darkness?” DeathPhantomon asked. “Thou art a fool!”

    You’re the fool!” Abigail snapped, pulling out her Digivice from her cleavage. “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon! Black Wing!” BioLadyDevimon’s left hand turned to a spear, which she then jabbed at DeathPhantomon’s head; however, the Mega Digimon was faster, and he swung his scythe, catching the Bio Hybrid’s attack before it could hit him.

    “What hope dost thou have of winning?!” DeathPhantomon asked. “Neither of you be Mega Level Digimon!”

    “Oh, I guess you haven’t heard of me, then,” I said. “You see…I’ve killed hundreds of Mega Digimon in my lifetime, back when I was driven by thoughts of revenge. Killing you will be a piece of cake.” DeathPhantomon’s eye narrowed. “…I also happen to know…that I am a descendant of the very Flamedramon who slayed you five hundred years ago. His blood, and his very life, rests within me.”

    “N—no…I can’t…can’t…be defeated! The Order cannot afford another loss—”

    “Flame Fist!” I unleashed a thick wave of flames from my claws at the cloaked Digimon. He became completely ignited in an instant, and began screaming, trying to extinguish the flames.

    “Black Wing!” BioLadyDevimon’s attack hit him through the chest, and through the pendant he wore around what I assumed was his neck. He screamed one final time, and faded away into darkness, dead. “So sorry, DeathPhantomon. You were just way too dangerous for us to go easy on.”

    “…And now…he’s finally dead.” I smiled, sitting down on the ground, worn out.

    “Are you okay?” BioLadyDevimon turned back into her Human form and sat down next to me.

    “…I wonder what those kids are doing,” I said. “I was…protecting them…when DeathPhantomon sealed me in darkness…” Without warning, two shadows formed on the ground in front of us. In the middle of them were two Human figures. “Wait a minute…”

    “That’s them, right?!” Abigail asked, standing up. I ran over to the two figures. Thomas and Zelda both now lay unconscious on the ground.
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    Chapter 110 - The Next Awakening

    Thomas Kasuto

    After being surrounded by darkness for so long, I was finally able to open my eyes. Not that the grey sky and grey landscape was much better, though. The first person I saw was Abigail; she knelt down beside me on the ground, cradling me in her arms and trying to wake me up as Flamedramon did the same for Zelda. The two of us lay less than an arm’s length apart.

    “You’re awake,” she said breathlessly. “Flamedramon, he’s awake!”

    “Zelda’s coming to, as well,” Flamedramon said, speaking in his normally less enthusiastic tone of voice.

    “Abigail…you’re…alive?” I asked groggily.

    “Thomas, I am insulted. What else would you expect from a Bio Hybrid?” she asked with a proud grin.

    “Sorry…but…where have you been all this time?”

    “…That’s something I’d also be interested in knowing,” Flamedramon said.

    “I haven’t really been doing much,” Abigail said. “Adrian and Michalis had been trying to find me, so I’ve had to stay low to avoid detection. See? Nothing interesting about old Abigail…What about you, flame boy? What have you been doing for the past year?”

    “…I’ve been looking for you,” he said. Abigail’s smile faded into a blank shock. “It’s been rather…difficult…I am a wanted serial killer, after all.”

    After a moment, Abigail nodded her head slightly. “How about you two? Thomas…have you told her yet?”

    “…Yes, I have.” I smiled at the older woman as Zelda reached over and placed her hand over mine.

    “We’re together now,” Zelda said.

    “Aw, you two look so cute together!” Abigail gushed. I was perhaps the only person who noticed Flamedramon eyeing her nervously when she said this.

    “Thank you, Abigail,” I said. “What you said to me…about taking care of her…hearing somebody say that to me helped me work up the courage to say it to her.”

    “I’m glad I could help you, old friend,” Abigail smiled widely.

    “…Also…I need to apologize,” I said.

    “For what?”

    “For…abandoning you. When I left Cyclamen with…with Victoria…” I swallowed, suddenly remembering the nightmare DeathPhantomon forced me to experience. “I…I didn’t mention you…and you were left behind.”

    “You’ve been worried about that this entire time?!” Abigail asked. “By the Goddess, man, I’ve forgiven you already! There’s no need for you to apologize, even if you have yet to do so!”

    “I betrayed you. I abandoned you. Of course I would apologize,” I said firmly. “An apology shouldn’t even suffice for something that drastic, and yet, you’ve forgiven me anyway?”

    “Well…it wasn’t that bad,” Abigail nervously rubbed the back of her neck. “If I had gone with you, I wouldn’t have ever met that stupid Lilithmon, and I wouldn’t have been turned into a Bio Hybrid…and if I hadn’t…I may not have been able to free Flamedramon from his nightmare…”

    “…Which I also must thank you for,” Flamedramon said.

    “No need for thanks. We’re…inseparable…right? I’d save you from anything…just as I know you’d do the same for me,” Abigail said. She looked at me. She turned and looked at Flamedramon. “…Look…if you really want to apologize…if you really want to thank me…why don’t you both buy me something sweet? I’ve always been fond of cake; the two of you can get me one each, and then we’ll all be even.”

    “Two cakes? All by yourself?! Are you mad, woman?!” Flamedramon asked. Abigail laughed.

    “In addition to my status as a Bio Hybrid, it seems you’ve forgotten what else I am,” she said, pointing to her belly. “I’m one of the Marked like you, remember? And since I’m also a Bio Hybrid, I’m actually two-thirds Digimon, rather than a half. I’m barely a Human at all anymore. Since I’m a Human Marked, I’ve got the same voracity as a Digimon, and probably the same lifespan. Just ask Zelda; she’ll tell you.”

    “…Yes…We aren’t Human,” Zelda whispered. “My mother was certainly an expert at making me feel that way…” I regarded her with somber curiosity. Other than when she said we were together, she hadn’t smiled once, and, at moments, she looked close to crying. Her eyes appeared rather bloodshot, as if she actually had been.

    …DeathPhantomon…he made her…see something she shouldn’t have, didn’t he? I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL THAT BASTARD!

    “Oh, by the way, DeathPhantomon is dead,” Flamedramon said. “I burned him alive, and Abigail stabbed him in the chest.”

    …Oh…well, it sounds like he at least he died screaming… I shivered, remembering what DeathPhantomon forced me to observe. I forced myself to look away from Zelda. No…I cannot allow myself to remember…that…I can’t…

    “How many of them have you killed?” Flamedramon asked.

    “Eight,” Zelda said. “And…Lupinemon…is gone as well…”

    “Eight and Lupinemon,” Abigail pondered. “…I see. Then that makes nine you’ve…encountered.”

    “And only three left to fight,” Flamedramon said.

    Yeah…Generalmon, Cherubimon, and…and Lilithmon…

    “One of them is Lilithmon, though. Are you prepared to fight her again?”

    “We’ve already killed her once,” I said.

    “Barely.” I glared at Flamedramon. “Had I not found that Talisman, you’d not have won against her. Had you not worn the Immortal’s Necklace, you’d have died. And now, you lack the Horcrux, and I wonder; will Dynasmon be capable of winning again? Perhaps Gallantmon?”

    “We will,” I said firmly. “We’ll win, because we have to.”

    “Sounds like you’ve won already,” Abigail said. Flamedramon stood up. He was looking around cautiously. “What’s wrong?”

    “…One of them has found us.” Abigail joined him.

    “Who is it? Where?” I asked.

    “…Whoever it is certainly is making no secret of their arrival,” Abigail said, staring dead ahead. The luminously violet silhouette of a heavily armed Digimon slowly lumbering towards us — shaking the earth and making loud, metallic clanks with each step he took — was impossible to miss.


    “I thought he was in Acacia,” Zelda breathed.

    “Looks pretty big, even from far away,” Abigail surmised. That, of course, was an understatement; the Warrior Digimon stood nearly seven feet tall, roughly the same as Apollomon, and his gleaming armor only reinforced his gargantuan image. The massive halberd he took into battle was larger than even Pheragas’s, and I would not have been surprised if his weapon weighed more than all of his heavy armor.

    “Should we try to take him out, Thomas?” Flamedramon asked. I blinked. I was uncertain. I had only seen Generalmon fight once, and only for a brief moment. Even then, I doubted he was using half of his strength against us. I had no idea what the Digimon was capable of, or just how strong he really was. “Well?”

    “…If he wishes to fight us…then we may have no choice than to fight him back,” I said. I nervously looked over at Zelda. She looked miserable. Ready to battle or call forth a Digimon Spirit if need be, but miserable. Just what did DeathPhantomon force her to see, to experience? Hmm…It might be better if I don’t ask her just yet…

    “You’ve fought him before, haven’t you?” Abigail asked.

    “Not for very long,” I replied. “Dynasmon was able to drive him away when we met him last, but…I still have no idea how strong he could get if he truly wanted to…”

    “He doesn’t sound like the kind of guy who’d let us escape, even if we tried,” Flamedramon said. “Rumor has it this guy laid waste to Acacia in only a few hours.”

    My heart sank. “The whole damn city in that short amount of time?!” I asked. Acacia was roughly the same size as Yew, and was considered by many to be Shendu Territory’s equivalent of that city. I looked up at Generalmon. There was still quite a bit of distance between us. “…I think…we should try to leave while we can…” Generalmon was nowhere to be seen. Behind us, the ground trembled furiously when he landed, leaving a large, jagged-edged crater beneath him.

    “What was that…you said about leaving?” Generalmon asked.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 111 - The Prisoner in the Tower

    Thomas Kasuto
    Valencia Territory

    “What was that…you said about leaving?” Generalmon asked. My mouth hung open, unable to close. My eyes were peeled, and stared at Generalmon in awe and fear.

    He was at least a fourth of a mile away two seconds ago…he jumped that far?! Wearing all that armor?! Generalmon’s helmeted head was tipped downwards, and it felt as though he were sneering mockingly at us underneath it.

    “Nine of my brethren have been slain, and nearly all by the hands of you two,” Generalmon said. “Have you two…anything to say for what you have done?”

    “You’re treating them like criminals; how amusing,” Abigail laughed.

    “I…will not hesitate to destroy all those who stand against my family; that goes for supposed loyal members of the group,” Generalmon said.

    “…Do you…speak of Lupinemon?” Zelda asked.

    “Hmph. Lupinemon got what she deserved from DeathPhantomon. Had she shown her treasonous face to me, I’d have given her a more harsh judgment. Wherever she went, she should consider herself to be lucky that it was DeathPhantomon whom she faced, and not I.” With an angry look on her face — one of such pure hatred that I did not know she was capable of — Zelda reached into her satchel. Noticing, Generalmon dropped his massive axe onto the hard, rocky ground, making a loud clang that made Zelda jump straight up into the air.
    “Dæmon Lux Lunæ!” Generalmon’s armor radiated a blinding, languid lavender light. The glare was intense; it felt as though my eyes would melt, even after they were shut tight. “Ferreo Pugni Dæmonis!” Unable to see what was happening, I heard Generalmon’s armor creak as something blunt — Generalmon’s fist, I thought — struck me in the face and nearly knocked me out cold. “You…seem to be the most dangerous to us, assassin.” Nearly everything seemed to be a blur after that. The light emitted from Generalmon’s armor faded. Flamedramon’s fire attacks shot across the sky. The light from Abigail’s Bio Link Digivice shone. I was unsure of the order in which these things happened. Eventually, though, I heard Flamedramon and BioLadyDevimon cry out in pain as they were struck down by Generalmon. In spite of the protest from my throbbing head and my own better judgment, I began to force myself up as the sight of Dynasmon being struck down by Generalmon’s axe caught my attention. Apparently, Generalmon heard me staggering up, because he walked over to me once again. I could hear Zelda running, trying to get to me before Generalmon, but she was too late. Generalmon rammed his iron foot into my face, knocking me back down to the ground, unconscious at last.

    When I finally came to, it was night. Or, was it? The landscape did seem to be darker, but the lack of sunlight when we fought DeathPhantomon earlier made it difficult to discern. My entire head ached. Struck down twice by that damn Generalmon…

    “Thomas…” A soft and cool hand gingerly covered one of the areas of my face where Generalmon had struck me. Damn, did it feel refreshing.

    “Zelda…?” I was finding it difficult to focus my eyes, though I could clearly see a blonde woman, looking at me with concern.

    “Sorry to disappoint,” Abigail said. My head lay in the center of her lap. “I ain’t your girlfriend, though.” I could hear Flamedramon sigh wearily from nearby.

    “You two…you’re both…okay,” I said. “How…?”

    “Don’t ask stupid questions,” the Bio Hybrid said gently. I closed my eyes. “Just try to rest.”

    Flamedramon sighed once again. “How does he look?” he asked. His voice sounded impatient, which was quite normal for him.

    “He was hit pretty hard,” Abigail said, stroking my hair away from my face. “His nose might be broken; we should probably get that sorceress to fix it up…You know, that really sexy one that’s always taking her clothes off.”

    “He doesn’t need his nose to fight, damn it!” Flamedramon snapped.

    “He could,” Abigail said. “He is an assassin, after all; he could use his sense of smell for…something…I don’t know exactly how these guys do things.”

    “…Where’s…Zelda…?” I asked.

    “Yeah, I know; she should be the one letting you use her lap as a pillow while she softly caresses the side of your face, but you’re going to have to make do with me doing it for a while,” Abigail said.

    “What do you…mean?”

    “Well…you see, the thing is…well, I don’t really know how to tell you this…” Ignoring the pain in my head, I shot straight up and looked around. Flamedramon, Abigail, and I were the only ones in sight.

    “…She’s been taken,” Flamedramon said. “Generalmon…took her.” My heart plunged deep into my stomach. I grew more dazed than I already had been.

    “W—what…do you mean?”

    “He kidnapped her, damn it!” Flamedramon shouted. “While we were all sitting on our unconscious asses, he went and…and kidnapped her!”

    “No…You’re lying!”

    “…I only wish, kid,” Flamedramon said, more calmly than he probably felt.

    “Where…did he take her?!”

    “…He…has a citadel that he rose up from the ground in Acacia, from what I’ve heard. If he’s taken her anywhere, that’s where he’d take her.” I stood up, ignoring the shakiness in my legs. “And just where do you think you’re going, huh?”

    “To…Acacia,” I said. “I have to…save…her…”

    “You aren’t going anywhere,” Abigail said. “We’re taking you back to that knight’s villa — that’s where you live now, right? — to heal you up.”

    “No…I can’t…I have to—”

    “So, it’s to be the hard way,” Flamedramon sighed.

    “Don’t hurt him too much,” Abigail warned.

    “I won’t.”
    “Damn it, we don’t have time for—”

    “Yeah, yeah, write it down, publish a story. It should sell,” Flamedramon said. Flamedramon struck the back of my head with his fist, and I fell into Abigail’s welcoming arms, knocked unconscious for a second time that day.

    I am going to kill that bastard. Those were the first words that flashed in my mind when my eyes parted slightly. I wasn’t sure if I meant Flamedramon or Generalmon, though. A tight grip around my throat made my eyes open up the rest of the way. Chrysania had placed her arms around me, and was crying messily onto my chest. Above me, Luna moved a damp washcloth across my forehead.

    “Chrissy was…so scared…about you,” Chrysania sobbed. “She thought…that Tommy…was going to die!”

    “He might if you don’t let go of his neck,” I heard Statuedramon’s voice say from further away. Chrysania abruptly sat up, wearing her normal cheery grin as if she hadn’t been crying at all, which was when I noticed I was lying down in my own bed with the room’s lights off. I felt a disappointing emptiness next to me when I remembered that Zelda had been taken by Generalmon.

    “Are you okay, sweetie?” Luna asked me quietly as she placed her hand atop Chrysania’s head.

    “Vut happened to you? Vhy did you leave?” Pheragas asked, standing at the foot of the bed. Apollomon, Dianamon, and Andromon stood to his left, in front of the door. Chrysania and Luna were to my right on the bed, and Statuedramon stood on the floor next to them. I couldn’t see anyone else without moving my head, which hurt a fair deal.

    “…Lupinemon…wanted to join us,” I said groggily. “She took us to DeathPhantomon…DeathPhantomon killed her…Flamedramon killed DeathPhantomon…” Chrysania began sobbing even harder.

    “Lupinemon wanted to join us?! It’s…so…unfair! Why did she have to die?!” she asked. Luna placed her arms around her foster daughter’s shoulders and hugged her closely.

    “Happened next, what did?” Andromon asked.

    “I...don’t really remember,” I said. “Generalmon showed up…knocked me unconscious…and he took Zelda with him…”

    “He did WHAT?!” Apollomon asked.

    “I tried to go after him…but Flamedramon made me come back here…”

    “Well, you should be thankful that he did,” Dianamon said, looking across the room. “With those injuries, you should be thankful that you’re alive.”

    “…No thanks are necessary,” Flamedramon said in an aloof tone of voice. “I…merely wish to have as many allies as I can for when I fight Lilithmon…” I felt tears slide down my face.

    “Zelda…she was taken…because I wasn’t strong enough…to protect her…”

    “Thomas, what happened to her is not your fault,” Dianamon said. “Do you understand?”

    “We’ll get her back,” Statch said. “Just you wait; we’ll get her back, and we’ll kill that fucking Generalmon, too.”

    “I couldn’t…protect her,” I repeated. “What if she…she hates—”
    “She won’t,” Abigail interrupted, standing next to Flamedramon. “A person like that, who’s suffered so much…they wouldn’t dare think unkindly of the first person who’s shown them kindness. Trust me, Tommy…that’s why I was able to forgive you for abandoning me in Cyclamen.”


    I was conscious the entire time I was with Generalmon. He was surprisingly gentle while carrying me, always making sure his armor did not prod me uncomfortably. We arrived in Acacia in Shendu Territory quickly, almost unreasonably so. Generalmon had told me that he had control over the phases of the moon; depending on what phase the moon was in, a different power would be granted to him, and this phase enhanced his speed.

    “Here we are,” Generalmon said.

    I glanced around. The city of Acacia looked dreadful, similar to Yew after Myotismon’s invasion, though without the flames. Everything lay in ruins. To my immense relief, there were no corpses lying about. That was the last thing I needed to see right now. In the distance, toward the middle of the city, stood a huge tower.

    “Can you see it? That tower? That is my creation,” he said. “I created it after conquering this loathsome city. That is where we are headed.”
    During our trip, though he was carrying my gently, he had also carried me rather haphazardly at the same time — like I was a piece of luggage — with his gauntlet-covered hand under my stomach. Now he finally set me down on the ground, though he retained a tight grip on my arm. He had taken my satchel away from me as well, so I was unable to summon any Digimon Spirits to fight him.

    Gallantmon hasn’t shown up, either…Tommy…Please be okay…In no time at all, we had left the city and were inside the large, ornate tower Generalmon pointed out. In front of us was a large, empty jail cell.

    “…Why did you take me with you?” I implored.

    “You need not worry,” Generalmon said, shoving me into the cell and closing the door behind me. The force of it made me fall. I quickly sat up, with my legs tucked up against my body, facing the large Mega Digimon. “I am not at all like DeathPhantomon; I’ve no intention of…fondling…any area of your…your body…no matter how enticing it may be.” Blushing, I raised my arms to cover my chest. “I’ve no intentions of killing you, either.”

    “…You…you don’t?”

    Generalmon shook his head. “‘Twould be dishonorable to raise my axe against an unarmed woman. No…I intend to keep you here until your friends show up…That…is when you will all be destroyed.” Laughing, Generalmon walked out of the room and up a flight of stairs.

    I leaned my back up against the corner of a wall and placed my head down, resting my forehead on my arms. My entire body was trembling with fear of the hulking Digimon.

    “…Tommy…please…don’t come here…I’m not worth it…” Without my consent, my thoughts jumped immediately back to the nightmare DeathPhantomon forced me to endure. Missing Thomas and wishing he were here to hold me, I cried silently, not wanting Generalmon to hear me. I immediately forced myself to stop, however. I couldn’t allow myself to cry anymore.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 112 - To the Tower

    Thomas Kasuto
    Saias’s Villa

    I had been forced to lie in my bed for the past two days in order to heal from my extensive injuries; Apollomon had even gone as far as to close, lock, and barricade my door to prevent me from escaping while Dianamon had boarded up the windows. BlackGaomon had even tied my legs to the bed with several thick wooden planks, resting on top to prevent me from getting out of bed to go rescue Zelda, which I had tried to do on many occasions.

    Chrysania and Statuedramon had stayed in the room — which fortunately for us had a bathroom and shower — with me nearly the entire time. Aside from the time she set my pillow on fire whilst attempting to concoct a pain killer for the first time, Chrysania did a fairly good job of taking Luna’s place as healer. Statuedramon slept most of the time, only waking up when Andromon and Luna brought us meals prepared by Apollomon, or when Chrysania made a mistake at my expense — something which seemed to amuse Statch — after which she would apologize profusely. She would always be forgiven, though. None of her little accidents were as close to being as bad as the pillow fire.

    The two had proved to be good company, and though my thoughts were always of Zelda, I appreciated that they were with me, trying to help me feel better. Occasionally, Chrysania would sleep curled up at the foot of the bed like a Gatomon while Statuedramon would snore heavily in the small armchair off to the side of the bed. The two were now talking about something — I wasn’t really paying attention — when the bedroom door opened. Luna and Andromon walked in.

    “Lunch time!” Luna said happily; the pair was carrying several plates of food, all of which smelled good. Andromon carefully closed the door behind him, eyeing me with suspicion. Chrysania ran up to Luna and leaped into the young sorceress’s arms after she placed the food on the concrete slab, which functioned well as a table for the three of us. Luna placed her arms around the young apprentice. “Hi, sweetie; how’s mommy’s little angel?”

    “Chrissy’s missed you, mommy,” Chrysania said. “But she’s been having fun with Tommy and Statch!”

    “I take it there have been no more fires?” Luna asked. Apollomon had been quite exasperated when he learned what happened, and had Statuedramon not been there, I myself would have burned.

    “Nope! Just the one!” Luna’s eyes narrowed slightly. “…And a half…”

    “…Do I want to know?” Chrysania shook her head.

    “Gone out, Abigail and Flamedramon have,” Andromon said. “Gathering information, they are.”

    “Where are they?” I asked.

    “They’ve gone to Acacia,” Luna said. “They left about two days ago, and they said they’d return as soon as they were able to.”

    “So, they’re getting information about Generalmon’s citadel, huh?” Statch asked. Luna nodded.

    “How’ve you been holding up?” Luna asked.

    “…I haven’t stopped thinking about her; I’ve even been dreaming about her,” I said hoarsely. “I can’t even begin to imagine how frightened, how…terrified she must be, all alone with that creep…and all I can do is notice how empty the bed is without her…” I knew as soon as I said that last part, it was a mistake.

    “Well, if you’d like, I could take her place until she returns,” Luna suggested. All four of us stared at her.

    “Uh…n—no, that…that’s all right…”

    “Are you certain? I don’t bite,” she added in a seductive voice. “Unless you’re into that.”

    “No, I…I’ll manage…” Luna shrugged.

    “Your loss. Or is it?”

    …She’s always been like this, always making passes at me…sometimes, I can’t even tell if she means half of what she says! Zelda had been quite aware that Luna had been doing this long before she joined, and she continued after Zelda and I had formed a relationship; Zelda had even gone as far as to tell me that if I had ‘gotten together’ with Luna, that she wouldn’t mind. I immediately told her that I would never do that to her, or ever take advantage of that kindness like that. She must be terrified of being left alone to actually say something like that…I couldn’t believe she would think I’d do something like that to her…

    “Whatever. I’ve brought your lunch, so I can go now. Enjoy!” Luna said, without ever losing her cheerful smile. She and Andromon both left the room.

    “I seriously doubt she understands the severity of what she said,” Statuedramon said, shaking his head as he chewed on a piece of chicken.

    “What did she say?” Chrysania asked.

    “…I’ll tell you when you’re older, sweetie.”

    Chrysania seemed satisfied with this answer, and turned all of her easily distracted attention to the food. She hungrily stuffed an entire roll into her mouth before being distracted by a piece of dust falling from the ceiling.

    “We’ll get her back, Thomas,” Statuedramon said after looking at me for a while. I made an attempt to nod, though I was unsure if I was successful. “For all we know, that could be exactly why Flamedramon and Abigail went to Acacia.”

    “…Yeah…” I looked up at the Rookie Digimon, who smiled at me. “But, when they do come back…not a WORD is to be spoken about those two women, okay?”
    “Not even the pretty green-haired one?” Chrysania whined.

    “Especially her…Elizabeth, wasn’t it? Yes, something definitely didn’t seem right about her,” I whispered. “I would prefer it if neither of you two mentioned their sudden appearance.”

    “Are you…sure? It was kinda weird…it was like they just…popped out of thin air,” Statuedramon whispered. I opened my mouth to speak when Apollomon burst into the room.

    “They…they’re back,” he said, breathing heavily as if he had just run up the stairs.

    “You mean Flamedramon?” Statch asked. Apollomon nodded. “Wow…that was fast…” He and Chrysania got up and went downstairs as Apollomon lifted the concrete slab off my legs and helped me walk downstairs. We found them in the living room, politely refusing every offer of food or drink.

    “How are you doing?” Abigail asked when she saw me.

    “I fixed his broken nose; that was the only easy part,” Luna said.

    “The hard part was getting him to stay in bed and rest,” Dianamon said, noticing Abigail’s confusion.

    “Yes, I can understand that…”

    “Were you able to find her?” I asked. Apollomon helped me sit down on one of the many couches.

    “…Sorry,” Flamedramon said. “We searched all over that tower, but we couldn’t find her.” I closed my eyes. I had been expecting such a response, but it still made me feel terrible.

    “We did find something else in that tower,” Abigail spoke up. “We found that Generalmon has a pretty big library in the lower areas of that citadel; it may prove to be beneficial to retrieve a few books. They may have some information about Lilithmon.” Apollomon and a few others nodded in agreement.

    “We didn’t find any guards,” Flamedramon said. “It seems that Generalmon is alone there.”

    “Meaning we won’t have to send too many there,” Seraphimon said.

    “If it’s books you need help with, then count me in,” Luna said.

    “You’ll need someone to help fight against Generalmon,” Statuedramon said. “I’m in. After all, I need more practice Digivolving to the Mega level.”

    “…I’m going,” I said.

    “Thomas, you aren’t fully healed yet!” Dianamon insisted. “Apollomon, say something!”

    “…I have no objections,” he said. “I know him…he wouldn’t be able to look himself in the mirror if he didn’t do something to save the woman he loves so much. He’s going.”

    “Thank you…sir…”

    “We’ll go too,” Flamedramon said. “Generalmon is strong; Statch will need all the help he can get against that one.”

    “I couldn’t agree more,” Luna said. Statch shrugged, not seeming to be bothered. “I think a group this size will suffice.”

    “Is everyone ready to go?” Abigail asked. “It’s a long walk to Shendu Territory. I flew Flamedramon there in my Bio Hybrid form, so we were able to get there in about a day, but on foot, it should be about three.”

    Three more days…alone with that Generalmon… I looked up at Abigail. “We’ll get there in less than two.”

    “At that pace, it would be advised that we don’t sleep,” Flamedramon said. “Is that something you are okay with?”

    “I don’t care; I haven’t been able to sleep anyway,” I said. “And not just because of Statuedramon’s snoring.”

    “A lack of sleep will add a bit of excitement to it all,” Luna said.

    “I’ll manage,” Statuedramon said.
    “Let’s go as soon as we can,” Abigail said. “The sooner we leave, the sooner we can get Zelda away from that Digimon.”


    I sat wedged in the corner of the cell, unmoving for days. I wasn’t even sure how many; since Generalmon has control of the moon, it was always directly above the citadel. Its light shone down, illuminating the entire structure with its golden light. Generalmon had decided to keep me in chains in case I decided to escape; cuffs were placed around my wrists and ankles — he had taken my boots away to make this easier — to keep me near the wall when he brought me my meals. He had also proven himself to be a fairly decent chef — not as good as Thomas, of course, but still not bad. Apparently aware that I was a Marked, he had bringing large amounts of food that would’ve made a normal girl of my size explode had she attempted to eat everything in sight. But it was just the right amount for someone like me. A freak. A freak that didn’t belong to either of the two races on Arcadia.

    I sighed and leaned my head back against the wall. There wasn’t much to see. The cell I was in was completely empty. The walls and floors were all a shimmering violet in color, and seemed to be made out of a sleek metal that had at first been frigid against my skin, particularly my bare feet, but I quickly grew accustomed to it. There was a barred, square window above my head that showed the sky, although it was perpetually nighttime. Generalmon had just left a few minutes ago, saying nothing and leaving yet another heaping stack of food close to me. In all honesty, Generalmon was actually taking quite good care of me. He even came down every few hours to take me to a bathroom for those irksome habits, and also to take a shower once a day. I smiled when I thought about how considerate he was in that regard. I was immediately reminded of the last time I was locked in a cell like this; it was far dirtier, and Tankmon and Giromon were far less kind in their actions. That was when I remembered that I was merely a hostage. People do not risk their lives for dead hostages.

    “…Shut up,” I said to my stomach as it began to growl very loudly, echoing a fair deal in the empty room. “I’ll eat when I feel like it…” Ignoring me, my stomach growled even louder and louder until I began to eat to shut it up. I downed the five ten-ounce steaks on my plate in less than a minute each.
    Afterwards, I felt very full, and my stomach quieted down while I began to chew absently on a large potato. “…Thomas…stay away from this place…Generalmon will not hesitate to kill everyone. I’m not worth dying over…” I rested back against the wall once more, suddenly feeling too bloated to eat any more. My thoughts turned once again to the nightmare I had a few days ago.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 113 - Memories of Days Gone By

    Thomas Kasuto
    Shendu Territory
    2 Days

    I stopped and looked up at the tower before us. Generalmon’s tower loomed menacingly above our group, above the entire town. It looked even larger than the fortress Lachesis used to live in, or even Etemon’s old castle in Linnea Village. The sight of it, I was sure, filled many with fear; but the only thought going through my mind was getting Zelda back.

    …Zelda’s in here somewhere, I kept telling myself. The outward design and coloration of the building was obscured by the moon’s light, making it look like a large, jagged finger sticking out of the ground from a distance, one that Statuedramon said was flipping him off.

    “I know where the library is,” Flamedramon said. “I’ll take Luna and Statch with me. Abigail, you and Thomas focus on finding Zelda.”

    “Got it,” Abigail nodded. Placing her arm around my shoulders, she said, “C’mon; let’s go. She’s been waiting.” We all walked into the suspiciously open door of the citadel and parted ways. “Let’s see…I’ve got a feeling in my gut that she’s somewhere in the lowest area of this place. That’s where places like these usually keep their prisoners, yeah?”

    “…You have a point. We may as well look,” I said. We walked down a large and winding, dull-colored stairway after parting with Flamedramon and the others. I looked up. The ceiling was constructed completely of glass in an elaborate, snowflake-like design, some of it stained, allowing the moon’s light to shine throughout the entire castle in many vibrant colors.

    “I think we’re underground now,” Abigail said. “Can you smell the soil?”

    “I’m not half Digimon, and I broke my nose a few days ago. What do you think?” Abigail laughed. At the end of the stairway, we came to a large door. On it was a symbol that resembled the Medallion that was Generalmon’s Horcrux.

    “Strange, I don’t remember this door being here,” Abigail noted. Opening it, we found another staircase.

    “…Let’s go.” I ran down the stairs as quickly as I could without falling, with Abigail close behind. At the end of the stairway was an empty room with a dungeon cell, and in it sat Zelda in chains.

    “ZELDA!” I ran up to the bars of the cell. Zelda mouthed my name when she saw me, her face turning from its somber, empty stare to a tearful look of happiness. She tried to run up to me, but the chains on her arms and legs prevented her from doing so. Looking away sadly, she leaned back against the wall.

    “Stand back,” Abigail said, pulling her Bio Link Digivice out from her cleavage. “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon! Black Wing!” BioLadyDevimon’s arm turned to a spear, which she used to cut through the bars of the cell. The Bio Hybrid used her sharp fingernails to pick open the locks of the cuffs around Zelda’s feet and hands. I placed my arms tightly around her, holding her body closely against mine. Zelda, however, continued to stare forlornly at the cold, metal floor.

    “Are you okay?” I whispered. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?” Zelda shook her head. “What’s wrong?”

    “…Thomas…why…did you come for me?” Zelda asked. “I…I’m not worth it…”

    “Zelda…it’s because I love you,” I said. “Don’t you…know that?” Zelda remained silent. “…Are you…thinking about the nightmare DeathPhantomon made you have?” Zelda looked up at me, appearing slightly shocked.

    “You had one too?” I nodded. “I…I promised myself I wouldn’t cry,” she said. “I’ve already done enough of that…I can’t allow myself to cry over something so trivial with what everyone else is doing…”

    “If you feel like crying, you should,” Abigail said, having turned back into her Human form. “You shouldn’t try to keep it all bottled up like that. Trust me on this, dear.”

    Zelda shook her head. “No…I won’t cry…” I sat down on the floor next to her, and draped my right arm over her trembling shoulders.

    “Zelda…I’m going to tell you what I dreamed about, okay?” I asked. “DeathPhantomon… forced me to witness Clive’s rape of Victoria, back when she was only sixteen years old. Every vile position, every lash of his belt across her face or her back… That’s something that will never leave my memory. Because I couldn’t do anything to help her, or stop him…because of my powerlessness, I was left to despair, unable to look away. And when he was done…DeathPhantomon forced me to watch it again, with you in place of Victoria. He even made the image of you scream when Victoria didn’t. I haven’t slept since then, because every time I do, I hear those screams.” Both Zelda and Abigail were staring at me in wide-eyed horror.

    “…S—see? W—what right do I have to cry…when you have to remember something like that?” Zelda asked as tears began to stream down her cheeks. I wiped one away and looked her in the eye.

    “My point is…is that I cried,” I said gently. “I cried, got it all out of my system. What I saw…will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. But I am able to think of other things, because I cried. Because I did, my life will not be ruled by what I saw that day.” With a guilty look on her face, Zelda’s head sank, and slumped up against my chest. “Zelda…would you tell me what you saw? Please?”

    “…DeathPhantomon…forced me to relive a terrible memory,” she whispered. “He made me relive a day of my youth, when I was about six or eight years old…It was one of the days my mother decided to cut the skin off the back of my hand…She was trying to get rid of my Mark…When it didn’t work, she…she slapped me…over…and over… and she threw an insult at me every time. That was how I got this scar…” Zelda ran her fingers underneath her right eye, over the scar. An ugly bitch, a filthy half-breed cunt, a worthless slut of a daughter…those were just some of the things she called me that day…”

    “…And that’s why…you have a low opinion of yourself?” I asked breathlessly.

    “My…god…How could a mother say that to her own daughter?!” Abigail asked, her eyes becoming clouded with tears.

    “She was…drunk…that day,” Zelda said. “That’s why she only slapped me for five minutes; because she passed out…”

    “Your mother…she sounds like the complete opposite of Luna,” Abigail said. “Luna’s raising a girl that’s not even hers with love and warmth, but yours…”

    “I think she may have found out what happened on that day; she knows a spell that lets her read other people’s minds,” Zelda said. “And that’s why…she’s letting me treat her like a mother, too…” Zelda looked up at me. “You see, Thomas? That’s why…I don’t have any right to cry…Your nightmare was far worse than mine…”

    “Let’s not compare them by who had the worst nightmare,” I said. “What I saw will traumatize me…What happened to you has traumatized you…” I leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead. “Please…if you want to cry…then I’ll be there for you…”

    “…Okay. But…now probably isn’t the best time for that,” she said. “We need to get out of here before Generalmon returns.” Helping Zelda stand up, I helped her walk over to the door when Abigail found her boots and satchel. By the time Zelda fastened her satchel securely around her waist, I felt a spine-chilling sense of foreboding. I turned around and saw Generalmon standing behind us, facing us, with his back to the empty cell.

    “Greetings, Thomas Kasuto,” Generalmon said. “Now that you are here…it is time for me to begin my slaughter.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 114 - Beseech 'M'

    Thomas Kasuto
    Generalmon’s Citadel

    “Now that you are here…it is time for me to begin my slaughter,” Generalmon said.

    “Thomas, go! Run!” Abigail shouted, pushing us toward the stairs that led out of the empty room. “Go and find the others! Hurry!” Zelda and I began running up the stairs, and Abigail slammed the door shut behind us. I took Zelda’s hand in mine and began running with all my might up the stairs, pulling her along behind me.

    “Flamedramon, Statuedramon, and Luna are here, too,” I said. “They’re looking for the library…there might be some useful information about Lilithmon there!”

    “Do you know where the library is?” Zelda asked. We had made it out of the stairway that led to the dungeon, and we began racing up a second winding stairway that led to it.

    “Flamedramon wrote down directions for me,” I said, holding up a piece of paper that I removed from my pocket. Looking at it, I added, “It won’t take us too long, from what it says here.”

    We reached the top of the winding stairway, and we were back at the entrance of the citadel. Following Flamedramon’s instructions, we raced down another stairway, this one going straight down as opposed to the winding one we had just finished climbing. This stairway seemed longer, and by the time we reached the bottom, my legs felt exhausted.

    “Thomas! Did you find her?!” I heard Statuedramon call out.

    “I’m here, Statch!” Zelda replied, a bit out of breath. The short Rookie ran up to us and threw his arms around Zelda’s legs.

    “I’m glad you’re okay,” he said softly.

    “I missed you too, Statch,” Zelda said, patting the Rookie on the shoulder.

    “Where are Luna and Flamedramon?” I asked.

    “In the library,” Statch pointed left of the stairway to a tall, arched doorway that led to a big library.

    “Where is Abigail?” Flamedramon asked from the doorway.

    “She stayed behind to fight Generalmon,” I said. Flamedramon’s eyes widened, and he immediately set off up the stairs behind him. Generalmon’s booming voice echoed throughout the castle.


    “…I think I should go with him,” Statuedramon said, following after Flamedramon.

    Zelda and I darted into the library to find Luna gazing up at a plethora of books old and new crammed into a bookshelf. She looked over and smiled at us when she heard us approaching.

    “Are you okay?” Luna asked. “Generalmon didn’t do anything to—”

    “I’m fine,” Zelda said, smiling kindly at the sorceress. “Thank you, Luna. For everything.” Luna smiled at her.

    “You’re very welcome, sweetie,” she said. “Now, can you help me look for some books? Flamedramon and Abigail seem to think there might be something helpful here, but all I see is useless shit…”

    “Oh, o—of course,” Zelda said, joining Luna in her search. “What about this one?”

    Dark Myths and Ancient Lores of Arcadia? It doesn’t sound familiar,” Luna said. “I’m getting a bad feeling from it, though…” Without hesitation, Zelda reached for the book and pulled it off the shelf, opening it.

    “Goodness, look how old it is! The name of the author has even faded away…Wow; this book has chapters about nearly everything!” Zelda exclaimed. “Look, the first one is even about Goddess Arcadia!” She began to silently read the small words of the first chapter, titled ‘The Loving Goddess.’

    “What does it say?” I asked, craning to see over her shoulder.

    “Oh, sorry,” she said nervously. “‘Arcadia is the beautiful and beloved Goddess who formed this earth. She was lonely, and decided to create new life. From her left hand came the Children of Wisdom, whom she titled ‘Humans,’ and from her right came the Children of Strength, whom she titled ‘Digimon.’ She loved her creations with all her endless heart, and with them, she would laugh and play, night and day. Her childlike innocence warmed the hearts of even the most savage of Digimon, and her knowledge was enough to confound even the wisest Human. It is not known if she has specifically stated anything on the subject of Humans and Digimon mating. It has been stated by many that she would not mind, and if this is the case, then the truth likely would have been distorted by B........’”

    “By who?” I asked.

    “It doesn’t say; the book is so old, this name has faded away as well,” Zelda said disappointedly. “‘Originally, there were no evil Digimon, or evil Humans for that matter. It is unknown how they came into existence with such a sweet-natured goddess. Arcadia’s navel is considered the center of the universe and the source of life. From her navel a new world emerges should this one be swallowed by the evil of humanity.’”

    “So, are we to assume that they…just…suddenly sprang into existence?” Luna asked.

    “Sounds like it,” Zelda said absently, likely not hearing anything around her as she continued to read silently. “I don’t think there’s anything about Lilithmon here…I’ll flip to a different chapter…” Zelda returned to the table of contents. I could see her lovely sapphire eyes quickly darting around as she read each of the titles therein. “There’s a chapter here called ‘The Goddess of Darkness…’ I think I’ll turn to that one…”

    I never knew she loved reading so much…

    “I SHALL FIND YOU ALL SOON!” Generalmon yelled.

    “‘The Goddess of Darkness,” Zelda repeated, not having heard the threat. “‘She will come into being when the Holy Mother loses sight of her love and mercy. The Holy Mother is one of three Digimon created by sweet Arcadia to be her servants, with her powers split among the three.’”

    “Three of them…this definitely means Lilithmon,” Luna whispered.

    “‘So, what caused the Holy Mother to lose sight of her love and mercy? The answer is simple, and yet is also filled with complexity as to how it even happened in the first place. The answer…it is love. She loved B……..’ Sorry, the name’s faded away again,” Zelda said, frowning.

    “Who do you think it means?” I asked.

    “We have no way of knowing,” Luna said. “Please, keep reading, dear.”

    “‘She loved B…….., and he loved her. They found that they could not live without each other…and yet, the Holy Mother was bound to one other from her trilogy, the Silver Executor of Arcadia’s Laws. The Holy Mother and the Silver Executor were deeply in love, but the Holy Mother chose the Silver Executor over B…….., breaking his heart. B……..was torn between light and darkness over the Holy Mother’s decision. Falling into a pit of despair, he became a being of both light and darkness, of both hatred and kindness. His was the darkness that dragged the Holy Mother into darkness ages past. He is why She is now the Goddess of Darkness. The third of the Holy Mother’s group, the Guardian of Knowledge, remained loyal to her after her betrayal of the Silver Executor, and he followed her into the darkness, and joined her and the other ten to form the Twelve.’”

    “This is telling us how Ophanimon became Lilithmon,” Luna said. “We already know all of this…”

    “We didn’t know why she fell, though,” I said. “This might help a bit, knowing that it was because of someone whose name starts with ‘B.’”

    “We’re looking for information that could help us kill her! I seriously doubt a few words would do that!” Luna said.

    “Wait! I found something!” Zelda exclaimed, now in the very end pages of the book. “‘If there ever comes a time when darkness is on the verge of swallowing the land created by sweet Arcadia, then all one needs do is ask for guidance. Yes, beseech the Steel. Beseech M………, and ask him for guidance.’ The name is faded away again,” Zelda said disappointedly. As she was flipping through the very last pages of the book, something fell out of it. Zelda knelt down to the floor and picked it up, gasping when she saw what it was.


    “What is it?” Luna asked.

    “…It’s a Digimon Talisman,” Zelda said. “Yes…the book said to ask you for guidance, didn’t it? Very well, then…” Holding the Talisman high up above her head, she confidently said, “I beseech thee…Mercurymon!” The form of a tall, green Digimon with mirror-like shields attached to his arms appeared before us.

    “…You seek answers,” Mercurymon said. “I can give you purpose.”


    “It seems…as though you are in need of much guidance…yes, very much,” Mercurymon said.

    “We…we really need your help,” Zelda said. “Please, sir…will you help us?”

    “…I shall,” Mercurymon replied. The dull thudding of several bodies hitting the floor could be heard outside the library. I looked out, and saw the alive but unconscious bodies of Flamedramon, Statuedramon, and Abigail. Generalmon walked very slowly down the stairs. “This…is your enemy?”

    “You…all of you…shall perish!” Generalmon snarled.

    “…You think yourself capable of doing so?” Mercurymon asked. “Then why not try passing judgment on me?”

    “Yes! You shall be the first to go! Dæmon Icircumflex!” Generalmon swung his colossal axe as Mercurymon held up his arm, with the front of his mirror-like shield facing Generalmon.

    “Dark Reflection!” Generalmon’s axe hit Mercurymon’s shield. I expected to hear the shattering of glass, but what I did hear surprised me. The shield emitted a bright light. Generalmon’s axe shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces as Generalmon himself was flung into the air, falling to his back with blood seeping out the gaps between the plates of his violet armor. He coughed, and blood came spurting out the holes in the front of his helmet. I could practically hear Luna’s arousal increase when she saw the blood, and her breathing had grown louder and faster as her eyes widened with excitement.

    “Is he…dying?” Zelda asked.

    “I am uncertain,” Mercurymon said. “Regardless, if you so desire to keep your lives and escape, now is the time to do so.” The new Digimon Spirit looked down at Generalmon’s body. “He is in no shape to chase you. I strongly advise you all to evacuate this place immediately.” Mercurymon bowed politely, and then vanished.

    “Wait!” Zelda called out. “How are we…What do we do about those three?” Zelda looked over at Statch, Flamedramon, and Abigail just as Gallantmon appeared before her.

    “I…apologize for my absence,” Gallantmon said. “I had been trying to force my way into this world, but it seems impossible when you are separated from your Talismans.”

    “It’s okay,” Zelda replied, smiling gently at the Digimon Spirit. “Gallantmon…could you…help us carry—”

    “Already on it, Milady,” Gallantmon said, already holding the unconscious bodies of our three friends. “I would strongly advise that you heed Mercurymon’s advice.” Zelda nodded.

    “Let’s return home,” I said. “Everyone’s been worried about you, Zelda.” With a final cough, I heard Generalmon shout, “The three…shall be waiting for you…in Mandala…”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 115 - The Ninth Talisman

    Thomas Kasuto
    Saias’s Villa
    2 Days

    Zelda smiled happily, looking upon the villa we all called home. It had been so long since she last laid eyes on it.

    She must be exhausted after all of this. Poor thing…

    “Good to be back, huh?” Luna asked, holding the book Zelda had read safely under her arm. Statuedramon and the others had woken up yesterday, and walked alongside us. During our trip back, Gallantmon walked silently behind us, occasionally asking Zelda, Abigail, and Luna if they wanted him to carry them. They always politely refused his kind offer. Once the villa was in sight, the Spirit faded away. Long before we had reached the porch, Chrysania burst out of the front door and flung herself into Zelda’s arms, sobbing happily.

    “Chrissy…missdeded you!” the young apprentice said. “And you too, mommy!”

    “Mommy missed you too, sweetheart,” Luna said, smiling down at her adopted daughter.

    “I’m glad to be back,” Zelda said. Placing her arms around the sobbing apprentice, she added, “I missed you too, Chrysania. I’m sorry to make you all worry about me so much…”

    “…It is alright. It is what we do,” Apollomon said, walking outside to join us. “That is what separates our guild from the Valencian Knights.”

    “Damn right,” Statch added.

    “Welcome home, Zelda,” Apollomon said.

    “Thank you, sir,” Zelda replied.

    “Generalmon is most likely dead,” Abigail said.

    “…Most likely? What do you mean?”

    “He was apparently hit by a powerful attack; we do not know if he survived or not,” Flamedramon said.

    “I see…Well, come on in, everyone. Lunch is being prepared as we speak,” Apollomon said. Statuedramon and Abigail were the first ones in the house. Flamedramon, Luna, Chrysania, and Apollomon followed after, and Zelda was about to do the same when she noticed me lagging behind.

    “Aren’t you coming?” she asked.

    “Nah…I’m going to bed. My shoulders are killing me; they’ve gotten so stiff from all of this fighting, and lack of sleep…”

    “Would you like me to rub them for you?” I turned to look at her. The expression on her face was so sweet and innocent…one that seemed impossible to say no to.

    “Well, uh…aren’t you hungry, though? I know how hungry you can get…”

    “Nope! Taking care of you when you aren’t feeling well is always my first priority, just as you say it is yours when I’m not feeling well.”

    I returned her smile. “Well, I’d hate to inconvenience you like this, but do you really mind…doing this for me? They really hurt…”

    “Aw, of course, sweetie! I’d be happy to!” She took my hand in hers and led me up to our bedroom. I fell half-asleep as soon as my face hit one of the pillows. After removing my coat, she climbed onto the other side of the bed and began rubbing away on my shoulders. They immediately felt at ease; I could feel all the pent-up tension melt away at the gentle touch of her fingers.

    “…My god…oh, you are amazing at this, Zelda,” I said, turning my head to the side so my voice wouldn’t be muffled by the charred pillow.

    “Oh, thank you, sweetheart! I’m glad I could be of some help to you!” Zelda said happily. “So…what happened to that pillow?”

    “Oh, uh…Chrysania…happened…to it…” My mind raced, trying to think of another subject. It was a difficult thing to do, half-asleep and relaxed as I was. “…Uh…What did you do…in Generalmon’s citadel?”

    “I didn’t really do anything, really. He kept me chained to that cell wall, though he did let me out and escort me to a bathroom every once in a while. Other than that, all I did was sleep and eat.”

    “And he…didn’t do anything to you?”

    “No. He was actually surprisingly polite after I was locked up, and when he brought me my meals. He even brought me huge amounts of it, since I’m one of the Marked,” she said, almost sounding happy.

    “…You’re so pretty when you smile…”

    “W—what? N—no, I’m not pr—” I could practically hear her blushing. “…Thank you, sweetheart. Really. I know I’ve said this a million times, but…you were the first person I ever met to treat me with kindness, Tommy.” She lay down on the bed next to me, looking up at the ceiling with her hands resting underneath her head. “I really appreciate everything you do for me. You protect me when we’re out fighting bandits — quite recklessly, I might add; you risk everything to save me when I get into trouble; you cuddle up with me and make me feel safe at night when I have nightmares about my past; you cook for me; you even rub my tummy for me after I’ve eaten too much or when it hurts, which is pretty often. You…you even consider me to be attractive…”

    “Attractive?” I sat up and looked at her. “Zelda, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon, and I am fully certain you are the most beautiful I ever will.”

    “Oh, Thomas…” Her gorgeous blue eyes shimmered radiantly in wonder at what I had just said. “Do you…really mean that? Am I really that…beautiful? I kind of doubt it…” I gently placed my hand across her cheek so that she was looking me in the eyes. She nervously tried looking away, but she looked deep into my eyes. “I’m sure there are lots of…prettier things out there than plain old me…”

    “Zelda…Do you remember what I told you in Cyprus Wasteland? That you are more beautiful than any star in the sky,” I said. “All the stars look the same…but you are unique…and special…and you are as kind, gentle and loving as the Goddess that created us…Disregard anything anyone else might have said — and this includes your mother — meaning otherwise, because whatever they may have said, it is just not true.” I leaned over and gently pressed my lips against hers. “I love you, Zelda.”

    “Tommy…I love you, too…” She smiled up at me.

    “…Zelda…will you…m—”

    “Thomas! You’ve got to come down!” Statuedramon exclaimed, scrambling madly up the stairs and into our room. He slid across the sleek wood-plank floor and nearly crashed into the door frame.

    Son of a fuck, this had better be important!

    “Luna…she found something out…that book…about Talismans…You gotta…come down…”

    And just when I was about to ask Zelda to…Oh, never mind…It’d probably be better to wait for that… Feeling a bit disappointed, I climbed out of bed after Zelda and followed Statuedramon downstairs into the dining room. Everyone was crowding around Luna as she read the book we took from Generalmon’s library.

    “What did you find out?” Zelda asked.

    “…Zelda…how many Talismans do you have?” Luna asked.

    “Well…with Mercurymon, I’ve got eight. Why?” There were murmurs of quiet shock and admiration among the older part of the crowd. A few, including Chrysania and Andromon, appeared confused.

    “‘Finding even one Digimon Talisman is said to be a blessing, in spite of how common they are. If you find one, you are blessed. They only show themselves to those who have suffered greatly in life, but manage to retain a kind and gentle heart. These are the people the Digimon Spirits serve. I am unsure if it will continue to be this way in the future, where there will undoubtedly be more and more Talismans as more and more Digimon are slain in battle,” Luna read. “‘If a minimum of at least eight can be found by a single person, a miracle will occur. A special ninth talisman will be given to that person. Beseech M………for his help in finding the Talisman if you are able. M………knows everything, for M………is the loyal servant of the Guardian of Knowledge. If you are able to summon M………, then infinite knowledge will be gained by thee, for M………will only show himself to the purest of hearts. He has taken his master’s place as the Guardian of Knowledge for, if you recall, the previous one descended into darkness with the Holy Mother.’”

    “So, if I ask Mercurymon how to, he’ll show me how to get another Talisman?” Zelda asked.

    “What’s so special about that ninth Talisman?” BlackGaomon asked.

    “‘The ninth Talisman shall purify all darkness. It will only show its true form in times of great peril, for that is why He turned himself into a Talisman. His name is unknown to most; only M………knows His name. His power is without peer. All darkness shall tremble at the sight of the Yellow Dragon. Beware; His incandescent wrath shall lay waste to all.’”

    “Who wrote this book?” Statuedramon asked. “Seraphimon, do you know who?”

    “I do not know,” the Mega Digimon shook his head. “It contains information that predates my birth; information that I could not possibly know…”

    “Well, I’m going to try it,” Zelda said, pulling out Mercurymon’s Talisman and summoning him. Seraphimon jumped when he saw the Digimon that was summoned, and Mercurymon smiled.

    “…Seraphimon…it has been far too long since we have last spoken,” Mercurymon said.

    “You…you were Cherubimon’s apprentice,” Seraphimon said. “You took his place when he fell into darkness with Ophanimon…But why are you a Digimon Spirit? You…have you died?”

    “No; I, unlike other Digimon Spirits, am among the living,” Mercurymon replied. “As is the Ninth.”

    “…You overheard, then?” Mercurymon turned to Zelda.

    “Milady…place your Talismans out on this table,” Mercurymon said. “As stated in the book…a miracle shall occur.”

    “Okay.” Zelda did as she was told. Renamon, Gallantmon, Vajramon, Leomon, Dynasmon, Gigasmon, Lobomon, and Mercurymon…She placed them all on the table, an equal distance from each other. Mercurymon slowly moved his hand above the eight, muttering a few unintelligible words quietly. The eight Talismans all lit up, and shot a beam of light out from the center of each. The different colored lights focused in midair, at the center of the Talismans. In the light, a new Talisman was formed. Zelda immediately picked it up when it dropped to the table when the lights vanished. “Mercurymon…this Talisman is blank!”

    “Yes, it is,” Mercurymon said. “That is normal. He will show himself when he is truly needed.”

    “What’s his name?” Statuedramon asked.

    “…I cannot tell you,” Mercurymon said. “I can only tell Zelda. But she is not to tell anyone.”

    “In that case, do not tell me just yet,” Zelda said. “…I don’t like keeping secrets from my friends.”

    “Understood, Milady,” Mercurymon bowed. “Is there anything else you require me for?”

    “Oh, wait! Do you know of a Digimon called Azulongmon?” Statuedramon asked.

    “…How do you know that name?!” Mercurymon asked. He sounded more surprised than he did angry.

    “Because I was able to Digivolve into him a little while ago. Do you know who he is?”

    “I…I am not at liberty to say,” Mercurymon said nervously. “Please…forgive me, Great One.”

    “Well, you did call me great, so I guess I’ll forgive you,” Statch said. Mercurymon bowed before the Rookie.

    “Mercurymon…eventually, we will have to battle Cherubimon and Lilithmon, possibly Generalmon, and a powerful Bio Hybrid,” Zelda said. “Can I…count on you for assistance in battle?”

    “Of course, Milady! Though I am among the living, I still remain a Digimon Spirit. I shall do whatever it is you wish.”

    “Thank you, Mercurymon,” Zelda smiled, and Mercurymon slowly faded away.

    “So…a mysterious, blank Talisman, huh,” Apollomon said.

    “Even I know not the secret that lies within,” Seraphimon said.

    “We must go to Mandala soon,” I said.

    Apollomon nodded. “The question is…when?” he asked. The room fell silent as a pensive look crossed everyone’s face.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 116 - To the Final Battle

    Thomas Kasuto
    Saias’s Villa
    1 Hour

    Everyone in our group sat idly and quietly around the living room, unmoving but thinking hard. Zelda sat snuggled up next to me with my arm wrapped around her, and Statuedramon sat next to us, with his arms crossed over his chest and a serious expression on his face. Apollomon was across from us; he rested his forehead on the sides of his hands, and every now and then we would hear him sigh quietly. Dianamon and Seraphimon sat on either side of him.

    “…I’m sorry…everyone,” Apollomon finally spoke up. “I guess we were all so focused on fighting the other members of the Order…that I never truly thought about having to fight Lilithmon eventually…”

    “Dynasmon was able to defeat her last time,” I said quietly. “Shouldn’t he be able to do it again…?”

    Seraphimon shook his head. “If a Digimon like him was able to kill her…then he caught her off guard,” he said. “I doubt he would be able to kill her again. She is much too powerful to die like that…”

    “You’re just saying that because you weren’t able to kill her five hundred years ago,” Statuedramon said.

    Statch!” Apollomon glared at the Rookie, but Seraphimon remained calm.

    “…To be honest…I never tried,” Seraphimon said. “She killed herself five hundred years ago.”

    “You never told me that,” Apollomon said.

    Seraphimon nodded. “She did…I found myself unable to harm the woman who had once been Ophanimon, even though she loved another…She shoved her own claw deep into herself, and tore through her belly, and bled to death…I doubt that, even if I went all out, that my strength would be enough to finish her. Our strength…we are equal in it. Neither of us would be able to kill each other…”

    “Still…Seraphimon, do you think you could come with the three of us?” I asked.

    “So…you are all going,” Apollomon said.

    “I can Digivolve into that Azulongmon; he killed Horusmon with a single attack,” Statuedramon said. “And of course, Zelda has to go because of that special Talisman, and her other ones are pretty strong, too.”

    “I don’t know how useful I’ll be,” I said, rubbing my injured shoulder. “But I’m not letting Zelda go by herself.” Zelda gave my hand a little squeeze and smiled at me.

    “…I feel partly responsible for this. There’s no way I wouldn’t go,” Seraphimon said. “I couldn’t talk her out of the darkness…I can’t force her…but maybe I can help you stay alive while fighting her.”

    “I’m in, too,” Apollomon said. “I won’t let my children go off and fight this war without me.”

    “Apollomon, you don’t need to—”

    “I’m going, Seraphimon,” Apollomon interrupted. “I was a part of the Vanguard, remember? And I wasn’t successful, either…I couldn’t defeat Cherubimon before he got away from me, and he’s been alive all this time…”

    “…I’ll go, too,” Flamedramon said. With an annoyed sigh, he asked, “Did I really just say that out loud? Damn it…”

    “When are we leaving?” Dianamon asked.

    “…Dianamon…when we go…I’d like for you to stay here with the others,” Apollomon said. Dianamon stared at him in shock, and was about to protest when Apollomon added, “While I am temporarily absent, you will be needed here to act as leader. I promise you, we shall all return.”

    “…Understood…sir,” Dianamon said dejectedly.

    Apollomon turned to look at Zelda and me. “Thomas…Zelda…Statuedramon…Flamedramon… Seraphimon…The six of us shall all leave…tomorrow morning. Is that understood? Our destination is Mandala, and our target is Lilithmon, and any Bio Hybrids still working with her, and any other member of the Order left alive. I am giving you all a single order to obey while we are there.” Apollomon closed his eyes and breathed in. “Don’t die. Is that clear?”

    “Yes, sir,” Statuedramon said casually.

    “This…this will be our most difficult battle yet,” Apollomon continued. “It will be far from our last. This is why…I will not allow any of you to die!”

    “This won’t be a long journey,” Flamedramon said. “It shouldn’t take us more than thirty minutes to actually get to Mandala.”

    “But while we’re there…Who knows how long we will take,” Seraphimon said gravely.

    I looked somberly about the room at each of the others. “Then we should all agree on one thing; we do not leave Mandala until Lilithmon is killed, or she herself leaves,” I said.

    “The six of you should rest up until then,” Luna said. “I’ll brew up a few potions for you to take with you in case any of you get hurt.”

    “Chrissy will miss you while you’re all gone! Come back soon, okay?” Chrysania asked.

    “Behind you one hundred percent, we all are,” Andromon said.

    “You vill be okay,” Pheragas said. “I cannot tink of anyvun better to go dan dem.”

    “The fate of Arcadia rests in your hands. Hey, but no pressure or anything,” BlackGaomon said.

    “…Come back safely, Flamedramon,” Abigail said.
    “Don’t any of you die, damn it!” Dianamon yelled. “Come back safely…that is all I ask of you…”

    7 Hours

    It was now night. Only a few hours remained until we left for Mandala at the bottom of the ocean. And yet, I couldn’t sleep. I kept trying, but the more I tried, the more woken up I became. I couldn’t get thoughts of Lilithmon and Cherubimon out of my head. They were powerful Digimon; none of us were really sure just how strong they really were, with the possible exceptions of Seraphimon, Apollomon, and Mercurymon. And then, there was also the possibility that Generalmon continued to live, and we would undoubtedly have to fight Sephyrus…BioPremenitmon…

    “…Are you still awake?” Zelda whispered. It hadn’t really been that cold tonight, but Zelda insisted on snuggling up with me regardless. She was nervous, I could tell; she had her arm draped across my chest and around my shoulder, as if hugging me in her sleep. She was nervous about having to fight Lilithmon tomorrow…We all were.

    “Yeah…I didn’t wake you, did I?” Zelda shook her head. My arm tightened around her petite body. She had removed her top, her boots, and her sleeves, wearing only the small white tube top she wore underneath her shirt, and her skirt, which she always seemed to wear, as she always did at night. My hand tightened around her shoulder, and I savored the soft and silky feel of her bare skin.

    “How could you? I’ve been awake this entire time,” Zelda laughed quietly.

    “I can’t seem to fall asleep…I just keep thinking about Mandala…”

    “…Me too…”

    “Zelda…I’m scared. I’ve never felt so…afraid…before. I don’t care about anything that happens to me, but if something happens to my friends…if anything happens to you…I don’t know…I don’t know what…to think…” Zelda brought herself closer to me and kissed me on the side of my neck.
    “We have to keep telling ourselves there’s nothing to worry about,” she said. “Only then, can we fall asleep. If we sleep, we’ll be rested enough to make sure we’ll be correct in saying so.”

    I smiled at her. She always knew just the right thing to say to me at times like these. I closed my eyes, with my arms around the woman I loved more than anything, and finally fell asleep.


    “…Our numbers have dwindled drastically,” Sephyrus said. “I’d have thought we would have gotten some enjoyment from watching that treasonous Lupinemon’s demise, but she went out quitter than I would have imagined.”

    “Perhaps she was ready for it,” Cherubimon said. “She put her existence on the line and won the death she had been longing for…to put an end to poor Linoan’s eternal torment…”

    “…That is absurd. She won nothing and is nothing,” Generalmon said. “She could no longer tolerate the emptiness of darkness, and that led to her demise. She was a fool…to think she could turn against the very group that had saved her life. She was weak.”

    “Perhaps…” the voice of Lilithmon resonated through the area. The female Demon Lord approached the three of us. “However, weakness has the power to awaken that which is dormant. Lachesis is weak. Perhaps their arrival upon the morrow…Perhaps he will awaken soon.”

    “He? Who is he, Milady?” Sephyrus asked.

    Lilithmon giggled, and winked at the Bio Hybrid. “Well, perhaps he won’t. Rumor has it he split himself into separate beings, after all. It might take over a thousand years for him to show up again…”

    “Lachesis…is coming here…tomorrow?” Generalmon asked.

    Lilithmon nodded. “It’s fairly obvious; you told me they have Mercurymon’s Talisman; that means she has their Summoner has a special Talisman. Certainly, they will make every attempt to destroy us right here and now.” Lilithmon grinned a vile, fang-exposing grin. “And when they arrive…we shall crush them…and all of our fondest desires shall be granted!” Laughing to herself, Lilithmon jumped into the air and flew away.

    “Our fondest desires,” Cherubimon said. “To stay at Lilithmon’s side forevermore…”

    “Her heart,” Sephyrus whispered.
    “…Celina…I wish only for your mind to be at ease,” I said to myself. “All I wanted was to make up for not being there for you…But now, I fear that shall never happen…”

    Thomas Kasuto

    The sun began to rise. The next day was finally upon us. Our group of six stood watching the sunrise. The brisk morning air was made to feel colder with the presence of a low mist that hid the front lawn from view. As I looked ahead at the thick layer of fog that hung low above the grass, I thought only of the final battle.

    “Are you all ready to go?” Luna asked. She was the only one who had joined us; apparently, she had been up all night brewing potions and concoctions for us, all of which were hidden safely inside the dimension hidden within Statuedramon’s shield. “The others are still asleep.”

    “Then now would be a good time for us to leave,” Apollomon said. “Seeing them now would make it difficult for us to want to leave.” The Mega Digimon reached down to hug Luna. “Thank you for everything, my dear…I promise, we will all return.”

    “…I know you will. You’d have to deal with Dianamon’s yelling if you’d died,” Luna laughed, tears beginning to form in her golden eyes. “Please…be careful, all of you…” With a final look behind us, the six of us took off. It didn’t take us long to reach Yew. Flamedramon led us to a building that had been destroyed during Myotismon’s rampage through the city. The building looked to be an old bar, in the back of which was a blue tile, the exact same kind that Irene had taken me to one month earlier. We all stood around it, looking down at it without saying a word.

    “…Is…is everyone ready?” Apollomon asked after a minute’s silence.

    “…I’m ready,” Statuedramon said. “Ready…to kick some ass!” He was the first to step on the tile. It emitted a blue light, and he vanished. One by one, the rest of us followed him. We had all been teleported to the very entrance of the underwater city, Mandala, just up against the protective barrier around it that prevented the ocean’s water from flooding in.

    “Hopefully…this will be the last time we come here,” Flamedramon said. As to be expected, a tall, dark-haired man was standing outside the gates to the ancient city. Sephyrus had clearly been expecting us.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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